Monday, January 31, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg Meets Jesse Eisenberg

So I just got done watching the SNL episode from this past Saturday night where Jesse Eisenberg was the host. I heard that it was kind of awkward when Jesse met Mark Zuckerberg, so I just had to see it for myself. That was funny how Adam Sandberg tried to pretend he was Mark Zuckerberg. I was watching the opening credits and noticed that Adam looked like Mark and then when I saw him come out on stage in the beginning, I almost thought that it was really Mark, haha. That was really the first time that they met? That’s so weird. You would have thought that they could have hung out before filming the movie so that Jesse could have portrayed him almost exactly. And did he really ask Mark Zuckerberg if he watched The Social Network? Wow, of course he did, dude!

Once-Daily Estro Maxx? Wow, they really made that seem like a real commercial. And I loved the warning at the end “Men taking estrogen may take an interest in TLC’s ‘Say Yes to the Dress’”.

Recently my aunt has been saying that Nick-at-Nite has been showing episodes of “My Wife and Kids” that start at 8:00 pm. This is a problem because kids might still be watching TV at this time and the show talks about things such as sex and “bumping private parts”. So I’m wondering if the spoof that SNL had about the Nick-at-Nite show “Mr. Wizard’s World” was referring to what my aunt is talking about. And I’m wondering if Nick-at-Nite just started showing “My Wife and Kids” at 8:00 pm or if they always have. I always thought that Nick-at-Nite started at 9, because most kids should be in bed at that time.  Well, I just did some research at it starts at 9 only on the weekends. Oh well.

“Do the creep”, haha…wow. I can tell that’s gonna be pretty popular. I’m surprised I haven’t heard anything about it before now. It’s only been a few days, but still, things from SNL like this usually get around pretty quickly. Remember “I’m on a Boat”? That started on SNL and I remember hearing about that from some of my college friends. I wasn’t really a fan of that, but I do think that “Do the Creep” is hilarious! Check it out if you haven’t already.

Wow, that clip about “The Skins” was hilarious. They took the ad placement way too far though, no show would ever do that. But it was funny to watch. That would be funny though if a TV network had to resort to that. But I highly doubt that any would.

Alright, well I guess that’s all I’ve got for now. Leave me comments :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

21 At Last!!

So, Friday was my birthday, I’m 21 at last! I just wanted to write on the fact that I still can’t believe I’m 21. I mean, first I was counting down the days till I was 16 so I could drive. Then it was 18 because then you’re considered an adult. And then I was counting down till I turned 21. Now I don’t really have any birthday’s to countdown to anymore, they say it’s all downhill from 21. But that’s not to say that I don’t have anything to look forward to, because I totally do. Graduating and getting married are at the top of my list!!! Well, I guess that’s all I’ve got for now. Thanks for reading and leave me comments!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Idol Goes to Nashville

Haha, wow, is that first guy serious? Alright, here we go, in for another night of Idol. I’m glad it’s only 1 hour. I don’t think we would need 4 hours of auditions each week. Two on Wednesday and one on Thursday is perfectly fine.
This girls voice is annoying. Before she even starts singing, I think she shouldn’t quit her day job. Wow! What the heck is she doing?? She kind of reminds me of Jessica Simpson, haha. Just the way she looks and kinda talks, but not entirely. Yeah, she should definitely not quit her day job. I hope she’s better as a dental hygienist than she is at singing. Haha, and no, she can’t read minds either. Wow, and she hears “yes” when she was really told “no”.
Alright, two people that used to date, this is a first. Kinda odd. And their auditioning together? Why do they even let them sing in pairs? It bugs me so much when they do this. There can only be ONE American Idol. Isn’t there some other show they can audition for if they want to sing together? “Works at a restaurant” as his job…can’t they just say he is a cook or a waiter? That’s weird, they say that she is a waitress, so why does it just say “works at a restaurant” for him? I find that funny. They were both really good!! Haha, Jennifer, I don’t think they will get back together, she has a boyfriend! I wish they could though, they look so cute together!
A tattoo artist? Yeah, that’s definitely the next American Idol…not!
Addrienne Beasley sounds really good!!! She should go through and be in the top 10!!! “Whose gonna pay your way?” Haha, doesn’t Idol pay for them to get to Hollywood? They should.
Haha, Steven tells her to go home and practice and Randy tells her not to. And then Jennifer says, “Is it a no from you?” Lol…wow, like she needed to ask.
What is this? A guy in a completely blue suit?? Ok, that was one of the strangest auditions ever.
Another beauty pageant girl. Wow, she brought them a copy of a CD she made? Double wow…I thought she was like, 16 or 18!! She’s 26??? I don’t believe it!!!
Another sob story. And she’s  on 15, wow. She looks and acts like she’s older than that. I thought Lauren Alaina was amazing! Steven is right, she’s gonna have 40 million people crying, I could feel tears welling up in my eyes!! Aww, that was cool that her family got to go in there and that she sang her Mom and Dad’s song, which just happened to be an Aerosmith song. I can see her in the top 10!
Oh wow…Steven things they found the one. I wonder if he’s talking about Lauren. It could be. Well, that’s all for now. Leave me your comments :) :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Milwaukee Idol Auditions

Milwaukee…Danny Gokey’s hometown!!! Let’s see how the auditions go tonight.
Up first, Scotty McCreery He does have a deep voice, I can’t believe he’s only 16! He does not sound like he’s 16. If I would have heard him on the radio, I would think he’s in his 20’s. Some people would argue though that Idol doesn’t need anymore country singers, but I disagree with that. I’m currently arguing with my roommate and her boyfriend because they are saying that country singers don’t do good after the show. I told them that she had 10 #1 hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs. You know what they said “Who cares, that’s not the Billboard list.” Well I say, “whatever!” to them! If country singers want to audition for Idol, then let them. And if the judges put them through, ok. And then if America wants to vote for them, alright. It doesn’t matter about the genre, it’s the talent that counts!
Wow, Emma Henry was 5-years-old when Kelly won, that’s hard to believe. I think she’s okay. She could definitely improve from lessons. I can understand why she wants to go through because this could be the last season of the show. So they might tell her, “come again next year”, but she might not get that chance. I’m glad she went through though and I hope she can prove them wrong!
And here come some bad people and wow are they bad. That guy doesn’t sound like Frank Sinatra at all! I find it funny that people think they sound like famous singers and they sound nothing like them!!! Wow, did he really ask, “Can I get a sip of your Coke?”
Wow, all the 15-year-olds got through to Hollywood? That definitely wouldn’t have happened if Simon was there cause he couldn’t stand the 16-year-olds. But I think if they are good, then give em a chance. Now my roommate and her boyfriend are complaining yet again about Idol. They are saying that letting 15-year-olds on the show is child abuse. I disagree with that. Then they’re also saying that statistics show that young celebrities are more at risk for drug abuse. I do think that is right. I mean, look at Lindsay Lohan and Michael Jackson.
“Hippies believe in sex. He hasn’t gone anywhere with anyone since my mom.” Wow, Idol has found some strange people this season. His voice is way too high!!! I love how Randy is hiding his laughter with his Coke cup. Did Steven say that was outstanding? He’s crazy!
An Obama freak? Okay. Wow!!! Randy punched her in the mouth? That sucks!!! I can’t believe he could hit someone’s mouth and not realize it?? Ah ha…she’s an intern at the White House and went to Harvard, so she’s into law. That makes sense that she likes Obama so much. She probably wonders every day if she’ll get to see him, haha. I didn’t like how low she was in the beginning, but thought she sounded good once she got higher.
Woah, “Is it because I’m not as skinny as the others?” Wow, I can’t believe she said that and thinks that’s the reason she didn’t go through. Come on, look at Ruben Studdard and Jennifer Hudson. And no, she can’t sing better than the other ones.
Scott Dangerfield. Why does that name sound familiar?? Did he audition for Idol before and I missed him say that? I gotta do some research now. Alright, maybe I’m just imagining it. But I swear there was someone on Idol before that had that same last name.
Oh great, here comes the girl they are calling the most annoying girl ever. Wow!!! Is she serious right now?? It sounds like an opera version of the song! That sounds sooooo bad!!! I wonder what Justin Bieber will think of that.
Aww, this is a sad story. I hope he’s good!! Chris Medina should definitely be in the top 10! And I’m not saying that just because of his story, he’s really good! Aww, that was so sweet that they wanted to meet his fiancé.
So, ending on a sad night,  here’s what I wanna know from you, my readers, what do you think about Idol changing the age limit from 16 to 15? Do you think that it is wrong for kids that young to miss school to go on Idol? They do get tutored while they are on the show though, so it isn’t like they just stop learning completely. Thanks for reading and leave me comments :)

Mystery Piano

So I found another interesting video. This one is about a piano that magically appeared on a sandbar in Florida. They woke up one morning and just saw it? So someone put a piano there overnight?? That is really random. A music video? I like that theory, that would be pretty cool for someone to play it and sing with it in the middle of a bay like that. But I guess they’ll never know. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More drama on Teen Mom 2

New episode of Teen Mom 2, this should be interesting. Chelsea is up first. I can’t remember why Chelsea and her boyfriend split up, so I’m not finding it wrong at all that he is back in the picture. I think it’s hilarious that she’s trying to get Aubree to say “Mama” and she keeps saying “Dada”, that cracks me up!
Ugh, Janelle…she bugs me. I’m glad she is looking for a job though, that shows that she wants to be more responsible. Ok, so she’s saying that her mom might better take care of Jace, that doesn’t mean she should just give up, so I’m hoping she doesn’t just give up and walk out on her child.
I can’t believe that Kailyn is still living with Jo and his parents. And the fact that she is dating. She doesn’t need to get back in the swing of dating yet. That is crazy that they are going to kick her out if she’s gonna continue the new relationship. I understand what they are saying though. She shouldn’t be dating someone else quite yet.
That just has to be strange for Janelle. I mean, the baby is her’s, but since her mom has temporary custody of him, she doesn’t really have any rights to Jace. Hopefully she can learn from her past and make her and Jace’s life better.
It’s nice that Chelsea wants a mom and dad for Aubree, but she needs to realize that if they can’t get together then it just won’t work. So they just need to see if they can get along as a couple and then go from there.
Yay! Leah and Corey are going to get back together. I really hope they can work it out. Like I said before, when they were in the car before and were both crying when they were saying that they were gonna break up. You could just tell that deep down inside both of them, they still cared about each other and wanted to be together.
Good for Kailyn, she’s giving up her new relationship so she can focus more on Isaac.  Wow, she broke up with him over the phone, that’s low. That sucks she still has to see him at work.
“Where ya going now?” haha…wow. And ok, if she can’t take Jace to see the fireworks by herself, then Janelle’s mom could go with her then.
OMG! When Corey said he had a surprise, I thought he was gonna propose!! That would have been very cute! But they just got back together, so they need some time to see if it’s going to work out.
Alright, that’s all for this episode. And as always, next week looks interesting. Leave me comments :)

Frozen Car

Wow, I have never seen anything like this before. The guy went to a friends house to watch a football game, and when he tried to leave, he found his car was covered in ice!!! You gotta see it to believe it!!!
Car Frozen in Place

A Video You Must See!

So I was on yahoo’s site just looking through the news articles they show on the home page. I found this video of a guy and his daughter singing. It is so cute so I just felt like I needed to share it!

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Year’s Resolutions

So, I didn’t make up a New Year’s Resolution…until today. I’ve decided that I’m going to try and eat more fruits, vegetables, and calcium. I’m not going on a diet cause I don’t need to lose weight, I’m at a perfectly fine weight for my height, but I figured there is nothing wrong with eating a bit healthier than I do at the moment. So what are your resolutions? Have you been able to stick with them so far? Leave me comments and let me know!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Idol Goes to New Orleans

Alright, night two of the auditions: New Orleans. I’m really liking the new opening for Idol. It’s about time they changed it. I mean, they’ve changed it a few times, but this is the biggest change they’ve made, and it’s nice.
Why did Jovany Barreto have to sing in Spanish?? This is American Idol, not Spanish Idol. Wow, now he’s gotta get all sappy? I thought he was alright, wish we woulda got to hear him sing in English though. Wait, what is he doing? Wow, that was very strange, never saw that before on Idol. I agree with Jennifer’s reaction, what the heck just happened there!
It’s a small world, turns out that Jacquelyn Dupree’s dad was Randy’s football couch in high school. Her voice sounded wonderful. And she’s off to Hollywood!
Brett seems like an interesting kid. And he shocked me…I didn’t think a voice that good was gonna come out of that body, but wow. I think he’ll melt the hearts of girls across America. I can see him getting far! You know, he kinda reminds me of a past contestant on Idol, but I just can’t put my name on which one.
On no, here are all the bad people! Wow, that is one loooooooong note! One long, horrible note! Oh yea, the guy saying “Did anyone hear what I just said?" is totally the next American Idol! I think he was trying to be the rapper version of Michael Jackson.
Idol Camp? Sweet…I had heard a little bit about it but I think it was too expensive and not near me so I couldn’t go. Wow, I don’t think Alex Attardo learned much at camp. And he didn’t realize he was that bad?
Jaceee Badueax is only 15?? Wow! Wait, how is he allowed to audition, I thought you have to be 16. Did I miss something? Maybe the limit is 15, I’ll have to double check that though. For being a big Idol fan, I can’t believe I’m questioning something about the show.
Alright, so during the commercial break I did some research and I found this:
“"Does an average 15-year-old even know who these people are?" Salzman asks. "She's somebody's mother, and he's somebody's grandfather. I don't think they have that prime-time fascination. Jennifer Lopez 10 years ago would have been like royalty. Right now? She's not royalty."
Now seems like a good time to mention 15-year-olds. That's the lowered age limit on the show (28 is the top end), another trick designed to get audiences to care again. If you're wondering why the age has been dropped, Estrin has two words for you: Justin Bieber, god to adolescent girls everywhere.”
Read more:
So I guess I did miss that change they made, haha. That makes sense that they would lower the age, and as I read that part in the article, I knew that the reason had to have been because of Justin Bieber.
Last contestant of the day and it’s a sob story, Paris Tassin. I almost thought for a second there that something happened and she didn’t have the baby, but it’s a miracle that she did. That was a really good song choice for her and I can see why she picked it. She sounded really good!!! She should definitely be in the top 10!!
The auditions come to a close and 37 people from New Orleans are on their way to Hollywood. I’d say tonight’s show had more talent that New Jersey. Could the next Idol be from New Orleans? We’ll have to wait and see!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A New Era of Idol

So it’s finally here! The 10th season of Idol! Wow, I never thought I was going to say that!! That was an awesome opening, they totally revamped it! As Randy said, “it’s a different table”, that is for sure! Even the logo on the screen isn’t the same, it’s like, not a real oval shape.
New Jersey is up first! First up is Rachel Zevita who auditioned for Idol season 6 and got cut the first day of Hollywood. Wow, that’s pretty cool that JLo remembered her. I like her and hope she makes it farther in Hollywood week this year. We’ll have to wait and see.
This next guy looks like a rocker. Caleb Hawley, eh, sounds more country after listening to him for a little bit. Wow, Steven Tyler is getting into it. I think he is the new Paula, cause that is how she probably would have acted.
Kenzie Palmer, a PA native, yay! It’s a Carrie Underwood song!!! She’s alright, but when it comes to the high notes she just doesn’t quite sound the best. Alright, now JLo is sounding like Paula, she’s defending her and you can tell she wants her to go through. Three yes’s, and she’s off to Hollywood!!!
American Idol Jersey Edition…reminds me of Jersey Shore, which is a stupid show!! Sorry for anyone reading this who likes the show. Thank you for the lesson on how to do your hair, Tiffany. I predict right now that she won’t be good. This is just something I like to do during auditions, is to look at the people before they start singing and say if I think they can sing or if they can’t. Well, she wasn’t horrible, but she wasn’t as bad as I thought she would be. I thought the second song was a little better. I don’t like her as much as the judges do, and I find that happens a lot with me and the show.
And here come the bad singers. The delusional people who really think they have talent. That still blows my mind. How can you be that  bad and think that you are the next American Idol? By now, people probably just audition for the show since it’s so popular and they just wanna say they auditioned for it. Haha, JLo doesn’t like to be the deciding vote. I wouldn’t want to either.
First sob story of the season… Robbie was in a wheelchair and thought he would never walk again. But that was not the case, he is now walking! And yay, he’s really good! I could see him in the top 20. “Should we vote?” “No, Hollywood. Bye!” Haha, that was sweet!!
Ashley wants everyone to “have to" hear her sing. Well, she got her wish. Wow, I hope she never gets her wish again. That was pretty bad. She should go do broadway, just like JLo said. But she definitely isn’t for American Idol. It’s a no for today Randy? It should be a no forever!!! What?!?!? Steven and JLo are crazy! She’s probably gonna be cut when they make the first cuts in Hollywood.
Victoria Huggins…another 16-year-old. It’s pretty cool that as the seasons go on, there are contestants that (kinda like me) grew up with the show. And she can sing! There was a small part of me that thought she wouldn’t be good at all, but she proved me wrong. I agree with JLo, she is adorable!! I think she can make it pretty far! Maybe not the next Idol, but she could make it to the top 10 possibly.
So one thing I wanna point out, we only have about 40 minutes left, and haven’t seen any bad people yet. I wonder why that is. I thought that the Fox producers always showed the bad people for ratings. I guess this year they just wanted to be different. Or, they could be holding out on us and show all the bad people at the end.
Day 2 in Jersey…and first up is a singing waitress in NYC. That is different. First we got Kellie Pickler, a skating waitress in NC, and now we get this girl. Devyn Rush…and she’s another girl from PA! (If you can’t tell, that’s my homestate, lol). And she is really good!!
Tell us about yourself….”Uh….” Wow! What a great answer. This guy was imitating Michael Jackson when he was in the womb? OMG! Now he’s gonna do “Party in the USA”. Yoji, you should never do that again, I’m sorry! They definitely saved the bad ones for last, lol. Ahhh….the montage of everyone butchering the same song, they do this every year!
You aren’t purposeless without singing…wow, I’ve never heard anyone say that. I’m sure there is something else in your life that you are good at, so go for that, geez!
Alright, last guy of the night, Travis Orlando, I think he’ll be good…they saved the best for last, maybe. He is pretty good!! I loved his version of “I’m Yours”, that is a great song! He’s goin’ to Hollywood!!!
Alright, so that’s a wrap for New Jersey. So it’s time for my final thoughts on tonight’s show…I thought it was a great season premiere. It had me laughing and they showed some good people so we’re off to a good start. I don’t think we saw our next American Idol tonight though. But no worries, we  have many more nights of auditions left. So, leave me comments and let me know what you thought :) And share my blog with a friend or two, thanks!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

American Idol…does anyone care anymore?

So, American Idol premiers tomorrow night (which sucks for me because I have a night class), and I’m just very curious to see how it’s going to do this year. I mean, this is the 10th year and there are only 2 original people on the show! I mean, let’s take a look of how the main cast of the show has changed, shall we?

We started with these four: Simon, Randy, Paula, and Ryan.
Then they decided to add a fourth judge: Kara.

Then Paula decided to leave and they brought on Ellen.

Well, then, after only being on for one season, Ellen decided to leave. Kara supposedly got fired and Simon decided to leave, which had us all wondering who they would put on to replace those three because we all know that Randy can’t do it by himself. So after finally coming to a decision, they came up with this:
Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez would be the two new judges.
It’s kinda funny looking at those four pictures because you realize that there are only two constants in all four: Randy and Ryan. And actually, there should be a 5th picture added before the first one of only Simon, Randy, Paula, and Ryan. And that should be a picture of those four plus Brian Dunkleman, because he was a second host on season 1. But I couldn’t find a picture with him in it, plus I almost forgot all about him.
But anyway, it should be interesting to see how the show does with pretty much all new people but two. I’ve been a huge fan of the show since season 2 and I’ll admit I would be sad to see the show go, but I’m not sure how many more years it will be around and get the ratings it needs to stay.
So what are your thoughts on Idol? Leave a comment and let me know :)

First day of classes…

So, first day of classes and we had a 2 hour delay, classes started at 10. That meant for me that I only had one class today! We got out of that about half an hour which was pretty sweet. No homework for it though, so I’m kind of bummed about that, I wanna dive into school work! Yeah, you may think I’m crazy but I’m kinda excited to get back into the swing of things and I’m ready for homework! It’s kind of weird that I’m saying that because I know that in a few weeks I’ll be counting down the days till the end of the semester!! Well, that’s it for now, leave me comments :) :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Here we go again…

Well, it’s that time of year again: the start of the Spring semester. It’s hard to believe that Winter break is over already. But I’m kinda looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and starting brand new classes. It just means I’ll be getting another semester closer to graduating!!! Well, I guess that’s all I’ve got for now. Leave me comments :) :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Say Yes to the Dress

So, there’s a show on TLC called Say Yes to the Dress. If you don’t know what it’s about, it’s just about a bridal shop in NYC called Kleinfeld’s and they film brides as they are shopping for their dress. I have fallen in love with this show!! Every time I watch an episode I get even more excited to go shopping for my dress. The one thing that bugs me with some of the brides on the show though, is that some of them will bring their fiancé with them. That is a big no-no! My fiancé will definitely not be going with when I shop for mine. So yeah, I guess that’s about all for now. I just thought since there is a new episode on tonight that I would talk a little bit about it. :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Yeah, I know it’s kind of late, but I’ve been busy and haven’t had a chance to blog for a while. So better late than never, right? I’m going to try to blog more often, at least a few times a week.

In this post I’m gonna talk about last night’s premiere of Teen Mom 2. The first thing I noticed about the four moms, was that none of them were with the baby’s dad. The only one that looks like they might get back together with the dad is Leah. And I really hope they do. I still remember seeing on 16 and Pregnant that time when they were in the car and he was saying that he knows it’s over and was crying. She was crying too, and I think that because they were both crying meant that deep down inside they didn’t want to have to end it. So I’m hoping that they can work things out.

Janelle…wow, I think she is worse than Farrah, I’m sorry. But the fact that she feels the need to go out all the time after putting Jace to bed, that is bad parenting. It seems like every night she feeds him, gives him a bath, puts him to bed, and goes out with her friends. Just because he is sleeping doesn’t mean that she can go out and do her own thing. I think it’s crazy that her mom is going for custody. When Janelle showed up and her mom’s house with her friends and got the papers from the police officer, I kept thinking, “Why doesn’t she just go in there, grab Jace, and get out of there?” I mean, after all, isn’t it her kid?

Kailyn’s situation is a little weird. I don’t know how she can live in the same house as her ex. But it’s a good thing that his family is so supportive or else she wouldn’t have anywhere to go. It would be nice if she could fix things with  her dad, but that will probably take a while because things are just so weird between them because they went so long without seeing each other.

And the last one, Chelsea. She’s kinda spoiled, having her dad pay for a house for her and a friend to live in. And I feel bad for her friend, who has to give up the last few years of her teenage life and deal with a crying baby all the time. I heard her say that this is what she wants, but I highly doubt that. I don’t know how you can be 17 or 18 and want to be around a crying baby 24/7.

So, I guess that’s all I’ve got for now. Feel free to let me know what you thought about Teen Mom 2 :)