Monday, February 14, 2011

Idol is contributing to pollution!!!

So I watched the Hollywood auditions and besides some good people leaving too early (only a few though) there was one other thing that really bugged me about the show. They have the contestants stay in a hotel that is close to the theatre. They divide the contestants in half and have half perform on one day and the other half on the next day. When they showed the 2nd day of auditions, they showed the contestants going from the hotel to the theatre, and they were all in Ford Focuses. They had 163 contestants, with 4 per car, in Ford Focuses! How ridiculous is that!?! That's 41 cars! In the past they just shuttled them from the hotel to the theatre in a busses, which probably came out to be less than 10 busses. It just drives me crazy that they wasted all of that gas to get that many people from point A to B which was probably less that 10 miles apart. What does everyone else think? Am I the only one bothered by this?


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