Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What does a girl have to do…

Alright, so going to get food last night for late night, I noticed some sorority girls going around to dorms and handing out bids. I had tried two semesters to get into a sorority, and both times I didn’t get any bids. So it got me wondering, what does a girl have to do to get into a sorority? I went to formal recruitment and informal recruitment. I went to some events that the sororities had that I wanted to get into. I feel like it is high school all over again: You can’t get in unless your popular. I’m not saying that I’m completely upset that I didn’t get into a sorority, but it would have been nice. I just think what really sucks how I wasn’t popular in high school, so I can’t get into a sorority in college. I really think that’s what it is. But oh well, I’m not gonna sulk about it. I don’t need to be part of a sorority to feel good about myself. That’s all…leave me comments!!


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