Thursday, September 29, 2011

The final auditions!!!

We have reached the end of the auditions. Well, almost. After tonight’s show, the auditions are over. First up we have a kid that says if you give him 5 more years, he’ll be bigger than Jay-Z. Alright, we’ll see about that. I have no idea why, but he started to pick a fight with Simon. That was very strange. And something you don’t want to do when you’re auditioning for Simon. So he’s a rapper, I guess he’s alright. Rap really isn’t my thing, so I wouldn’t buy a CD if he had one out. I do think he would do really good though because I think a lot of other people are going to like him.

Part of me feels really bad for the people who truly believe they are good, but they really aren’t. Like, seriously…if I was really, really bad, I would hope that someone would love me enough to tell me not to try out for a show like this. I know that no one wants to tell people, especially their friends and family, that they suck at singing, but sometimes you just have to tell them anyway.

Cashmere is yet another contestant who really thinks she can sing, but she can’t. She says that she does karaoke and her friends and family and even people she doesn’t know, scream for her when she sings. Well, I think she interpreted that screaming in the wrong way.

This next duo looks cute. Their names are Austin and Emily and they call themselves Awesem. I’m not sure if that’s how it is spelled though. I think they area really good!!! I can’t believe the judges want to split them up!! They are both good, why can’t they see that?? Well, after what seemed like forever, Nicole finally said yes and so did Paula, giving them 4 yeses.

I can tell that I’m so over the auditions because I’m not really paying too much attention to the auditions right now. It gets like Idol, the auditions get old after a while. And there haven’t even been as many nights of auditions for this show as there are for Idol. I’m just ready to get to the next step of the competition!!!

So as soon as I saw Brennin I thought “He looks like he’s already famous”. Well, it turns out he is a model. That makes sense. He took a risk and sang an original song that he wrote. I thought he was really good!!!

Well, the audition process is finally over!!! And that’s all I’ve got for now. Have a great rest of your night everyone!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It’s time for The X-Factor

It looks like it’s gonna be a good night of auditions tonight!! The first duo up are really good friends that have been singing together for 4 years. I love how  Brock said that he loves Makenna but she just doesn’t know it yet. Well, I think after her seeing this episode tonight, that she knows!! They look so cute together and I think they should be dating! I really liked their performance!! I’m not sure if I can see them going too far though, because I think both of their voices could use some work. But I’m glad to see them go through!!

So the guy that said he was there for the money, he was awful! I can’t remember his name, that’s how unmemorable he was, haha!! I don’t know what the judges see in him and why they said yes. Wow! Oh well, he won’t last that long!!

Paula has gone crazy, but she is awesome!!! I’m glad she is on TV again! And working yet again with Simon is going to be fun to watch! I forgot how much I enjoyed watching them together on Idol.

Josh really surprised me!! When he said he was singing “At Last”, I said “what the heck is a guy like him doing singing a girly love song?” But you know what, it was really good!!! He got 3,335 yeses, according to Simon. That is awesome!!! I think he can make it pretty far in the competition!!

Next up is The Good Girls, a mother-daughter duo. That was torturous to listen to!!! I agree with Simon, was that serious??

This girl’s name is Drew, that’s very interesting. I’ve never heard the name Drew for a girl. We find out in her clip before she sings that she is a huge Justin Bieber fan. And of course it’s fitting that she sang “Baby”. She slowed it down a little and I thought she was great!! Nicole and Simon both said they liked her version of the song more than Justin’s!!! LA loved it as well!! I really hope she makes it far and gets to meet Justin Bieber someday, she really deserves it!!

Peet seems interesting. His parents are dwarfs and he is the only normal sized person in his family. I also remember him saying that he wants to be a teen heartthrob. I don’t know how that will be possible because he’s 21. His voice definitely needs some work!!! Maybe with a few voice lessons he could become better.

I don’t think Elaine Gibbs, a wedding singer,  will be singing at weddings for much longer. Or if she does, people will be paying her a lot of money to do so! She is really good!!

Alright, that about wraps it up for this episode of The X-Factor. Have a great rest of your night everyone!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A year and 8 months away!!!

Hello blogger world!! I sometimes forget that I even have a blog!!! And I just can’t seem to come up with anything to blog about these days. I’m too busy doing school work to think about anything else!!! Yesterday I went and filled out paperwork for my new job! My orientation is next week and I can’t wait!!

Let’s talk wedding plans…I don’t do that much. I’m not planning at the moment because I’m too busy doing school work, but I have been thinking about the budget recently. I’m starting to think that it is going to be impossible to save the amount of money we need! I have a sheet that lists all of the things we need for the wedding and the estimates of what each thing is going to cost. I have the estimates for most things but there are a few things I don’t know how to estimate what they will cost. Without those minor things, we’re at about $16,500!!! That is a lot!!! We already booked the venue for the ceremony and reception and the photography. For everything else, we are going to go as cheap as we can!!! My fiance and I were talking about it last night and he said something about getting a loan to pay for stuff. I don’t want to be paying off my wedding for years after it!! So I’m going to do everything I can to save as much as I can!!

So to do that, I have to come up with a plan. First I am going to have to make up a budget for myself. Starting on Sept. 18th, I started keeping track of my necessary purchases throughout the month including gas, car insurance, and my cell phone. Then, when I start my new job, I’m going to keep track of what I make in a month and then I’ll be able to get a better idea of just exactly how much I can save for the wedding each month. I can’t believe that we have about 1 year and 8 months till the wedding!!!! A few months ago it sounded like it was so far away and we had so much time to save, but now it’s getting closer and closer!!!!

What tips do you have to help save for a wedding? I could use any tips you have, so please leave me a comment! Thanks and have a great Tuesday everyone!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Night 2 of The X-Factor Premier

Welcome to night two of The X-Factor premier. First up is Ashley who claims to be a “starving artist”, but said she isn’t really starving. Wow, she is one of those delusional people who think they can sing, but they can’t!! She’s also one of those people that can’t take no for an answer. You’re never gonna make it in the music business, just give up!!!

I thought that Caitlynne was kinda good. I agree with Nicole that she has room to grow though. I thought that was sweet of Paula to go up on the stage to comfort her. She’s only 16 though, so so definitely has time to improve and try again.

Next up is Nick, who is currently unemployed because he took 2 days off work to audition for The X-Factor. I think that’s horrible!! He’s a great singer!!! So Nick is the first one we see get through from Miami. Will the good singers keep on coming?

Jeremiah sounded amazing!!! It’s not too often that you hear a guy that can sing that high! The crowd seemed to love him and so did the judges!!!

Melanie was even more amazing!!! She definitely  has it!!! How come she hasn’t auditioned for Idol before??

Ken…I mean Jonny, was up next. When Simon asked him who he looks like, he goes “Justin Bieber” and Simon says “No, Barbie’s boyfriend”, haha!! I think with some work on his voice, he could probably be really good. He had a good personality, but not quite the right voice for the show.

I think it was hilarious how Nicole ketp sayiing “Y’all” to everyone and kept asking herself, “Did I just say “Y’all?” I guess being down south can have you talking like they do down there.

Dylan totally surprised me!!! This guy sold his truck so he could buy a plane ticked to get to the audition. I thought that because of that, he was going to be good but guess what….he sucked!!! About every 5 words out of his mouth was a swear word!!! I seriously can’t believe he sold his truck so he could do there and do that!! I guess some people really will do anything to get their 15 minutes of fame! (Or shame in his case!)

Caitlin, the rugby coach, was really good!!! She sang a different version of “Stop in the Name of Love”, a slowed down version of the song.

Side note, I love the commercial with Simon where he throws all of the phones and says “Rubbish” to all of them. Which phone is the one that he keeps and says is the best? Oh yeah, that would be Verizon!!! My fiance is getting his own cell plan soon and I kept trying to convince him to switch to Verizon, but he won’t. He is getting Sprint, which means when I get on his plan eventually, I’ll have to switch to Sprint. I mean, I guess it makes sense because they are the cheapest, but I’ve never had a problem with Verizon, so why would I switch? Oh well, as long as the services is ok.

Back to the show…this guy Xander, who Simon keeps calling Alexander (which is his real name but he doesn’t like it), is kind of annoying!! I didn’t like the first song he sang, but I kinda liked the second one. Wow…he didn’t make it through. I really thought that Paula was going to say yes!!

Week one of The X-Factor has come to an end. I wish we would have seen a lot more younger kids audition. The age limit starts at 13, so it would be pretty cool to see 13 year olds audition. Oh well, we still have more auditions to see, so maybe there will be more. So, what did you think? I heard today that last night’s episode got half the ratings that Idol did this past season!! Do you think it will pick up more viewers?

What I’m Loving…plus Pinterest!!!

So I didn’t do a Pinterest Wednesday post yesterday, but it’s not too late. It’s been a while since I’ve pinned anything, but last night I found a few items I liked. So here they are, enjoy!

This would be awesome to have in my future house someday!!!


I totally need something like this to keep my tupperwear lids organized!!!


I was looking for some ideas for my future classroom and I found this. Isn’t that cute??


Alright, off to what I’m LOVING today!!! There is just one main thing…

I’m LOVING that I finally got a new job!!! I’m going to be a cashier!!! I can’t wait!!! Getting that call has totally made my week, maybe even my month!!!!

Well, that’s all for now. The 2 night premier of The X-Factor is on at 8 tonight, so make sure you check out my recap post of that then. Have a great night everyone!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Simon is back!!!

The guy that we all love to hate (or maybe some people actually love him) is back on TV with the X-Factor!!! And I almost forgot that Paula Abdul is back as well!!! Having the X-Factor on in the fall is going to be really nice because it is on right before Idol starts back up again in January. It’s also going to be nice to have Simon and Paula working together again!! So here we go…it’s time for the premier of the X-Factor!!!

By watching the opening to the show, it looks like there is going to be tons of drama, just like on Idol. It sounds like they got some Australian guy to do the hosting. So anyone age 12 and up can compete and they can audition as individuals or groups. They showed one kid that looked like he was a lot younger than 12!! And they showed another guy that looked really old! But that’s the beauty of the show, it doesn’t matter how old you are. The next big star might be 50 years old, who knows. They can’t audition for American Idol, but now they have the X-Factor.

First up is a 13 year old girl. She has a cute personality!! I’m hoping she has a good voice!! That audition process has to be scary!! It’s completely different from Idol because you are singing in front of hundreds, maybe thousands, of people. Rachel is so cute!! And…she can sing!!! Side note, did they get LA Reid to judge because he looks like Randy? Cause that’s who he reminds me of. It’s almost like the original Idol judge panel up there. Cheryl looks kinda like Kara, so yeah…it’s almost like they tried to create the Idol judge panel. So, Rachel gets 4 yeses and is through to the next round! I’ll admit I just felt a tear in my eye. Even though she’s the first person we’ve seen, I think she can make it far in the competition!!.

Well, another thing this show has in common with Idol is that there are tons of bad people!! Tons of people who really think they can sing but never in a million years would they make it on any singing competition!!

Siomone is a Beyonce wannabe, for sure!! I agree with LA though, I don’t really like her singing voice that much. Ok…I take that back after she sang a second song. The second song sounded a lot better than the first one. I’m glad that the other 3 judges gave her a chance! They are going to prove LA wrong!!

I’m really rooting for Stacy, a 42-year old, single mom of 2. She’s been told since she was 30 that she’s too old, but I’d have to agree with that. She is really good!!! She’s been living in LA for 10 years and she hasn’t gotten noticed? Wow, the music industry must be harder to break into than I thought. She got a standing ovation from all 4 judges and is going on to the next round!!!

Wow!!! This show is nuts!!! I can’t believe when Geo pulled his pants down that they didn’t make him pull them back up!!! That is ridiculous!!! I agree with Simon when he said “What the bloody hell was that??” Paula went to the bathroom and got sick after seeing that and I don’t blame her. That was insane!!!!! Then the guy goes and acts like his pants just fell down by mistake. Yeah right!!!

Up next is…ok, so they introduce us to Marcus and then show us a clip of him 10 minutes later where is his laying on the stage. And then they go to a commercial break. This is his last chance at singing because his mom gave him 2 years and after that, he has to go to college and choose another career. He is really good!!! Now we know how he ended up on the floor, he was so overwhelmed about being on that stage. He was put through to the next round so we’ll be seeing more of him on the show!!!

Finally, the first band on the show!! They are singing “Rolling in the Deep”. I love this song so I hope they are good!!! They mixed it up at the end at it sounded really good!!! I forget what their name was, but they are through to the next round!!!!

Next is Chris, who hauls trash. He has a 2 year old son and just got out of rehab. Hopefully rehab helped him turn around his life and make good decisions. He sang an original song and was amazing!!!! I think he’ll definitely be around in the competition for a while!!!

Well, the first episode of The X-Factor is over. I thought it was really good!! You could kind of compare it to America’s Got Talent, because it’s open to a wider age range. But the part that is better than America’s Got Talent is that The X-Factor is only for singing. I don’t really care about seeing any other kind of talent. I’m all about the singing!!!!

So what did you think? Will the show have as much success as Idol?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

What I did this weekend…

Hello everyone!!! It’s me again!!! Sorry I haven’t been posting as much as I used to. I’m just so busy that I don’t have time to blog!!! But I’m still going to continue doing it, even if I only get to blog once a week. I can’t believe I’ve already finished 4 weeks of classes so far!!! Only 12 more weeks to go!!!

So now that the weekend is almost over, what did I do this past weekend? Well, Friday morning the cable guy came and installed digital cable and DRV!!! Remember a few months ago when I was contemplating if we should get DVR or not? (Click here to read that post) Well, they are having a special on digital cable right now making it a lower price for a year. Also, DVR is about $3 cheaper for 6 months, so we figured we’d get it, since it isn’t as much extra as it would have been if we got it months ago. I’m so excited that we have DVR now because there are some shows returning this week and in the coming weeks. This will come in handy when I have to work on a night that one of my shows is on. I just hope I can find the time to watch all of them eventually!!

Yesterday I had off from work, but I didn’t do much. I was in a cleaning mood, so I did some cleaning up and vacuuming. If you looked at the place right now though, it wouldn’t look like I did much cleaning cause it is messy again!!! We need more space!!! Either that, or we need to get rid of a lot of stuff. We went to Walmart at one point yesterday and I decided to get Soul Surfer from Redbox. Soul surfer is the best movie of the year so far!!! And it is officially in the top 5 of my favorite movies!! I actually watched it again earlier this morning. I am definitely buying it eventually!! It is just so inspiring!! It gives you a different perspective on life and it doesn’t matter if you are religious or not. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone and everyone!!! Oh, and how can I forget to mention that Carrie Underwood is in Soul Surfer!!! My step-mom saw the movie before me and she said that Carrie had a bigger part than she thought she would, and I agree. I think Carrie did a great job in her debut movie!!! I hope to see her in another movie someday!!!

Then today, my fiancĂ© is off playing airsoft so I’ve just been home alone all day. I watched 2 episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager and did some school work. Now it’s time for me to do a little more school work before I go to work at 5. I’m gonna try to get stuff done that needs to be done for Tuesday so that I don’t have to do it tomorrow. Tomorrow is my fiancĂ©'s 21st birthday and I want to take him out to eat and just spend the night with him, no school work allowed!! Have a great rest of your Sunday everyone!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Goodbye Gosselin’s

I just got done watching the Kate Plus 8 series finale. And I have to say, I’m kind of sad. I love the Goesslin family!!! The show was a joy to watch. Of course there were times I watched the show and thought, “Wow!!”, but I think every show is like that at some point. One thing that the show made me think about was, how different would their life be if they never did the show? Of course it would be completely different!! I’m just glad that Kate finally decided it was time to get those kids of TV.

So what are your thoughts on the Gosselin family? Did you watch the series finale?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Help me help those in need!

As many of you on the East coast know, there has been a lot of flooding going on recently. I have decided that I would like to help out those involved in flooding, so I’m going to be taking orders for Scentsy and donate 90% of my commission to the American Red Cross. If you would like to help out, click here to place your order. And please, pass this on to your friends and family, blog about it. Help me get the word out and help those in need!!! Thank you!! Stay safe out there!! Don’t drive unless you absolutely have to!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hello again!

Wow, it seems like it’s been forever since I’ve posted last. I’m not sure how I’m going to keep up with blogging this semester. But, I am determined to at least post twice per week. My second week of my senior year is almost over! It’s so hard to believe! I still can’t believe I’m a senior in college. I am so close to having my teaching degree and then I’ll be ready to get a teaching job!!!

So what has been going on in my life other than being busy with school work? Well, as you know if you read my blog, I started selling Scentsy a few weeks ago. This past Saturday, one of my friend’s family had a yard sale. My friend invited me to have a table set up for Scentsy. I had a few items I could sell on the spot and then I could take orders. Unfortunately, I didn’t sell any items and I didn’t take any order. I think the whole time I was there, which was about 5 hours, I only handed out 3 or 4 catalogs. And I have yet to hear from anyone. I still gotta keep saying to myself, “I’ve just started, it’s going to take time to really get going.” Plus, the holidays are coming up and people are going to need Christmas gifts.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but I started watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager on Netflix. I am currently on episode 28 of 73, so only 46 more episodes to go!! Then I have to figure out some way to watch season 4, because they only have seasons 1-3 on Netflix. I figure by the time I get there, I’ll be able to watch them. I’m really enjoying the show! I can’t believe I never watched this show before!

Well, I guess that’s about it. Oh wait, one more thing!! Nick@Nite is one of my favorite things right now!!! They just started showing Friends and this whole week they’ve been having a marathon starting at 8:00 pm! Friends has always been one of my favorite shows! I’ll leave you with a funny quote from one of the episodes I just saw tonight. Happy Wednesday (almost Thursday) and stay safe if you are experiencing a lot of rain and flooding! We’ve had a lot of rain here but, knock on wood, haven’t had any flooding yet.

Scene: Chandler is moving out of Joey’s apartment. He is going over all the bills that Joey will have to pay. He hands him the electric bill.
Chandler: Okay uh, here’s the electric bill. (Hands it to him.)
Joey: This is how much we pay for electric?!!!
Chandler: Uh, yeah.
(Joey runs over and shuts off the lights.)
Chandler: So, we’ll do the rest of the bills later then?