Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moving In, Moving On

I’m so glad that things are going great with Leah and Corey! I always knew that would get back together!!! That was so cute seeing them with the twins at the beach!
So I had my friend fill me in on why Chelsea thought Adam was a jerk, and it was because of him saying bad things to her like, “When and where can I sign over for that mistake”, so now I can’t believe she’s back with him. If he ever says anything bad to her or about her again, she should definitely leave him and not come back. “Why is it always me?”, umm….because you were the reason it ended before!!
I wish things were different with Kailyn and Jo. That was stupid of her to start dating someone so soon, especially when she was living in the same house as her baby’s dad and parents. If she wasn’t living there, it might have been different. I think if they worked at it, they could make it work. But if they don’t have the feelings for each other, then they shouldn’t force it to work. I’m glad to see they are at least on speaking terms.
That’s cool that Janelle gets to watch Jace by herself on Friday nights, or maybe it was Saturday nights. I can’t believe she was contemplating leaving that party early but then decided to stay, that is so irresponsible. She stayed out all night?? Wow! I sense a fight coming on!!! She definitely doesn’t deserve to have custody of Jace when she’s acting like that. Oh yeah, she’s tired, she has a headache, that’s not a hangover at all. Oh Janelle, I’m so over her!
Chelsea, your dad is gonna figure out that you’re back with Adam eventually. You can’t keep it a secret forever. Her dad has a point, Adam isn’t worth it and Chelsea needs to take his advice. Although part of me wants Chelsea to prove him wrong and show him that things are different this time.
Ha, Janelle’s mom wants to critique Janelle’s date, Kieffer. I hope for her sake that he is a good guy so that no more problems start with Janelle and her mom. I’m sick of seeing them fight!!
So Leah says that they both put the girls first. But shouldn’t they put themselves kind of at the top, too? Like, when she was talking to her friends, she kind of made it seem like they are only back together for the girls. They should be together for them, too.
Isn’t Janelle gonna introduce Kieffer to her mom yet?? It looks like he’s a pretty good guy and things look like they’re going good with them.
Wow, so two days before you need the money you decide to ask Jo to borrow it? She’s lucky that he is nice and said yes.
Hmm, I think it went alright with Janelle’s mom meeting Kieffer, but I’m not too sure, she didn’t say that much. I thought it was stupid for him saying that stuff about him “technically being laid off” but that he could go and get a job anywhere with his resume. Well then if he says that, why is he laid off and why doesn’t he have a job? I think that might there might be a good enough reason for Janelle’s mom to not like him.
Alright, back to Chelsea, I think she should give him one more chance, but he definitely should not move in with her yet. They should at least give it a month or two to even see if they can make things work.
I think Kailyn and Jo can make things work. They just need to give it time and work things out.
I think that this season is going really well now. I was kinda mad at all the moms in the beginning of the show just at how things were going. I thought that this batch of girls were worse than the first batch, but now I think their about the same.
What, Jo and Kailyn are going to move in together? And now Leah and Corey are having problems again? The show never gets boring, there will always be drama. That’s all for now, leave me comments :)


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