Tuesday, February 8, 2011

“I know what cheating looks like, I do it all the time”

Alright, new episode of Glee.

Wait, is Blaine talking about Kurt? I kinda think he is, but then he might be talking about some else and then that would totally crush Kurt. I really hope that Blaine is talking about Kurt, I don’t wanna see him get crushed.

Here we go, is he going to sing to Kurt?? Why do they have to sing off campus? I’m guessing that it isn’t Kurt then. And that is correct, it’s not Kurt. That really sucks. I saw that coming, but was just hoping that it would turn out better than that.

Wow, Rachel is really going to pay $100 to kiss Finn 100 times? She is desperate!

Haha, all the girls are wondering why Puck is singing to Lauren. And she’s just sitting there getting all red. Even Mr. Shue can’t believe that he’s singing to her. I’m wondering though if he is just trying to get with her just so he isn’t alone

That is great, he set up his kissing stand just like Lucy in the Peanuts, every detail is there right down to the “in” and “out” signs. I really want to see Finn get Quinn back. And I think she still has feelings for him. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see. So Sam is mad cause she didn’t kiss Finn at his booth? That makes no sense. Ha, and now she’s gonna kiss him just to make Sam mad.

Uh oh, here comes the Finn and Rachel kiss. Just on the cheek? That was nice of him to give her the present he was going to give her on Christmas though. That’s such a perfect present for her.

Another Michael Jackson song? Sweet!! They just need a whole Michael Jackson episode. I doubt that would happen at this point now because they’ve already sung two Michael songs.

Here comes the song “Fireworks”…I hope! Quinn definitely felt something with that kiss!

Alright, I don’t think that dude is gay. He’s like “Why is this guy singing to me?” That’s just weird in the first place to be singing to someone at a store in the mall. I would be so embarrassed if that was me!! “Was that too much?” Uh, yeah, it was way too much! He got fired? Wow, that sucks! And he is gay, but didn’t come out yet, woah! Now I could see him rebounding to Kurt, maybe. That would make Kurt happy, but at the same time he could get hurt.

Wow, Santana is going to give Finn mono? I know the plan…she wants to give him mono so then Quinn gets it, and then Sam will figure out that they’ve been fooling around.

Quinn has a point, he wants to go out with her when she’s cheating? He’s been cheated on twice, so why does he want to date someone who is cheating on their boyfriend? It doesn’t make sense at all! She should just break up with Sam.

So Blaine and Kurt are going to give it a shot? I think they can make it work.

Wow really? She has to cry that much while she’s singing? Haha…I hate to laugh at that, but it’s funny.

Random side note, no Sue in this episode. She would have probably had some great quotes tonight.

Finally, the song I was waiting for!!! And now I’ve got the Just Dance moves in my mind, haha. I think of them every time I hear this song!! I love it!!! And I love the fireworks behind her!!! That was the only good song of the night, at least in my mind!

Yay….Justin Bieber song next week!!! I can’t wait!!!

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