Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A redneck proposal

Since the birthday party things with Janelle and her mom have been getting better…yeah, it’s that way for now. By the end of this episode I bet they’ll have at least one fight, maybe two.

Corey is gonna propose!! Wow, he was brave by putting the ring on the fishing line! I’d be afraid it could fall off. That is so cute though!!!! I love seeing proposals! I read a bunch online once and some of them were so cute they made me cry! I’m a sucker for romance, haha.

I don’t understand how Kailyn is going to be able to pay for an apartment herself. She’s saying she wants to get another job, before she moves out, but then she will have to quit one of her jobs once she moves out because she won’t be able to work two jobs, go to college, and take care of Isaac.

Seeing Leah show off her ring reminds me when I got to show off mine to all my friends and family. It’s just a wonderful feeling! And even though it’s been almost 6 months since I got engaged, I still look at my ring all the time and think “Wow!”. It’s just so surreal!

Adam hasn’t been pitching in…what else is new? I don’t think they are going to last. I will be very surprised if they do! I really hope Chelsea can get her GED. But that will require Adam to actually step up and take care of his daughter.

I’m worried for Leah and Corey. Being a special education major, I remember learning in one of my classes when we were talking about families that married couples who have a child with a disability are more likely to get a divorce. I really hope that whatever is wrong with Ali, that it doesn’t cause problems in Leah and Corey’s relationship. If anything, it should bring them closer together.

Wow, Jo didn’t have to send that nasty text to Kailyn about wishing that he never met her and had a child with her. All she did was tell him that she was moving out. She has told him that she doesn’t want to be with him so he just needs to accept that. Now he’s acting like Adam did when he asked Chelsea where and when he could sign the papers for his mistake.

Now Ali’s eyes are crossing…this can’t be good. She’s not even a year old and the eye doctor is suggesting she wear glasses? I’ve never heard of a one year old wearing glasses before.

Oh no, here comes a fight with Jo and Kailyn. So he basically said that he’s mad at her for wanting to move out because he also wants to move out. That makes no sense. He can’t say that her moving out isn’t a smart decision. He shouldn’t decide what is smart for her and what isn’t because he isn’t her. And she is going to have to move out eventually. If they aren’t going to be together then it doesn’t make sense for her to stay living there. She needs to get out on her own and be independent.

I feel Janelle’s pain with the cost of college text books. As a junior, I’ve spent a lot of money so far on my textbooks. It’s definitely not cheap!

I thought tonight’s episode was one of the best of this season! Next week should be pretty good. I can’t believe that Janelle is doing weed. Tonight it looked like she was starting to get her life together and then she had to go and smoke weed and ruin that. And it looks like Chelsea and Adam are fighting again, I saw that one coming. It is going to be sad when they get the MRI results for Ali. And Kailyn is starting to see someone new. Jo really shouldn’t be flipping out on her for that. They aren’t together so she has the right to date whoever she wants.

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