Thursday, May 31, 2012

SYTYCD- LA Auditions

This week the auditions took place in Los Angeles. What I’ve decided to do for my So You Think You Can Dance posts is to just write about the dancers who stuck out to me rather than comment on every single audition. That will make my post a lot shorter since the audition shows are 2 hours long!!

The first one who caught my attention was Alexa Anderson. She auditioned last year and made it to Vegas but cut right before the top 20. I thought that she was really good! She made it to Vegas so maybe this year she will make it to the top 20!

I also liked Eliana Girard who is a pole dancer. She has great form and is just fantastic! The judges thought so, too, because she got a standing ovation!!

The Ninja Twins, also known as Nick and James Aragon, are hilarious!! But unfortunately, they are 32 and the age cutoff is 30 so they aren’t able to be on the show. They should get their own TV show! And their dancing was awesome!! If only they would have auditioned 2 years earlier!!

Sam Lenarz is another on that I think is really good! And what is incredible about her is that 6 months before she auditioned, she came home from dance and her mom had packed her room up and kicked her out! Luckily she had a friend whose family was willing to take her in and give her a place to live. I can’t imagine a mother just kicking her daughter out of her house! She was put through to choreography and she made it to Vegas!

Another contestant I found interesting was David Matz. He performed with some kind of ring kind of like a hula hoop but a lot bigger. He was put through to choreography because they would like to see him dance without the ring. He thought it was too difficult so he’s not going to Vegas this time around.

Jasmine Mason and her brother Marshea were the next 2 contestants to catch my attention. Marshea has tried out for SYTYCD for the past 3 years and since then, things have changed dramatically for him. Both Jasmine and Marshea were in a car accident and when they talked about it, their mother said that he was pronounced dead upon arrival. So I had thought that meant he had passed away. It turns out he was in a coma for 2 days and came out of the coma just 6 weeks before his audition! That is incredible!! They both made it through to Vegas!!

That wraps up this week of auditions. Next week they go to Atlanta! Leave me your comments on this weeks auditions!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Bachelorette Goes to Dollywood!!

I visited Dollywood years ago with my grandparents, so I’m excited to see them go to Dollywood and see if I remember anything about it. The one thing I remember is that I went on the river rapids ride and when I got off, out of everyone on the same boat as me (all of whom I didn’t know), I got the most soaked!!

So first up, Chris goes on an individual date with Emily. She made him work for his dinner…they climbed up a building to get to where they were going to eat. I would never be able to do that!!! But Emily did pretty well! She got scared a few times on the way, but she made it to the top! Emily then found out as they were eating that Chris is only 25. That kind of worried her at first because of him being so young. But he made it clear to her that he is ready to settle down and start a family. She didn’t let his age get in the way because she gave him a rose! Then they went to see Luke Bryan perform. Chris asked Emily if he could give her a kiss at the end of the song and she said “Well,why don’t you try and you’ll find out.” So he went for it and she kissed him back! That was so cute!! I think Chris is definitely my favorite guy so far! She seems to really like him!!

Next some of the guys went on a group date with the guys. They were at a park, tossing around a football. She walks away from them and goes over to some of her friends. She surprised them by telling them that they were going to interview the group of guys one-by-one. That was pretty interesting. They mostly wanted to know if the guys ever dated anyone with kids and if they are ready to have a family. After the interviews were over, Emily blew a whistle and then a bunch of kids came running into the park! This was a chance for the guys to show Emily how they do with kids and it looked like they were doing pretty good.

Tony is having some doubts about being there because he really misses his son. When he goes to talk to her, he tells her about how he misses his son and he starts crying. I’m not saying that he doesn’t miss his son, but I don’t think he had to cry like that and get so emotional in front of Emily. I kind of think he was doing it for some sympathy. Emily decided to send him home so he could go be with his son.

Arie and Emily went on their date to Dollywood in Nashville, Tennessee. After going on some rides together, they went to check out the place she sings there. They sat on the edge of the stage and found a piece of paper that said to write a love song. So they tried to write a love song and all of a sudden Arie tells her to turn around and there is, in Emily’s words “Dolly freakin’ Parton!” Emily was ecstatic!! Dolly sang a song that she wrote for Arie and Emily about finding love and taking it slow. Then Emily and Dolly got a chance to talk. After that Dolly sang them both another song.

I am really hoping that she gets rid of Kalon this week! I just don’t see a connection between the 2 of them and I don’t think she does either. Chris, Doug, and Arie are my top 3. I am predicting right now that it is going to be one of those 3 that she picks in the end! And I think Alexandro is going to be one of the guys to leave this week because he didn’t have that good of a conversation with Emily. He sees the fact that she has a daughter as a compromise where as Emily sees it as a bonus. He definitely isn’t right for her. She sent him packing before the rose ceremony.

The guy who left was Stevie. I’m kind of bummed that it wasn’t Kalon leaving, but I never saw a connection between Stevie and Emily, so she made the right decision in getting rid of him.

Another week is over and I’m ready for next weeks episode!!! Leave me your comments about this weeks show!!

So You Think You Can Dance!

Season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) has begun!! I didn’t really get into the show that much last year, but I’m going to try to get into it this year. I was never really a fan of dancing before this show began back in 2005, but now I kind of am. And even though I can’t dance, it is still awesome to watch! And there is one dance that I am always going to remember. The song was “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis. You have got to check it out because it was amazing!!! You have got to check it out!!

The auditions started out in NYC! Amelia Lowe is up first and I’m not too sure about her. She made it though, so that goes to show what I know about dance. Sometimes there are dancers that I don’t like, but the judges do. They’re the experts, so I guess they know what they are talking about. But then there are others that it is obvious that they can’t dance. It is funny to watch those!

Toshihiko Nakazawa is next and he is different. I think he has talent with all the hip-hop and free-styling he did, but I don’t think he’s right for the show. The judges saw something in him and are going to let him stick around for the choreography part of the auditions. When they are on the fence with putting someone through to Vegas, they have them do some choreography  as a big group and then decide based on that. Oh, and during this round, they dance with partners. It turns out that when they showed the choreography round, Toshihiko gave up because he couldn’t lift his partner. I knew he wasn’t cut out for the show.

So you know how I said there are some people that it is obvious they can’t dance? Well, Austin Freeman is the first person of the evening that thinks he can dance, but he can’t! He does a dance that he created called Mr. Wiggle. Is this guy serious? All he is doing is wiggling his legs back and forth. I can’t believe he calls that dancing!

Next up they go to Dallas and the first contestant who catches my attention is Bree Hafen who is a mom of a 2-year-old and 5-year-old. Nigel brings her kids closer to the stage and has them sit in her chair during her audition. She is really good!! Nigel had her son walk on stage as she was dancing to hand her the ticket to Vegas! That brought a few tears to my eyes!! Then Nigel had them put on some music to let Bree’s daughter dance! At 2 years old she is such a wonderful dancer!! I had to rewind my DVR and watch it again!! Here is the video so you can watch this if you haven’t seen it!! She is just adorable!!!

Daniel Baker is another contestant that I thought was really good. He is a ballet dancer originally from Australia but he currently lives in San Francisco and performs with the San Francisco Ballet. And he got a ticket straight to Vegas! Since he is used to dancing alone, it will be interesting seeing him dance with a partner.

So I’d really like to know why this guy is auditioning for the show if he doesn’t care for the show. He said he doesn’t need a gimmick, yet he came with a hamster outfit and they showed him dancing around in it. Umm, I think the hamster outfit would count as a gimmick. If you don’t like the show, don’t waste the producers time auditioning!! His audition spot could have been saved for someone amazing! But I guess we’ll never find out who could have had his spot because he wasted their time.

The last contestant of the night is Jarell Rochelle whose mom has an eye disease that is making her go blind. Nigel asked if she could see from where she was sitting in the back of the audience and she said she couldn’t, so he had her come up and sit in his chair. I thought he was one of the best of the night!!

The first week of auditions is over. Tomorrow night they head to Los Angeles for more!! Leave me your comments! Have a great Tuesday!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Engagement Pictures!!!

Yesterday I got an email from our photographer saying that our engagement pictures are finished and ready to view!!! I got that email at about 10:30 AM so I had to wait the rest of the day until my fiancé got home from work to look at them!! He is supposed to get off at 3:30 but most of the time he stays later. Well, of course yesterday had to be a day that he stayed later. I was hoping he would get home before 5:00 because that is when I had to leave to go to work. He got home at 4:45! We started looking at the pictures as soon as he got through the door!! Our photographer did a great job!!! I can’t believe how awesome they turned out!! Our engagement pictures turned out so good that I can’t wait to see how good our wedding pictures turned out!! And it’s all thanks to Jeremy Bischoff. You can check out his site here. I’m not sure how many of my blog followers live near me, but if you are in the area, I highly recommend him!!

So, without any further ado, here are some of my favorite pictures!!

Negley-15-1864226424-O Negley-18-1864226846-O

So this was my attempt at a Twilight-inspired picture, but it turns out I got it wrong. In the meadow scene, they were facing the same way. I’ve seen this done before, I just don’t know where. Even though it isn’t like something in Twilight, I still really like this picture.

Not that many ring pics were taken, but this one makes up for it!



I think this is my favorite picture of them all!!!



Our first kiss happened in the parking garage where we took the pictures, so we had to go there and take some pictures! Where we are at in this picture is probably really close to where we were during our first kiss. I think the spot was probably a little to the left of where we are in the picture.

This is my second favorite picture!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why hello there, Idol finale

My fiancé and I stopped watching this season of American Idol a few weeks ago because we don’t really care for any of the contestants this season. The one thing I can’t understand is how the judges can say that this is the best season they’ve ever had. Really?? Well I beg to differ. There have definitely been better seasons than this one. Like season 4 where Carrie Underwood won (isn’t she one of the most successful artists to come from the show). Or season 6 with Jordin Sparks. Or seasons 1-10. Pretty much every other season but this season have been good. This season was so uninteresting to me that I’m not even going to see the Idols on tour this summer. And that’s a huge deal for me because ever since season 3, me and my mom have been going to see the Idols Live Tour (3 of those years my fiancé was also with). At first I said that we would just get the cheapest tickets we could get because of me and my fiance saving money for our wedding. Then we decided that to save even more money, we could just not go at all. And we’re both fine with that, because as I said before, we didn’t really care that much about this season.

The only contestants we liked were Skylar, Colton, and Hollie. They should have been the final 3!!! America got it all wrong!!!

The only reason I watched the finale tonight is because I want to see the past Idol contestants perform. Fantasia Barrino was the first Idol alumni to perform and I gotta ask one thing: what the heck was she wearing? I was never a huge Fantasia fan but she didn’t sound too bad.

Some performances I enjoyed:

Skylar sang “On the Radio” with Reba. I really like Skylar and thought that she did an awesome job with the song! And it was awesome to see Reba!

Hollie sang with Jordin Sparks! Jordin was so beautiful!!! Her hair is really long!!! I could never let my hair go that long!

They showed a clip of Randy and how he tells people they are so good that they could sing the phone book. So they put that to the test and had the top 10 sing the phonebook. That was kind of funny. I’m surprised they haven’t done anything like that in any of the past seasons.

So apparently Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo are dating and Ryan brings him up on the stage. In the back of my mind, I knew what was going to happen when they got up on stage, and I was right!! Ace proposed to Diana!!! That was so cute!!!! I didn’t even know that they were dating and now they are engaged!!!

Am I the only person that didn’t know that Dreamgirls was a broadway show long before it was a movie with Jennifer Hudson? And that the person who played Effie in the broadway version is Jennifer Holiday, not to be confused with Jennifer Hudson, who played Effie in the movie. I had no idea who Jennifer Holiday was until now. I had read something somewhere recently that mentioned the song “And I Am Telling You” and it said that it was sung by Jennifer Holiday and I was just like “No!! It is sung by Jennifer Hudson!!!” Now that thing I read makes sense!

And the winner of American Idol 2012 is…Phillip Phillips. I really pity that guy for his name. What were his parents thinking when they named him, seriously?? So there ya have it…another season of American Idol has come to an end. And quite frankly, I’m kind of glad. This season was just a flop for me. No one impressed me that much and the few that did, didn’t make it as far as they should have. If you watched the finale, what did you think? Leave me your comments!!

What I’m Loving Wednesday

Linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I’m Loving Wednesday

I’m LOVING that I found my wedding dress this past Sunday. If you missed it, you can check out my post about it here. I can’t wait to try it on again!! On my wedding day, I’m never going to want to take it off!!!

I’m LOVING that I picked up an extra shift at work last night and I’m working an extra shift this coming Saturday. Before the semester ended, I kept saying that I was going to pick up every extra shift I could and until now, there haven’t been any shifts to take. I guess there are just a lot of college students back for the summer so there aren’t that many extra hours to give away.

I’m LOVING that my garden is starting to bloom! I went out and took some pictures yesterday afternoon…

Broccoli…these are the first plants that came up in the garden


Potatoes…the one thing I’m worried about with these (along with the carrots) is how I’m going to know when to harvest them since they grow underground. I’ll have to ask my grandpa, unless anyone reading this would know.




Corn…not doing too much yet





As always, I’m loving my wonderful fiancé! We need to plan a date night sometime soon. All we do is stay home! There has to be something we can do that doesn’t cost that much (or is maybe free). Got any ideas? Leave me a comment! Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!

(Since we don’t have too many recent pics of us, I decided to put up an old one.
This was back from 2009 right after we first started dating!!!)

Week 2 of the Bachelorette

The episode starts out by showing Emily and Ricki meet up with some family and friends. I said it in my post last week, but that is awesome that they filmed in her hometown so she gets to be with her daughter. Next the guys found out that Ryan was the first one chosen to go on a date with Emily. Some guys will go on individual dates and others will be on group dates. And for some guys, it may be their first and last date with Emily. Others will get a rose and be safe and then there will be some that don’t get a date at all.

Ha…Ryan was expecting some big, glamorous date with Emily. And all they did was bring in groceries and bake cookies. She even put an apron on him. I thought that was a great idea for a date. That’s going to be what Emily’s husband is going to be doing every day. I loved that she didn’t introduce Ryan to her daughter. He made a good point that she shouldn’t be introducing every guy to her daughter. Maybe later on in the competition when they’re down to maybe 2 or 3, maybe that’s when she will introduce Ricki to the guys left. At the end of the date, Ryan got a rose and is safe this week!

Wow…the group date is Emily with 13 guys! That is a lot of guys! They are going to be doing some performing and most of the guys don’t seem to excited about that. But when they see Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, that gets them excited! Fuzzy Bear shows up then and tells a few of the guys that they are going to be doing some stand-up comedy. Charlie is terrified of public speaking so he went to talk to Emily about not doing that. She totally understood that and allowed him to switch to the singing group. Then it was time for the show to begin. I thought that was really great. The proceeds from the show went to charity so it was for a great cause! At one point during the show, Emily brought her daughter up on the stage as Kermit and Miss Piggy sang “Rainbow Connection”. At the end of the night, once Emily got to talk to some of the guys individually, the rose went to Jef.

The next date she has was an individual date with Joe. They got into a plane and headed to Emily’s home state, West Virginia. When Emily is on the dates, they go back to the house sometimes and show the guys talking while the other guy is on the date. I always think that is great seeing the guys interact with each other. And throughout this episode, there is one guy that sticks out to me that I really don’t like…Kalon. Back to the date…they spent the day at a fancy hotel that Emily used to visit with her family. They did a little swimming then later they got dressed up and had a fancy meal. After talking to him some and getting to know him a little better, she realizes that she doesn’t see how he fits into her life and how she fits into his. So Joe is the first guy to leave this week.

The guys got one last chance to get to talk to Emily and make sure they make a connection with her so they can get a rose at the rose ceremony. Well, looks like Kalon is going to be there for at least another week. I bet the other guys are not too excited about that. The 2 guys who did not get a rose were Aaron and Kyle.

And that ends another episode of the Bachelorette. Next week it looks like they go to a theme park and Dolly Parton surprises Emily and one of the guys. I’m looking forward to that! Leave me your comments and let me know what you thought of this weeks show.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Said Yes to the Dress!!!

So yesterday Sunday I went wedding dress shopping and I said yes to the dress!!! We went to one place at 12 and then had another appointment at another place at 2. We didn’t really like the second place that much because they didn’t do much. All they did was welcome us and ask what I was looking for then they let me loose to check out some dresses and pull ones I wanted to try on. I was so glad we went to the other place first, otherwise I wouldn’t have even known where to start at the second place. I thought they would be picking the dresses for me like the first place did.

After we were done at the second place, I decided that I wanted to go back to the first place to get the dress that I loved! When I tried on the dress the first time I sorta got a feeling that it was my dress. I guess trying on others I realized that I wasn’t going to find another one that made me feel the same way that my dress did. So we got back to the first place and I tried the dress on again and I was smiling a lot more that time I had it on! That is when I knew it was my dress!!! I can’t believe that it only took me one day to find my dress!!! I probably only tried on about 20 dresses or so. I thought it would have taken a lot more than that!

I can’t wait until my dress comes in so I can go pick it up and try it on again!!! I know that my fiancé is going to love it as much as I do! Another thing I’m surprised about is that I didn’t cry at all yesterday. Maybe all the tears are just saving up for my wedding day. I know the water works are going to be going then! Leave me comments about how you felt when you found your dress! I had originally written this post yesterday (Monday) but then for some reason forgot to post it!! Oh well, it got posted now so that’s all that matters! Have a great rest of your Tuesday!

Friday, May 18, 2012

365 Days Left!!!!

It is officially 365 days left until my wedding day!!!! I can’t believe it!!! When I went to the Knot and saw this page, I was so happy!!!
I have been waiting for the Knot to tell me there were 365 days left for a while now!!! I’m in a music mood right now so I’m working on the wedding song playlist a little bit.  So far this is what I’ve got:
1. Worth the Wait by Jared Campbell. If you have never heard of him, you have to check his music out at his website. He is awesome! This song is going to be playing during our first dance!
2. I Do (Cherish You) by 98 Degrees
3. Mama’s Song by Carrie Underwood. This is going to be played for my mom and step-mom.
4. I Do by Jared Campbell
5. I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas
Then I have a few songs in mind for the father-daughter dance, but I can’t decide which one to go with.
1. Angel in My Arms by Jack Kapanka
2. A Song for My Daughter by Ray Allaire
3. I Loved Her First by Heartland
4. Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman
5. My Little Girl by Tim McGraw
I think I’m leaning towards the 5th one. I was listening to all of them earlier and that one made my cry the most so I think that one is it.
Well, leave me comments with songs you think would be good for the father-daughter dance or any other part of the wedding and reception. Have a great Friday everyone!!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Get It Together Girl!

So yesterday I was browsing through my recommendations from Amazon and I came across a Kindle book called Get It Together Girl!: A 28-Day Guide to Practical NOT Perfect Home Organization by Karyn L. Beach. So I sent a free sample to my Kindle and after reading that, I decided to buy it. It was $1.99 and if you are interested you can buy it here.
What the book does is gives you small tasks that take just 15 minutes which the author calls the Focused 15. By doing one task a day for 5 days a week, you can have a more organized house in 28 days. It is broken up into 6 different areas: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom (and closets), office/desk, and living room. I thought I would give this a try so that my house can be a little more organized than it is. I want to get in the habit of keeping a clean house because I know that when I have kids in a few years, it is going to be a little harder to keep the house clean.
So what I’m going to do, is give you a little sample of the book. I don’t want to give it all away because then you wouldn’t have to buy the book! And I don’t want to deprive the author of the money she deserves for this book. So I’m going to take you through the first 5 days.
Day 1 is “Refrigerator Run-Through”. Pretty much you just go through your fridge and get rid of anything that is outdated. If you have to question what something is, toss it! Then move to the freezer and do the same thing. When I did this earlier this morning, it also allowed me to organize my fridge and freezer a bit.
So there ya go…that was simple, right? I don’t even think that first one took me a whole 15 minutes! I’m looking forward to seeing what is coming up on day 2, so stay tuned!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I’m Loving Wednesday

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I’m LOVING that my summer has officially begun as of last Friday! Now I have time to keep up on all the housework! I made myself a cleaning schedule. You can check out the post here to read about that.

I’m LOVING that tomorrow evening my fiancé and I are getting our engagement pictures done!!! Here are some engagement picture ideas that I found on Pinterest.

I’m LOVING that on Friday, it will officially be one year until I walk down the aisle!!! I can’t believe we have been engaged for about 1 year
and 9 months!!!  And you would think being engaged for that long we would have a lot of the planning done? Nope…we only have the
venue and photography. We are going to try and get most of the planning done this summer. And then what we don’t get done, we will have
to put it on hold from the end of August to mid-December because I’ll be student teaching then.
I’m LOVING that this Sunday I am going wedding dress shopping!!!! My mom, aunt, and future-sister-in-law are going to be spending the
night on Saturday and then on Sunday it will be the 3 of them plus my step-mom, grandmother, and a bridesmaid going shopping!! I have
been waiting for this day for a while so I can’t believe it is finally almost here!!!!!
I’m LOVING my two babies…my kitties!!!
And as always, I’m loving my fiancé!!!
What are you loving this Wednesday? 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Bachelorette

So I’ve never watched an episode of the Bachelor or Bachelorette before and I don’t know why. It may be that there were other shows on at the same time so I didn’t have the time to watch either show. But I taped the season premiere of the Bachelorette last night and I wanted to write about what I thought as I watched it. I was hooked from the very beginning. Emily’s story is so touching! A single mother whose daughter never even got the chance to meet her father because he died in a plane crash before she was born. And then Emily was on the Bachelor and ended up being the girl that he picked. But then something happened and they broke off their engagement. She even said herself that being on the Bachelorette is a big risk but she is willing to take that risk to find a husband and a father figure for her daughter. So this season on the Bachelorette, she will meet 25 men and hopefully find her husband.

imageWatching her meeting the guys for the first time was awesome! I can’t imagine what was going through her mind at that moment. Instead of mentioning all of the guys, I’m going to mention some of the ones that stuck out to me.

Doug is a single dad with an 11-year-old so I think Emily loves that about him.

Jackson immediately took her hand, got down on one knee, and said “Life’s not about how many breaths we take, but about how many moments take our breaths away. And this is one of those moments.” Kind of cheesy but sweet at the same time. 

Aaron came out and said, “I’m a high school biology teacher but I’m here to have chemistry with you,” yet another cheesy line. 

Jef decided to skip the limo and instead came out on a skateboard behind the limo.

Next up was Tony who had a pillow with a glass slipper on it and said his name was “Charming, Prince Charming.” He’s looking for his princess, how cute!!! Then he put the shoe on her foot and it was a perfect fit!

Travis was carrying an egg that he said was a symbol of Emily and her daughter and that he will take care of the egg throughout the journey. That was kind of strange, but okay.

Ryan pulled out some notes that he had taken so he would remember what to say and on one side of the paper it said “You are beautiful” and the other side said “I’m so nervous”. That was cute!

Next, a helicopter appeared. One of the guys was like, “What if it’s Brad?” It wasn’t, it was just Kalon. I don’t think the other guys were impressed by that, but I think Emily was.

I think any one of those guys would be perfect for her! This is going to be a great season!! Once she met all the guys individually, she got to see them all again, but this time they were all together. Doug gave Emily a note that his son, Austin, wrote for her. That was adorable!! I definitely think Doug could be the one. But then again, it’s still too early to tell because they are all great guys!

After she got the chance to mingle with the guys for a little bit, the host brought out the first impression rose which Emily has to give to a guy and that guy is safe at the first rose ceremony. Seeing that rose pushed some of the guys to get their one-on-one time with Emily. I think it’s funny how the guys are already fighting over her. When she found out that Arie is a race car driver, she kind of seemed nervous at first, but she said she is fine with that. Her first fiancé was a race car driver and was actually on his way to a race when he died so Arie was nervous to tell her that.

Next Emily took that first impression rose and asked to see Doug so she could give him the first impression rose. She loved the note that she got from his son and the fact that he is a single dad. I think she picked a great guy to give the rose to! He deserved it!

Up next was the rose ceremony. At this stage in the game it’s hard to tell who she will send home. I think she likes a lot of those guys and is going to have a hard time deciding which ones to send home. The ones that left were Brent, David, Jackson, Jean-Paul, Lerone, and Randy. I’m not really surprised about her eliminating any of those guys. She definitely kept the right guys there.

I’m glad I decided to check out the show because it looks like it is going to be a great season! So be sure to check back each week to read my recap of each show!

Monday, May 14, 2012

My cleaning schedule

So I’ve been wanting to create some kind of cleaning schedule and then post it somewhere that I can check off each item as it is done. I’ve looked online for cleaning templates and just couldn’t find any that I really liked or fit what I need. So I found a template for Excel that allows you to customize the list. I took that template, changed it up a bit, and printed out a list of things to clean daily and weekly.

Take a look at what I came up with…


If you’d like to use this template, you can check it out here.

Then once I printed out the template, I took an 8’’ by 11’’ frame and put the printout in that. Now I can take a dry erase marker to check off each item as it is done and write the date of when I need to do that item again. I’m so excited to try this out and I hope it helps me stay on top of house work!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My summer has officially begun!!!

Well, Friday was my last day of the semester and the last day I was out in the field in a 4th grade classroom. I got the pleasure of working with a great teacher and a great bunch of kids! I’m going to miss them all!!! Tomorrow is going to be kind of strange because I won’t know what to do with myself!! I do have a few things around the house I need to get done though, so I’ll probably do a little cleaning up.

This coming Thursday, the 17th, my fiancé and I are going to get our engagement pictures done!! The first thing I’m going to do tomorrow is to figure out what we are going to wear. I’m going to pick out what I’m wearing first and then find something to match it that my fiancé can wear. Then 3 days after we do that, I’m going dress shopping!!!! I’m taking my mom, step-mom, aunt, grandmother, and 2 bridesmaids!!! I’m so excited!!! I’ve been waiting for this day since before I got engaged!!!!!

So, that’s about all that’s going on with me right now. Since I don’t have class or anything anymore, I’m going to try to write more posts. So leave me comments and let me know what you would like to see more of on my blog! Have a great week everyone!!! And happy mother’s day to all the mothers out there!!!!