Tuesday, February 15, 2011

“I am too depressed to open this pamphlet”

I thought Glee was pretty good tonight. What was with Sue though? We’ve never seen her that way before and it was kind of nice.

I loved Sam’s version of “Baby”! It was so cute how he sang it to Quinn. And his dance moves were awesome! Every time I hear that song though, I always think of Dave Day’s parody of the song. If you never heard of Dave Day’s, you must check him out on youtube. Here is the video for his parody of “Baby”.

I really enjoyed "Somebody to Love" as well. I didn't know what the song was at first though. And my friends were like "Oh no, is this another Bieber song?" (They don't have Bieber Fever).

One of my favorite songs of the night was "Take Me or Take Leave Me" from Rent. That was a perfect song for them to sing as a diva-off.

That was cute when Mr. Shue took Sue to sing to the little kids who had cancer. And I thought it was adorable when that little girl attached herself to Sue. And it looked like Sue actually enjoyed it! I wonder if the kids were actors or not. It would be cool if those were real kids that got to be on the show.

"Sing" was pretty good. It was really weird seeing Sue on the stage with them. But it was really nice seeing Sue be that happy and kind of nice for once.

I'm glad Quinn and Sam aren't together anymore. I really want to see her get back with Finn.

That really sucks that Sue is going to be a director for another Glee club competing against New Directions. That's Sue for ya, so I'm not totally surprised about that.

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