Monday, February 28, 2011

An adorable video you have to see!!!

Alright, so I don’t care if you don’t like Justin Bieber, just take 4 minutes out of your day to watch this video of Justin making a little girl’s dream come true!!! It is so cute!!!

Let the voting begin!!

Alright, the voting has begun. Remember, this is the contest where the winner gets a performance by Train at their engagement party. Now, I’m not having an engagement party (that I know of, for all I know someone could be planning a surprise one, but I don’t know, I kinda doubt it) but if I did win this contest, I would be having one! You can vote once every 24 hours. Please vote everyday and get as many people to vote as you can! Thanks everyone!!!
Link to Vote
Note: You have to login first before you can vote (If you have registered at any clearchannel station, that is the login you use. If you aren't registered with clearchannel, you will have to sign up)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vote for me and my fiancé!!!

Q 102, a radio station in Philly,  is having a contest to get Train to play at a couple's engagement party. All you had to do was upload a picture of you and your fiancé and then starting tomorrow, the public will vote. The couple with the most votes wins. So I'm going to post the link and more info on how to vote tomorrow. I just wanted to give you a heads up so that I can get your votes. You can vote everyday so please vote! That's all for now. I'll have the link for you tomorrow!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Should parents encourage underage drinking?

So I was watching the beginning of the Fox news tonight and a story caught my attention. They were talking about drinking and whether or not it is okay for teens to drink in their house with their parents. Their main idea is that if teens are drinking, it is better for them to be under the surveillance of their parents so their parents can monitor them and teach them good drinking habits. I kind of agree with this. I mean yes, it is illegal, but if you were a parent, would you rather have your teen out at a friends house drinking, or drinking in the comfort of your own home? If more of this happened, then I think there could be a decrease in drunk driving. By no means am I suggesting that this is a simple fix to getting rid of drunk driving all together though. Unfortunately, that will be a problem that we will always have. Another good thing that could come out of teens drinking with their parents is that if they drink before they are legally aloud to, it may prevent them from going out and binge drinking once they turn 21.

Hopefully this doesn’t decrease the drinking age, because I think that would make things worse. Although I think that others would beg to differ with me on that. And think about it, it is illegal for 18 year-olds to drink, but they do it anyway. So I think that no matter what the drinking age is, there will always be underage drinking.

Leave me comments and let me know what you think!

We’re almost at the end…

Alright, so I just turned on Idol and haven’t been paying that much attention to it  because I’m just ready for Hollywood week to be over with. But I just happened to start paying attention when they showed the wedding. That was kind of random and weird to see on Idol.

So then I was talking to my aunt on the phone and missed more of it. But now my full attention will be on my TV for the next hour and 12 minutes.

Alright, time for them to make some cuts. I really thought the first 7 that Randy had step forward were going to be leaving. But they were through. The one name that I can remember who is through is Scotty McCreary. I’m glad to see that Jaceee and Brett have made it through!!! I really think they will be in the top 24!

So, has Idol always played the theme song and opening all over again when they are on for two hours? Maybe they weren’t planning on having it be two hours tonight. And I’m also confused about them showing the top 24 tonight. I thought that was tomorrow night. Idol is being really confusing and all mixed up this season. Maybe they will show half tonight and half tomorrow.

Well, here we go. The first person is Naima. I don’t really remember her that much. But she is the first contestant into the top 24. I hope Clint makes it through. Except I don’t really like what he did to Jaceee. If you don’t remember, he is the one who kicked Jaceee out of his group. Just as I predicted, he is through.

That was sad when Jennifer started crying because she had to tell Chris Medina that he wasn’t making it in the top 24. I can’t believe she actually said she didn’t want to do it anymore.

Woah, at the end when they showed the preview for tomorrow, they played an audio clip of someone saying “Going back to reality” and I could have sworn that it sounded like Jaceee. I really hope that wasn’t him saying that!!

Well, I guess that’s all for now. Leave me your comments and let me know what you think about that audio clip at the end. I wanna hear your thoughts!

Hic, hic, hic…

I found a very interesting article about the hiccups. This is something that I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to because we’ve all had the hiccups at some point in our lives. So the article was written by Chanie Kirschner. Someone sent in a question asking what hiccups really are and how you can get rid of them. So I’ll do a little recap of how the author answered those two questions.

So the hiccups start with your diaphragm, which is the muscle right below your chest that contracts and expands when you breathe. A hiccup happens when your diaphragm contracts with jerky movements rather than smooth movements, which causes you to suddenly intake a breath that is stopped when your vocal cords snap shut. This is what causes the “hic!” noise that you make when you have the hiccups.

What causes your diaphragm to get jumpy in the first place? Most of the time it happens when you eat too fast and swallow extra air, drink carbonated drinks, or just eat too much. Most cases of the hiccups only last a few minutes or hours but there are some cases that have gone on for days. In that case, it could be the sign of a serious medical condition.

Alright, now on to the part that I’m sure everyone wants to know. How do you get rid of the hiccups. I’ve heard many different tricks and tried them myself and the article mentions some that I’ve heard of. Some ideas are to hold your breath for as long as you can, breath into a paper bag for a few seconds, or quickly drink a glass of water. Some other remedies include drinking water while your upside down, eating a teaspoon of sugar, and having someone scare you. I have tried the sugar trick and that does work for me 99.9% of the time. I also used to drink some water as I closed my eyes and held my nose. I have no idea where I got that one from but it works for me sometimes.

Well, leave me your comments on what you think about hiccups and what you do to get rid of the hiccups.

Link to the article

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A redneck proposal

Since the birthday party things with Janelle and her mom have been getting better…yeah, it’s that way for now. By the end of this episode I bet they’ll have at least one fight, maybe two.

Corey is gonna propose!! Wow, he was brave by putting the ring on the fishing line! I’d be afraid it could fall off. That is so cute though!!!! I love seeing proposals! I read a bunch online once and some of them were so cute they made me cry! I’m a sucker for romance, haha.

I don’t understand how Kailyn is going to be able to pay for an apartment herself. She’s saying she wants to get another job, before she moves out, but then she will have to quit one of her jobs once she moves out because she won’t be able to work two jobs, go to college, and take care of Isaac.

Seeing Leah show off her ring reminds me when I got to show off mine to all my friends and family. It’s just a wonderful feeling! And even though it’s been almost 6 months since I got engaged, I still look at my ring all the time and think “Wow!”. It’s just so surreal!

Adam hasn’t been pitching in…what else is new? I don’t think they are going to last. I will be very surprised if they do! I really hope Chelsea can get her GED. But that will require Adam to actually step up and take care of his daughter.

I’m worried for Leah and Corey. Being a special education major, I remember learning in one of my classes when we were talking about families that married couples who have a child with a disability are more likely to get a divorce. I really hope that whatever is wrong with Ali, that it doesn’t cause problems in Leah and Corey’s relationship. If anything, it should bring them closer together.

Wow, Jo didn’t have to send that nasty text to Kailyn about wishing that he never met her and had a child with her. All she did was tell him that she was moving out. She has told him that she doesn’t want to be with him so he just needs to accept that. Now he’s acting like Adam did when he asked Chelsea where and when he could sign the papers for his mistake.

Now Ali’s eyes are crossing…this can’t be good. She’s not even a year old and the eye doctor is suggesting she wear glasses? I’ve never heard of a one year old wearing glasses before.

Oh no, here comes a fight with Jo and Kailyn. So he basically said that he’s mad at her for wanting to move out because he also wants to move out. That makes no sense. He can’t say that her moving out isn’t a smart decision. He shouldn’t decide what is smart for her and what isn’t because he isn’t her. And she is going to have to move out eventually. If they aren’t going to be together then it doesn’t make sense for her to stay living there. She needs to get out on her own and be independent.

I feel Janelle’s pain with the cost of college text books. As a junior, I’ve spent a lot of money so far on my textbooks. It’s definitely not cheap!

I thought tonight’s episode was one of the best of this season! Next week should be pretty good. I can’t believe that Janelle is doing weed. Tonight it looked like she was starting to get her life together and then she had to go and smoke weed and ruin that. And it looks like Chelsea and Adam are fighting again, I saw that one coming. It is going to be sad when they get the MRI results for Ali. And Kailyn is starting to see someone new. Jo really shouldn’t be flipping out on her for that. They aren’t together so she has the right to date whoever she wants.

Leave me comments! Thanks!!

“You’re like my headband”

Tonight’s episode should be pretty interesting. It is titled “Blame It on the Alcohol”. I’m not sure where they are going with it though because it seems like they are promoting underage drinking.
Sue thinks Will is going to be a future alcoholic? Yeah, I can see it now: he goes to an AA meeting and says “Hi, I’m Will, and I’m a future alcoholic.”
Rachel sang the first original song…and it kinda sucked. I heard that they are going to do original songs next season so I hope they write better ones. I’m sure they will be better because this was just the first one and they made it bad on purpose.
The outfit that Rachel was wearing at her party was the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen her wear! And that was the first time we ever saw her burp, which is something that I never thought we would see on the show.
I thought it was hilarious when Finn was telling Rachel about all the different kinds of drunk.
Spin the bottle…I’ve never actually played that game, and that’s cause I was never invited to any parties like that. Oh well, I didn’t miss out on anything. That was pretty intense when Rachel and Blaine kissed. Maybe they will get together. That would really crush Kurt just like he got crushed on the Valentine’s Day episode.
I can’t believe Blaine spent the night at Kurt’s house…I wonder what happened there!
They are supposed to sing about the dangers of drinking? I don’t think there are any songs about that so they’re gonna be brainstorming for songs for a long time!
Oh no, Rachel is going after Blaine, I totally knew it!! And now Kurt is going to get crushed again. I feel bad for Kurt.
Oh no again… Mr. Shue and Coach Sylvester. I’m glad they didn’t do anything. But now who did he drunk dial? I thought it was Emma, but I guess not. Now I think it was Terri.
I love how Mr. Figgins says Ke$ha’s name…”Ke-dollar sign-ha”. I really enjoyed their version of “Tik Tok”, but I don’t get what that has to do with the dangers of alcohol. But I didn’t enjoy the part where they started throwing up…wow! That was gross!
Wow!!! Mr. Shue drunk dialed Sue when he really meant to dial Emma. That was hilarious when Sue played it over the loud speaker. I just had to pick up my jaw because it was dropped the whole time the message was playing! That is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to him!!!
There goes Rachel again, going after Blaine. And Blaine has confirmed that he is 100% gay, haha…that was funny. I’m kinda glad though because I want Kurt to be with Blaine.
Well, that is all for my thoughts on tonight’s Glee. Glee looks good in two weeks. It looks like Mr. Shue is going to get with Gweneth Paltrow’s character. Leave me comments!!! I’ll be back with another post tonight a little after 11 when Teen Mom 2 is over!

Monday, February 21, 2011

My favorite parodies...

I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite parody’s of either songs or product commercials.
First up is Dave Days. I mentioned him recently in one of my blogs where I talked about Glee because they did Justin Bieber’s song “Baby”. (Click here to see the video) So I won’t post that video again. So here is another one I love. He did a parody of “Party in the USA”.
So this one I just randomly found on youtube. It’s a Wii Fit parody. Some parts of it are lame, but most of it is funny
I really love this next one. It’s a parody of Katy Perry’s “California Girls”. And being from PA, make me love this one even more.
Alright, so I’m not putting down the iPad, but I like this next video I found. My fiancé has one and I think it is really nice.
I’ll do one more. I know my friends at The American Idol Fan Show will appreciate this one. Enjoy!
Leave me comments and let me know what you think of those parodies!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I need your help…

So, I’ve been blogging for a few months now and I’ve been getting traffic and comments to my blog. But I would like to increase that a little bit. So I want to know what you (my readers) want to see on my blog. What do you want me to write about? Maybe I could do a post on the same day of the week that has the same topic every week. Do you want me to put up any pictures? I just need suggestions on how I can make the blog better!! Just email me at and let me know what you think I could do to improve my blog. Thanks :) Oh, and let me know what you think of my new background!

Friday, February 18, 2011

More of Hollywood Week

So there really isn’t that much more to say about Hollywood week. I’m just ready for the actual competition to start!

I almost thought that room 1 wasn’t going to be safe, and that would have sucked because there are a lot of good people in that room like James, Jaceee, and Brett.

I don’t think there was anyone in rooms 2 or 3 that left that I really liked, so I’m happy with the way it turned out.

Well, that’s about all I have to say about Thursday night’s episode. Leave me comments :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Drama week continues…

So I missed the first half hour, but I probably didn’t miss that much. I’ll just dive in and start commenting on where I started watching.

I feel really bad for Jaceee when he got kicked out of his group. That really sucks! And it’s 1:00 am and he has to find another group.

I don’t know how the contestants can go through Hollywood. Great advice for all of them though: “Don’t forget the words” You are out if you forget your lyrics so that is the worst thing that could happen during group performances.

Pia Toscano, Alessandra Guercio, and Brielle Von Hugel sounded really good and I loved their performance of “Grenade”. That’s the first time I heard it sung by girls and I thought they did an excellent job with it.

Tiffany Rios and Jessica Yantz sounded horrible. And the fact that they only had two members probably hurt them. I hate when they plead for another chance.

A group singing to a judge….that’s a first on the show. And then Steven sang with them, haha. That was nice!! I thought they sounded really good. I can’t believe that only one of them made it through!

Emily Anne Reed is out?? Aww, I really liked her! It really sucks because during Hollywood week so many of the good ones crack under pressure and they get cut when they could have done better.

James Durbin’s group killed Queen’s “Somebody to Love”. That last note was horrible and there was no harmony!!! I’m glad that James made it through though.

The Minors group was really good!! It’s hard to believe that they are all 15!!!! I’m surprised that 15-year-olds are still in it!! I would have thought that most of them would have gotten eaten alive by now.

Wow, that guy that looked at his hand for the words….he definitely has to go!! You can’t cheat and write the words on your hand! That is just asking for them to kick you out.

I thought that Jaceee did pretty well for just joining the group at the last minute! I’m so glad that he made it through. I really thought that he wasn’t going to make it but am so glad that he did!

I actually liked the group that kicked out Jaceee, even though I don’t like them for kicking him out. But I think he did fine without them. I actually can’t picture him in that group.

Well, that’s all for tonight’s episode. Leave me comments!!

Some food for thought…

I would just like to share something with you that happened today. I was doing some research on an assignment where we have to find some kind of assistive technology and write a little bit about it. I decided to try to find a mobile app to do mine on. I found this one called iPrompts. It is an app where you can create schedules with pictures, give individuals choices between 2 things, and it has a timer where you can time how long until an activity ends or starts.
Here is a video if you would like to check out what the iPrompts app is about.

I saw on the company's website that in their mission they had written "disabled persons". This goes against what I have been taught over and over again in my education classes. We always talk about people first language, which is stating the individual first and then the disability. Because after all, the disability is just a part of that person and it doesn't define who they are.

So after reading this I thought, "I'm going to email them and tell them what I think about this." That was at 12:08 today and when I got out of class, I saw that I got a response at 1:26. The response said as follows:

Thanks for the suggestion. As the father of a boy with autism, I am all for being sensitive. We will incorporate your suggestion next time we make changes to our website.”

That just makes me feel like I have made a minor difference in the field of special education. Sure it isn’t that much, but it is still something.

This also leads me to something else. Does it really matter if you state the person first or the disability first? I believe that it does. I’ve had arguments with some people and they don’t think that it matters. But I truly believe that you should always talk about the person first and then the disability, because they aren’t a disability, they are a person. I would love if we could get everyone in the world to believe this but that would be an impossible task. So because I can’t change the world, I will just continue to try and change the people around me. I want to encourage everyone else to do the same. When you hear someone talk about a person with a disability, if they mention the disability first, just politely suggest to them that they use people first language. Well, that’s all for now. Please leave me your comments and share this post with a friend!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Teen Mom 2- More Drama

Adam needs to pay rent, he shouldn’t just get to live rent free. And I think that Chelsea is smart for having him pay child support still. If things wouldn’t work out with him and he would move out, then that would probably be a big mess for her to try and get him back to paying child support.

I’m kinda on the fence with the whole Janelle thing. I think that Janelle’s mom should put her name on the papers for financial aid but then I think she shouldn’t. She should because she keeps saying that she wants Janelle to be more responsible, and by going to college that will show that she is trying to be responsible. But then she shouldn’t sign the papers because Janelle is still not helping out with Jace and is staying out all night.

Back to Chelsea and Adam, if Megan has to pay rent, then Adam should, too. Wait, he just moved in, did he really just say that Megan should move out? He doesn’t have any right to kick her out or even suggest that because she has lived there longer.

I was wondering why Kailyn couldn’t live with her mom, but then my roommate reminded me that it’s because her mom can’t afford it. That kind of sucks because if she could live there then she wouldn’t have to be worrying about where to stay.

Oh great, Janelle again. Wow, her mom actually signed the papers, I’m surprised. I still think it’s kind of weird seeing Janelle with Jace because she doesn’t have full custody. And that has to be really awkward for her to see him. That must be hard for her to know that she missed his first steps.

Family pictures, yay! They are such a cute family! The picture of them all in camo outfits was my favorite! It was just so adorable!!

Janelle’s mom doesn’t believe in buying birthday presents for young kids because they aren’t going to remember it when they are 10? Who cares, geez!

Corey wants to have another baby so soon and before they get married? Is he crazy? They should at least wait a few more years. And maybe get married before they have more kids.

I really want to see Kailyn and Jo work things out and get back together. I keep saying that if they work hard at it, I believe they could make it go. Maybe the could go to counseling.

I can’t believe that Adam texted Megan saying she has to pay rent or move out. That was uncalled for and he shouldn’t have a say in whether she lives there or not.

Jace’s birthday party should be interesting. I hope Janelle and her mom can at least get along till the end of the party. Well, it looks like she wasn’t even there for 5 minutes before they started fighting. It didn’t last that long though so at least they made it through the rest of the party without fighting.

Awww, Corey went ring shopping! I can’t wait to see how he proposes! I love hearing and reading about proposal stories, they are so cute!!

That is completely messed up that Megan had to move out. She is completely right, she was there for Chelsea when she was going through all that stuff with Adam. And she is Chelsea’s best friend, probably has been for a while. And Chelsea’s dad is right, this is Adam’s fault, he is the reason that Megan moved out. I just still can’t get over the fact that it really happened.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. Leave me some comments!!!

“I am too depressed to open this pamphlet”

I thought Glee was pretty good tonight. What was with Sue though? We’ve never seen her that way before and it was kind of nice.

I loved Sam’s version of “Baby”! It was so cute how he sang it to Quinn. And his dance moves were awesome! Every time I hear that song though, I always think of Dave Day’s parody of the song. If you never heard of Dave Day’s, you must check him out on youtube. Here is the video for his parody of “Baby”.

I really enjoyed "Somebody to Love" as well. I didn't know what the song was at first though. And my friends were like "Oh no, is this another Bieber song?" (They don't have Bieber Fever).

One of my favorite songs of the night was "Take Me or Take Leave Me" from Rent. That was a perfect song for them to sing as a diva-off.

That was cute when Mr. Shue took Sue to sing to the little kids who had cancer. And I thought it was adorable when that little girl attached herself to Sue. And it looked like Sue actually enjoyed it! I wonder if the kids were actors or not. It would be cool if those were real kids that got to be on the show.

"Sing" was pretty good. It was really weird seeing Sue on the stage with them. But it was really nice seeing Sue be that happy and kind of nice for once.

I'm glad Quinn and Sam aren't together anymore. I really want to see her get back with Finn.

That really sucks that Sue is going to be a director for another Glee club competing against New Directions. That's Sue for ya, so I'm not totally surprised about that.

Well, that's all for now. Leave me comments!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Idol is contributing to pollution!!!

So I watched the Hollywood auditions and besides some good people leaving too early (only a few though) there was one other thing that really bugged me about the show. They have the contestants stay in a hotel that is close to the theatre. They divide the contestants in half and have half perform on one day and the other half on the next day. When they showed the 2nd day of auditions, they showed the contestants going from the hotel to the theatre, and they were all in Ford Focuses. They had 163 contestants, with 4 per car, in Ford Focuses! How ridiculous is that!?! That's 41 cars! In the past they just shuttled them from the hotel to the theatre in a busses, which probably came out to be less than 10 busses. It just drives me crazy that they wasted all of that gas to get that many people from point A to B which was probably less that 10 miles apart. What does everyone else think? Am I the only one bothered by this?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Disney is Going After Babies

I found an interesting article titled Disney Looking Into the Cradle for Customers. It was talking about how starting last month, The Walt Disney Company started Disney Baby, where they have a representative visit a new mother and offer a free Disney Cuddly Bodysuit, which is a variation of the classic Onesie. They also ask mothers to sign up for e-mail alerts from I checked out the site and it looks pretty cool. You can get all kinds of tips and even connect with other women who are pregnant or are mothers. I hope the site is around when I have children. I’m sure it will be though, because Disney is a brand that I think will be around forever.

Disney, however, has gotten some harsh criticism for directing their products at the very young. Ever hear of Baby Einstein, the Disney-owned maker of “developmental and entertainment” videos and toys for babies and toddlers? They claimed to turn babies into geniuses and eventually Disney had to give some refunds for the products because they didn’t do what they were supposed to do.

Andy Mooney, chairman of Disney Consumer Products, said that they are working on a loyalty program in which pregnant women might receive free theme park tickets in return for signing up for e-mail alerts. He said, “To get that mom thinking about her family’s first park experience before her baby is even born is a home run.” I think that is amazing, especially for brand new moms. The article says that a large number of families do  not become consumers of Disney products until their children reach preschool age, which is when they start to watch Disney Channel shows.

Like I said before, Disney is a great company that will be around for a long, long time. Some people may criticize Disney for doing this, but I don’t see a problem with it. Leave me comments and let me know when your opinions are on this.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Too sexy for Glee star?

So I'm sure you've seen this already, the latest cover of Cosmopolitan.

A lot of people are saying that it's inappropriate for a Glee star. I don't really think so, because Cosmo's is for mature readers, like 18 and up. So if a 10 year old gets their hands on that magazine, that's the parents fault. Now yes, it's true that you can't prevent 10 year olds from seeing the magazine because if they go to the store with their parents, they are going to see it at the registers. But they will just see a quick glimpse of the cover, not all the pictures inside.

So the point I'm trying to make here, is that I think it is fine that Lea Michele did those pictures for Cosmopolitan. It's not like she did Playboy, so people just need to relax. Leave me comments!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

“Just because somebody farts, let them keep singing”

Is it just me or have there been less auditions this season? I’m not complaining though. At this point every year I’m getting sick of auditions and ready for Hollywood week, so bring it on!

Brittany Mazur, Lara Johnston, and Matthew Nuss were three of my favorites and I could see them making it through Hollywood and into the top 24.

Steffano Langone was the first sob story of the night. He was another great contestant and his story is incredible! They thought he was dead when they arrived at the scene but he wasn’t. I liked when Steven said, “You survived that accident for a reason, cause you’re going to Hollywood!”

Karaoke host, Clint Jun Gamboa, was actually better than I thought he would be. I thought that because he was just the person that runs karaoke, that he wouldn’t be good. And I also thought that the people who would tell him he should go try out singing were just being nice to him. But wow, he shocked me.

Here we go, here is our next American Idol…a Transformer!!! Like, seriously? Was that a serious audition Drew Beaumier? People on this show are ridiculous! Like I said before, I can’t believe that there are still people using gimmicks when they audition. We’re ten seasons in…if you’ve watched this show before, you should know that gimmicks don’t work!

Julie Zorrilla was one of my favorites of the night and like Steven and Jennifer, I liked her shoes. Randy is right, the last time I remember hearing that song sung really well was back in season 3 when Fantasia sang it. Julie did a wonderful job!

“Real men have long hair”…that’s a new saying that I’ve never heard before. I don’t agree with that though, because I don’t like guys with long hair at all.

Her house burned down a week before the audition? That reminds me of Kelly Clarkson, because I believe her and her friends’ apartment burned down the day they moved in. And right after that happened, her friend heard about the Idol auditions, and then the rest is history. I thought Emily Anne Reed is very unique and not like anyone else we’ve ever seen on Idol. I’m so glad they gave her another chance.

Alright, the last one of the night. And I’ve noticed that they have been showing sob stories as the last audition of the night. And this one was really sad. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose your dad at such a young age. James Durbin is a 21-year-old father, with no job. And he also has tourette’s, but it goes away when he sings. I remember a contestant in the past that was exactly like that. That’s incredible. He’s another Adam Lambert wannabe. I swear, I turn my head away from the TV and I could mistake him for Adam. But I think he is really good and could make it far in the competition.

So the auditions have come to a close. I think we’ve seen some pretty good auditions this year. And I think we may have seen the audition of our next American Idol. Tomorrow it is time for the drama to begin, so get ready for that! Leave me comments!!

What does a girl have to do…

Alright, so going to get food last night for late night, I noticed some sorority girls going around to dorms and handing out bids. I had tried two semesters to get into a sorority, and both times I didn’t get any bids. So it got me wondering, what does a girl have to do to get into a sorority? I went to formal recruitment and informal recruitment. I went to some events that the sororities had that I wanted to get into. I feel like it is high school all over again: You can’t get in unless your popular. I’m not saying that I’m completely upset that I didn’t get into a sorority, but it would have been nice. I just think what really sucks how I wasn’t popular in high school, so I can’t get into a sorority in college. I really think that’s what it is. But oh well, I’m not gonna sulk about it. I don’t need to be part of a sorority to feel good about myself. That’s all…leave me comments!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

“I need to spread out the disappointment”

Get ready for more drama…it’s Teen Mom 2!!
I’m glad to see that Kailyn and Jo are trying to work things out. Her first day of college! I remember my first day, I was commuting back then and I was a little scared, I’ll admit. It’s totally different than high school.
Good girl, come straight home and go to sleep, you should do that more often. How could she say that she supports the child for 50% or more of the time? She doesn’t have custody of Jace, so she is screwed with financial aid. She should be able to get some though.
A nursing program would be perfect for Leah, because that takes less than 4 years I think.
Ugh…I can’t believe that Chelsea’s friend is letting Adam move in. That is crazy…and her dad is gonna be pissed. I could see him saying that he’ll stop paying rent or something. And I wonder how she is going to keep it a secret that Adam is living with her, I don’t know how you could hide that.
PE online? How is that even possible? Maybe it’s just the health part of gym. So he’s with her, but she’s still making him pay child support? I guess she’ll make him pay it until they’re definitely sure it will work out between them.
I agree with Jo’s mom and dad, they need to come up with a schedule for things. And Kailyn should be grateful that she’s staying there, or she would be out on the streets.
Hmm, I wonder why your mom isn’t helping you out, Janelle. Maybe because you aren’t helping out with Jace and are deciding that you don’t want to take care of your own child!
Well, I spoke too soon about hoping that things work out with Kailyn and Jo. I can’t believe that Jo’s dad kicked him out. And Jo is taking Isaac with him? That’s crazy!!! They should have tried harder to make things work and then maybe this wouldn’t have happened.
How is New Jersey more convenient for them? Kailyn is going to school and works in PA, so she shouldn’t have to move. Yeah she could always transfer, but she shouldn’t have to just  because Jo wants to move to Jersey.
“I need to spread out the disappointment”…wow. Did she really just say that? She should just flat out tell him that Adam is moving in.
I’m not surprised that Janelle is hanging out with Kiefer. She better not spend the night with him again though. She doesn’t need to cause anymore drama with her and her mom. And here we go, her mom is pissed. Janelle needs to be kicked out of there!! She is not responsible one bit!!
Where’s this at? Where’s this at? Doesn’t he help out with the girls at all? Hope can he not know where anything is? And he can’t change a diaper? Wow, he needs some parenting classes to help him out. Stop calling Leah every 5 minutes!
Uh oh, here comes Daddy. And he’s gonna find out that Adam is living there. I’m with Chelsea now, they don’t know where this is going to turn out. There is a possibility that they could break up but there is also a possibility that things could work out.
Ha, yea, Janelle’s mom will be too mad at her to give her those forms. And Mike is right, “Mothers are 24/7, on call”. She does not act like she wants to be a mother at all. If you’re sick of being yelled at all the time, then change your whole attitude about everything. Start taking more responsibility and act like you want to be a mother to Jace. Good, I’m glad her mother is kicking her out of there. She doesn’t deserve to live there. And she brought all of this upon herself.
Well, that’s it for this week’s episode. Next week looks really good, more drama, as always. Well, that’s all for now. Leave me comments!

“I know what cheating looks like, I do it all the time”

Alright, new episode of Glee.

Wait, is Blaine talking about Kurt? I kinda think he is, but then he might be talking about some else and then that would totally crush Kurt. I really hope that Blaine is talking about Kurt, I don’t wanna see him get crushed.

Here we go, is he going to sing to Kurt?? Why do they have to sing off campus? I’m guessing that it isn’t Kurt then. And that is correct, it’s not Kurt. That really sucks. I saw that coming, but was just hoping that it would turn out better than that.

Wow, Rachel is really going to pay $100 to kiss Finn 100 times? She is desperate!

Haha, all the girls are wondering why Puck is singing to Lauren. And she’s just sitting there getting all red. Even Mr. Shue can’t believe that he’s singing to her. I’m wondering though if he is just trying to get with her just so he isn’t alone

That is great, he set up his kissing stand just like Lucy in the Peanuts, every detail is there right down to the “in” and “out” signs. I really want to see Finn get Quinn back. And I think she still has feelings for him. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see. So Sam is mad cause she didn’t kiss Finn at his booth? That makes no sense. Ha, and now she’s gonna kiss him just to make Sam mad.

Uh oh, here comes the Finn and Rachel kiss. Just on the cheek? That was nice of him to give her the present he was going to give her on Christmas though. That’s such a perfect present for her.

Another Michael Jackson song? Sweet!! They just need a whole Michael Jackson episode. I doubt that would happen at this point now because they’ve already sung two Michael songs.

Here comes the song “Fireworks”…I hope! Quinn definitely felt something with that kiss!

Alright, I don’t think that dude is gay. He’s like “Why is this guy singing to me?” That’s just weird in the first place to be singing to someone at a store in the mall. I would be so embarrassed if that was me!! “Was that too much?” Uh, yeah, it was way too much! He got fired? Wow, that sucks! And he is gay, but didn’t come out yet, woah! Now I could see him rebounding to Kurt, maybe. That would make Kurt happy, but at the same time he could get hurt.

Wow, Santana is going to give Finn mono? I know the plan…she wants to give him mono so then Quinn gets it, and then Sam will figure out that they’ve been fooling around.

Quinn has a point, he wants to go out with her when she’s cheating? He’s been cheated on twice, so why does he want to date someone who is cheating on their boyfriend? It doesn’t make sense at all! She should just break up with Sam.

So Blaine and Kurt are going to give it a shot? I think they can make it work.

Wow really? She has to cry that much while she’s singing? Haha…I hate to laugh at that, but it’s funny.

Random side note, no Sue in this episode. She would have probably had some great quotes tonight.

Finally, the song I was waiting for!!! And now I’ve got the Just Dance moves in my mind, haha. I think of them every time I hear this song!! I love it!!! And I love the fireworks behind her!!! That was the only good song of the night, at least in my mind!

Yay….Justin Bieber song next week!!! I can’t wait!!!

Well, that’s all for now! Leave me comments :)

Did I pick the wrong major?

I found an article on Yahoo’s main page titled Degrees That Get Job Offers. It lists 5 degrees that give college graduates a great chance to find a job after graduation. It makes me look at the list and think to myself, “Why didn’t I choose one of these degrees instead?” But if I look at each one individually, I then realize why I didn’t pick any of these 5 majors.

The first one is an accounting degree. This one is out of the picture for me because math isn’t my strongest subject. Being an education major, I only had to take 2 simple math classes. I failed the first one (I got a C- when you needed at least a C) and then retook that and got a C+. Then the second math class I got a B on. So I did better with the second one, but that doesn’t mean I want to change my major anytime soon.

The next one is a business degree. I just can’t see myself in a business career. I think that would be too hard and too boring for me.

The third is computer/information systems degree. Another career path that would be hard for me. I know computers, but just basic things. I don’t know anything about computer systems and stuff like that.

The fourth is an engineering degree. Again, this one would be way to difficult and boring for me. It just doesn’t interest me at all and I don’t think I would have even had the SAT scores if I wanted to go for this degree.

And last but not least, the fifth one is a health sciences degree. Along with math, science is another subject I don’t do so well in. Also, I couldn’t be a doctor or nurse because I can’t stand that much blood. I’ve thought before about how it would be interesting to work in the NICU, but then I remembered that I would have to take a bunch of science classes for that so that wouldn’t work for me.

So, a teaching degree may not be in the top 5 of the degrees that get job offers, but they are still in demand. Just think about it, teachers are always going to be needed as long as we’re alive on planet Earth. And there will always be ones who are retiring, therefore we will always need to hire new ones.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Send me questions...

I've decided that I want to ask my readers to send me any questions they have about friendships, relationships, those sort of things. I can't promise to fix all your problems, so please don't rely solely on my advice. And please keep the questions G rated. Also when you email me, let me know if you want me to use a codename when I post the answer to your question. Email me any questions at

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Glee Episode!!

I thought I wouldn’t get to watch the newest episode until tomorrow but they put it earlier than they said!!! That opening was nice! They even had the fireworks coming out from their boobs like Katy Perry had in her video.

Wow, she got a tattoo of herself on her back? And her last name got spelled wrong? Haha…nice.

What is Mr. Shue up to? He’s adding them to the Glee Club?? Woah!!!

I love this song!!! I saw on iTunes that you could buy the 4 songs from tonight’s episode, and I saw that one was this song! I couldn’t wait to hear it and thought they did a great job!!

“I don’t wanna die yet, at least not until ‘One Tree Hill’ gets cancelled”…haha, Britney has the best quotes on the show.

Sue is going crazy!!!! And I thought she already was crazy!!!

“Thriller”!!! This should be pretty good!

“A zombie double rainbow”…wow.

Typical Sue, making them choose the Glee Club or Cheerios. And they picked the Cheerios? Wow!!

My roommate just made a good comment, where is Kurt? We haven’t seen him at all this episode yet.

The hockey team…wow, I didn’t knwo they even had one cause we’ve never seen them before.

Yay!!! Kurt! And you know what, I almost forgot that he went to a different school, haha…that’s why they haven’t showed him.

I never heard this song before, but it sounds pretty good! Wait, now it’s coming back to me, it sounds a little familiar. It’s either TLC or Destiny’s Child, according to my roommate. And Google confirms that it’s Destiny’s Child.

The girls wanna join the football team…and they’re allowed, sweet!! You go girls!!!

Awww, don’t do it Britney!!! Sue is sooooo cruel!!!!

Run, run, run!!! She got pretty far!!! Is she alright though?? Yup, she’s fine!!!

Yay, say no to Sue!!!!

“Thriller” was awesome!!! If only Michael could have seen that, I wonder what he would have thought of it. I thought that was phenomenal!!!

Katie Couric!! “Loser of the Year”….sweet! She beat all those people and things?? Wow!!! That’s hilarious!!!

Glad to see that Quinn quit the Cheerios so she can be back in Glee Club. Did she really just kiss Finn? Uh oh!!

Sponge Hair, Square Chin….haha, that might be my favorite Sue line ever!!!!! And OMG!!! They’re doing “Firework” by Katy Perry on Tuesday!!!!

Well, that’s all for now, I’ll blog after Glee on Tuesday!!!

Super Bowl Sunday!

It’s the big day…Super Bowl Sunday! It’s also a special day for my mom, it’s her birthday! And I think it’s so cool how 21 years ago, in 1990, I was born on Super Bowl Sunday, and now it’s my mom’s turn to have her birthday on the Super Bowl. I don’t watch football, so I don’t really care too much about the Super Bowl. I probably will watch some of it though, just for the commercials. I’ll probably write about some of my favorite commercials later, so watch out for that!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Steven Tyler Video Apology

I just had someone from just emailed me with a video of the Steven Tyler apology that aired last week. They wanted me to share the video with my readers so here it is. Enjoy!!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

LA Auditions

First off, what’s up with Randy’s shoes? Alright Victoria, you say you wanna knock the judges socks off, can you knock off Randy’s shoes? Wow, American Idol was sent to Los Angeles for you? Yeah right!

Tim Halperin was really good, reminds me of Tim Urban. I’m finding now that 10 years in, I’m comparing a lot of the new contestants to past contestants.

What is with all the swearing this season? First Steven and now Jennifer? Don’t they know this is a family show? And what is up with all the food going into the judges room? Haha.

It’s Adam Lambert!!!! Haha, not really, but it looks like him. Well Isaac, I think they know now that you dropped out of college. Ok, Daniel may look like Adam but he definitely doesn’t sound like him. Let’s see if Isaac is any better. And the answer would be…no way! They both!!!

That’s pretty cool how the Myspace auditions ended up working out, they picked the best and flew them to LA to audition. And Karen Rodriguez is the first Myspace auditioner to make it to Hollywood.

Hey, this girl is from Hoboken, NJ, that’s where Cake Boss is!!! Haha. Something tells me she isn’t good. I don’t get the microphone thing, that’s kinda weird. Alright, she’s not making a good name for Hoboken, she stinks! Haha, Randy runs away, and then she goes after him!!! And she’s singing “And I’m Telling You”, “You’re gonna love me”… haha…honey, he’s not going to love you, sorry!!

This guy looks like a freak. He shouldn’t quit his day job, whatever that is, I’m not quite sure. They called his friend his “Homie”? Wow! “Shall we vote?” Umm…it should just be a given “No!” I hope this is the last that we hear from him…he will never make it as a singer!

Haha, a guy singing “Pants on the ground”, that was funny!

Matt and Aaron are really good!!! I bet that during Hollywood week they’ll get split up though, that always happens to siblings.

Last guy of the night…and this guy is a joke. He reminds me of the “Pants on the ground” guy. Wow, he thinks he’s 59, he’s not sure? He's gonna be all over the internet and youtube, I’m telling you right now. It’s just a repeat of last year. Haha, he scared Ryan, that was funny when he jumped onto Randy.

Yay!!! We’ve almost reached the end of auditions and the beginning of Hollywood week!!! That’s all for now, leave me comments!!

Austin Auditions

Alright, so you know how I posted last night about me not watching American Idol live? Well now I can’t even watch it taped because I set my VCR (Yes, I still have and use a VCR) to tape on January 2nd, instead of February 2nd. So, I will just have to search for clips online and then do my review from that.

So they started out the show with an apology for Steven Tyler’s behavior on the show. How was that an apology when we all knew what he was going to mouth with his lips after he said “Read my lips”? Wow, I didn’t really find that funny at all.

The first contestant I found was Hollie Cavanagh who is a 17-year-old from Texas. She sounded really nervous and you could tell that because of her notes being off a little bit. They told her she wasn’t ready but then they asked her to sing another song. She sang “The Climb” and I thought she sounded a lot better with that song. I’m glad they gave her another chance!

Wow, Casey Abrams is really good. He kind of reminds me of Elliott Yamin. They should definitely put him through. And… they did! And according to my friends at the American Idol Fan Show (Check out their site here) he is trending on social networks already. I think we may have found a contestant that will at least make it into the top 10.

Corey Levoy is the next contestant that I saw a video of. I sense that he’s going to be a country singer, just by the way he looks. That’s cool that they’re letting his sister sit with them while he sings and help judge him. Alright, so he doesn’t sound too country to me, he just looks like he’d be the country type. But I think he sounds really good!!

John Wayne Shulz is definitely a country guy, the season 10 cowboy. I think we could have our country singer of the season, I like him.

Next up I watched a video of Janelle Arthur. She could be the country girl of this season. I really like her!!!

Alright, now on to some of the bad. I can’t just watch all the good ones, I gotta watch some of the bad. First up is the Ryan Seacrest stalker, Courtney Penry. Wow, she cried cause she was meeting Ryan?? That is definitely a first, I’ve never seen someone that obsessed with Ryan. And she can impersonate a chicken, wow! Eh, her voice wasn’t all terrible. She just needs some lessons and then she would be better. But wow, Jennifer and Steven put her through to Hollywood, I didn’t see that coming.

I can’t find a video of him, but there was a guy named Rodolfo Achar and apparently he had green Justin Bieber hair and sang “The Circle of Life". I really wish I would have gotten to see that. I did find a picture though. I guess you can’t really tell in the picture that his hair is green, cause it looks black to me.

Okay, it’s season 10, do people still need the costumes and gimicks? It’s getting old!!! Last night there was an armadillo that tried out. What makes you think that the judges are going to take you seriously when you’re wearing an armadillo costume? I totally agree with Randy’s reaction when he saw her.

Alright, well that’s about all I found on the Austin auditions. I’d say that from what I saw Austin auditions were alright. I don’t think the next Idol came from Austin. I won’t get to see Idol live tonight either, because I have to work, but I have made sure that my VCR (insert laughter here) is set for the right date. Leave me comments!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This could be the stupidest show ever…

So I’m doing some reading for a class, and my roommate and her boyfriend are watching  a show on VH1. I can’t help but overhear what is going on in the show and it is bugging me so much! It’s called “You’re Cut Off!” and I guess it’s just this show about a bunch of rich girls who are living off their parents and their parents have decided to cut their money supply off. So now they have to life in a house together and live without the huge amounts of money that they are used to. This is just so annoying to watch. First they were sent to a country club and they racked up a bill of $3,000 in drinks, food, massages, etc. Then they were told that they have to work at the country club to pay off the debt. One girl tried to say “Well how much is one drink? I only had one”, when she clearly had more than that one drink. Then the girls are complaining about the dress code, they have to wear kaki pants and they want to wear shorts. They are just complaining about having to clean things. Just suck it up and do the work!!! This is what poor people have to do, so just do it for the rest of the time that you are on the show and then you can get back to your rich lifestyles. I’m very interested in what others think about this show so let me know :)

You won’t believe this…

So you won’t believe what’s happening right now. I’m missing American Idol!!!! If you know me really well, you will know that this is a big deal for me. I have been a huge fan of the show since season 2 (this is season 11 in case some of my readers don’t watch the show), and I never miss an episode. See, I got out of class early (yet again) and my roommate asked if that means she has to watch Idol again. I told her that we didn’t have to, so she decided not to watch it. The world will go on though, I will just watch it tomorrow. That’s all for now, just wanted to share that.

A Post About Blogging

So I’m reading a blog post about tips on getting more traffic to your blog (Seth's Blog) and one tip was to blog about blogging. So I thought, why not, I don’t know what else to blog about right now. Pretty much when I started my blog about 3 months ago, I just wanted to blog so that I could write about random things and get opinions from others. I haven’t been too successful with that because I don’t get that much traffic to my blog. My all-time pageviews from the time that I started blogging until now, is only 818. I wish I could get that in a week!! So please, email me and let me know what you would like me to include in my blog, give me any ideas or suggestions on how you think I can improve my blog. And pass my blog onto your friends :) Thanks!!

What does an IQ score mean?

So in one of my special education classes that has to do with individuals with intellectual disabilities, we were talking about the past and current definitions of intellectual disability. The old definitions focused a lot on IQ scores. But what exactly does that mean if you have an IQ of say, 95? I think it is just a number. So what if someone claims to have an IQ of 100 something. When you are diagnosing a person with a disability, why should you just go by a number? The most important thing is their adaptive behaviors and how they function doing daily day-to-day tasks.
Well, that's all I've got to say for now. Leave me your comments and let me know what you think about IQ scores.

Mother, Hot Sauce, and Jail?

There as a woman on Dr. Phil last year who submitted home video footage to the show so she could get help in disciplining her child. Well she pleaded not guilty to a child abuse  charge after that footage aired on the show which showed her forcing her 7-year-old son to drink peppery hot sauce after he misbehaved. She also made him take a cold shower as a punishment. It’s only hot sauce, and they shouldn’t be making such a big deal about this, but still, that doesn’t sound like a woman who should be taking care of children. What makes this a little worse is that the child was adopted fro Russia, which could make this case more complicated. Russian adoption authorities have been watching this case closely and if the woman is found guilty, the young boy (and his twin brother who was also adopted by the family) could be sent back to Russia. It’s sad to think that because of hot sauce, these two boys would have to leave the country. And what did they do to deserve that? Not a thing. Leave me comments and let me know what you think about this

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moving In, Moving On

I’m so glad that things are going great with Leah and Corey! I always knew that would get back together!!! That was so cute seeing them with the twins at the beach!
So I had my friend fill me in on why Chelsea thought Adam was a jerk, and it was because of him saying bad things to her like, “When and where can I sign over for that mistake”, so now I can’t believe she’s back with him. If he ever says anything bad to her or about her again, she should definitely leave him and not come back. “Why is it always me?”, umm….because you were the reason it ended before!!
I wish things were different with Kailyn and Jo. That was stupid of her to start dating someone so soon, especially when she was living in the same house as her baby’s dad and parents. If she wasn’t living there, it might have been different. I think if they worked at it, they could make it work. But if they don’t have the feelings for each other, then they shouldn’t force it to work. I’m glad to see they are at least on speaking terms.
That’s cool that Janelle gets to watch Jace by herself on Friday nights, or maybe it was Saturday nights. I can’t believe she was contemplating leaving that party early but then decided to stay, that is so irresponsible. She stayed out all night?? Wow! I sense a fight coming on!!! She definitely doesn’t deserve to have custody of Jace when she’s acting like that. Oh yeah, she’s tired, she has a headache, that’s not a hangover at all. Oh Janelle, I’m so over her!
Chelsea, your dad is gonna figure out that you’re back with Adam eventually. You can’t keep it a secret forever. Her dad has a point, Adam isn’t worth it and Chelsea needs to take his advice. Although part of me wants Chelsea to prove him wrong and show him that things are different this time.
Ha, Janelle’s mom wants to critique Janelle’s date, Kieffer. I hope for her sake that he is a good guy so that no more problems start with Janelle and her mom. I’m sick of seeing them fight!!
So Leah says that they both put the girls first. But shouldn’t they put themselves kind of at the top, too? Like, when she was talking to her friends, she kind of made it seem like they are only back together for the girls. They should be together for them, too.
Isn’t Janelle gonna introduce Kieffer to her mom yet?? It looks like he’s a pretty good guy and things look like they’re going good with them.
Wow, so two days before you need the money you decide to ask Jo to borrow it? She’s lucky that he is nice and said yes.
Hmm, I think it went alright with Janelle’s mom meeting Kieffer, but I’m not too sure, she didn’t say that much. I thought it was stupid for him saying that stuff about him “technically being laid off” but that he could go and get a job anywhere with his resume. Well then if he says that, why is he laid off and why doesn’t he have a job? I think that might there might be a good enough reason for Janelle’s mom to not like him.
Alright, back to Chelsea, I think she should give him one more chance, but he definitely should not move in with her yet. They should at least give it a month or two to even see if they can make things work.
I think Kailyn and Jo can make things work. They just need to give it time and work things out.
I think that this season is going really well now. I was kinda mad at all the moms in the beginning of the show just at how things were going. I thought that this batch of girls were worse than the first batch, but now I think their about the same.
What, Jo and Kailyn are going to move in together? And now Leah and Corey are having problems again? The show never gets boring, there will always be drama. That’s all for now, leave me comments :)

3-Year-Old Saves Mom

Alright, so I know you probably read the title of this post and thought, “I’ve seen tons of stories with that same title.” And I agree, so have I. But I thought this one in particular was cute. The video explains that her mom had just taught her how to dial 911 the same morning that this happened. That is kind of ironic and scary that she had to use that skill the same day she was taught it. So go ahead and check it out and then pass this on!