Tuesday, February 22, 2011

“You’re like my headband”

Tonight’s episode should be pretty interesting. It is titled “Blame It on the Alcohol”. I’m not sure where they are going with it though because it seems like they are promoting underage drinking.
Sue thinks Will is going to be a future alcoholic? Yeah, I can see it now: he goes to an AA meeting and says “Hi, I’m Will, and I’m a future alcoholic.”
Rachel sang the first original song…and it kinda sucked. I heard that they are going to do original songs next season so I hope they write better ones. I’m sure they will be better because this was just the first one and they made it bad on purpose.
The outfit that Rachel was wearing at her party was the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen her wear! And that was the first time we ever saw her burp, which is something that I never thought we would see on the show.
I thought it was hilarious when Finn was telling Rachel about all the different kinds of drunk.
Spin the bottle…I’ve never actually played that game, and that’s cause I was never invited to any parties like that. Oh well, I didn’t miss out on anything. That was pretty intense when Rachel and Blaine kissed. Maybe they will get together. That would really crush Kurt just like he got crushed on the Valentine’s Day episode.
I can’t believe Blaine spent the night at Kurt’s house…I wonder what happened there!
They are supposed to sing about the dangers of drinking? I don’t think there are any songs about that so they’re gonna be brainstorming for songs for a long time!
Oh no, Rachel is going after Blaine, I totally knew it!! And now Kurt is going to get crushed again. I feel bad for Kurt.
Oh no again… Mr. Shue and Coach Sylvester. I’m glad they didn’t do anything. But now who did he drunk dial? I thought it was Emma, but I guess not. Now I think it was Terri.
I love how Mr. Figgins says Ke$ha’s name…”Ke-dollar sign-ha”. I really enjoyed their version of “Tik Tok”, but I don’t get what that has to do with the dangers of alcohol. But I didn’t enjoy the part where they started throwing up…wow! That was gross!
Wow!!! Mr. Shue drunk dialed Sue when he really meant to dial Emma. That was hilarious when Sue played it over the loud speaker. I just had to pick up my jaw because it was dropped the whole time the message was playing! That is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to him!!!
There goes Rachel again, going after Blaine. And Blaine has confirmed that he is 100% gay, haha…that was funny. I’m kinda glad though because I want Kurt to be with Blaine.
Well, that is all for my thoughts on tonight’s Glee. Glee looks good in two weeks. It looks like Mr. Shue is going to get with Gweneth Paltrow’s character. Leave me comments!!! I’ll be back with another post tonight a little after 11 when Teen Mom 2 is over!


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