Tuesday, February 8, 2011

“I need to spread out the disappointment”

Get ready for more drama…it’s Teen Mom 2!!
I’m glad to see that Kailyn and Jo are trying to work things out. Her first day of college! I remember my first day, I was commuting back then and I was a little scared, I’ll admit. It’s totally different than high school.
Good girl, come straight home and go to sleep, you should do that more often. How could she say that she supports the child for 50% or more of the time? She doesn’t have custody of Jace, so she is screwed with financial aid. She should be able to get some though.
A nursing program would be perfect for Leah, because that takes less than 4 years I think.
Ugh…I can’t believe that Chelsea’s friend is letting Adam move in. That is crazy…and her dad is gonna be pissed. I could see him saying that he’ll stop paying rent or something. And I wonder how she is going to keep it a secret that Adam is living with her, I don’t know how you could hide that.
PE online? How is that even possible? Maybe it’s just the health part of gym. So he’s with her, but she’s still making him pay child support? I guess she’ll make him pay it until they’re definitely sure it will work out between them.
I agree with Jo’s mom and dad, they need to come up with a schedule for things. And Kailyn should be grateful that she’s staying there, or she would be out on the streets.
Hmm, I wonder why your mom isn’t helping you out, Janelle. Maybe because you aren’t helping out with Jace and are deciding that you don’t want to take care of your own child!
Well, I spoke too soon about hoping that things work out with Kailyn and Jo. I can’t believe that Jo’s dad kicked him out. And Jo is taking Isaac with him? That’s crazy!!! They should have tried harder to make things work and then maybe this wouldn’t have happened.
How is New Jersey more convenient for them? Kailyn is going to school and works in PA, so she shouldn’t have to move. Yeah she could always transfer, but she shouldn’t have to just  because Jo wants to move to Jersey.
“I need to spread out the disappointment”…wow. Did she really just say that? She should just flat out tell him that Adam is moving in.
I’m not surprised that Janelle is hanging out with Kiefer. She better not spend the night with him again though. She doesn’t need to cause anymore drama with her and her mom. And here we go, her mom is pissed. Janelle needs to be kicked out of there!! She is not responsible one bit!!
Where’s this at? Where’s this at? Doesn’t he help out with the girls at all? Hope can he not know where anything is? And he can’t change a diaper? Wow, he needs some parenting classes to help him out. Stop calling Leah every 5 minutes!
Uh oh, here comes Daddy. And he’s gonna find out that Adam is living there. I’m with Chelsea now, they don’t know where this is going to turn out. There is a possibility that they could break up but there is also a possibility that things could work out.
Ha, yea, Janelle’s mom will be too mad at her to give her those forms. And Mike is right, “Mothers are 24/7, on call”. She does not act like she wants to be a mother at all. If you’re sick of being yelled at all the time, then change your whole attitude about everything. Start taking more responsibility and act like you want to be a mother to Jace. Good, I’m glad her mother is kicking her out of there. She doesn’t deserve to live there. And she brought all of this upon herself.
Well, that’s it for this week’s episode. Next week looks really good, more drama, as always. Well, that’s all for now. Leave me comments!


  1. Bachelor of Arts in EnglishFebruary 9, 2011 at 12:03 PM

    May I recommend organizing the work your blog? Presently, your work is "stream of consciousness" in its purest form, and "stream of consciousness" is always an F. I recommend watching the show, brainstorming for a thesis, brainstorming for supporting points, writing the supporting points, writing an introduction to precede your supporting points, and finally writing a conclusion (in that order) to improve your style. If your goal is to summarize the show, I recommend opening with your thoughts on what might happen, summarizing what actually happens, and critiquing what does happen according to your anticipations; you will create a self-reflective summary of the show. Furthermore, I recommend reading a manual on writing style for your own edification. ("Maybe because you aren’t helping out with Jace and are deciding that you won’t want to take care of your own child!" is not college-level writing for about 27 different reasons.)

  2. I made a simple mistake by putting a "w" instead of a "d", so I should have looked over it more carefully. And thank you for the suggestion, I will try to organize my thoughts better.

  3. Bachelor of Arts in EnglishFebruary 9, 2011 at 3:11 PM

    That spelling error was mistake number one. Now try to find the 26 other mistakes.

  4. To Mr. Bachelor of Arts in English:

    I want to draw your attention to the first sentence in your first comment. "May I recommend organizing the work your blog?"

    I believe you meant to say: May I recommend organizing the work ON your blog?

    I suggest that before you critique someone's writing and grammar you make sure your own is correct.

  5. To Future Educator:

    Don't play favorites. I admit that I made one mistake. The OP made several hundred mistakes.


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