Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Drama week continues…

So I missed the first half hour, but I probably didn’t miss that much. I’ll just dive in and start commenting on where I started watching.

I feel really bad for Jaceee when he got kicked out of his group. That really sucks! And it’s 1:00 am and he has to find another group.

I don’t know how the contestants can go through Hollywood. Great advice for all of them though: “Don’t forget the words” You are out if you forget your lyrics so that is the worst thing that could happen during group performances.

Pia Toscano, Alessandra Guercio, and Brielle Von Hugel sounded really good and I loved their performance of “Grenade”. That’s the first time I heard it sung by girls and I thought they did an excellent job with it.

Tiffany Rios and Jessica Yantz sounded horrible. And the fact that they only had two members probably hurt them. I hate when they plead for another chance.

A group singing to a judge….that’s a first on the show. And then Steven sang with them, haha. That was nice!! I thought they sounded really good. I can’t believe that only one of them made it through!

Emily Anne Reed is out?? Aww, I really liked her! It really sucks because during Hollywood week so many of the good ones crack under pressure and they get cut when they could have done better.

James Durbin’s group killed Queen’s “Somebody to Love”. That last note was horrible and there was no harmony!!! I’m glad that James made it through though.

The Minors group was really good!! It’s hard to believe that they are all 15!!!! I’m surprised that 15-year-olds are still in it!! I would have thought that most of them would have gotten eaten alive by now.

Wow, that guy that looked at his hand for the words….he definitely has to go!! You can’t cheat and write the words on your hand! That is just asking for them to kick you out.

I thought that Jaceee did pretty well for just joining the group at the last minute! I’m so glad that he made it through. I really thought that he wasn’t going to make it but am so glad that he did!

I actually liked the group that kicked out Jaceee, even though I don’t like them for kicking him out. But I think he did fine without them. I actually can’t picture him in that group.

Well, that’s all for tonight’s episode. Leave me comments!!


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