Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Should parents encourage underage drinking?

So I was watching the beginning of the Fox news tonight and a story caught my attention. They were talking about drinking and whether or not it is okay for teens to drink in their house with their parents. Their main idea is that if teens are drinking, it is better for them to be under the surveillance of their parents so their parents can monitor them and teach them good drinking habits. I kind of agree with this. I mean yes, it is illegal, but if you were a parent, would you rather have your teen out at a friends house drinking, or drinking in the comfort of your own home? If more of this happened, then I think there could be a decrease in drunk driving. By no means am I suggesting that this is a simple fix to getting rid of drunk driving all together though. Unfortunately, that will be a problem that we will always have. Another good thing that could come out of teens drinking with their parents is that if they drink before they are legally aloud to, it may prevent them from going out and binge drinking once they turn 21.

Hopefully this doesn’t decrease the drinking age, because I think that would make things worse. Although I think that others would beg to differ with me on that. And think about it, it is illegal for 18 year-olds to drink, but they do it anyway. So I think that no matter what the drinking age is, there will always be underage drinking.

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  1. A parents job is to teach their children right from wrong, good morals, and good judgment. It is never good judgment to get drunk, I'm sorry. Thats not to say it doesn't happen, and that plenty of adults don't do it. However, I will try to instill good values and decision making habits in my children and trust that if they drink they will do so wisely, and never get behind the wheel of a car. I'm not saying I think my kids will never get drunk- I know they will, i just trust that I have taught them right. I will not however support my child in doing something illegal (even if it is minor, it is just the principle of telling them its okay to do something against the law). I will also not encourage them to do something harmful to their body just because i'd rather them do it around me... that's odd logic... if my kid shoots up, i want them to do it around me so i can take them to the hospital if they OD.. how about trying to get them to not do it at all?

    As for the drinking age, I support it being lowered to age 18. People can legally do everything else at 18, including serve our country. They can put their life on the line, but can't enjoy a drink? There's something wrong there in my opinion. If every other right is given at 18, so should drinking, and then maybe this parenting thing would be more of a moot point.


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