Monday, August 29, 2011

First day as a college senior…

Well, I’ve survived my first day as a college senior!!! I can’t believe I just typed that! Where has the time gone?? Today was just a typical first day, going over the class syllabus in each class. I had 3 of my 5 classes today and will have the next 2 tomorrow. Well, I guess there isn’t really that much more to say about my first day. It seems like it’s going to be a very busy semester!!

In other news of things going on in my life, I just started watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager on Netflix. I’ve heard of the show but never watched it before until recently when I saw a rerun of it on TV. So then I decided to see it on Netflix, and of course it was! So now I have 62 episodes left to watch! I really wish I would have started watching this earlier in the summer because maybe then I could have gotten through all 73 episodes! Oh well, can’t turn back time.

Now I’m going to start doing some of my reading due on Wednesday. Have a great rest of your night everyone!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We have a winner....

The giveaway for the Charm Factory bracelet has ended and we have a winner!!! Congrats to entry number 35 which is Angela!!!  Thank you to everyone that entered!!

What I’m Loving

I haven’t linked up with Jamie to do What I’m Loving Wednesday in while, so I decided to do it this week.

I’m LOVING that 1 year ago today, the love of my life proposed to me!! I can still remember it like it was yesterday!!!

Billy 1510 Billy 1511

I’m LOVING that I have off work today and tomorrow. Things have been pretty rough at work recently and I’m currently trying to find a new job. But I’m sure everyone would agree that finding a job isn’t the easiest thing these days. I should just be happy I currently have a job but I’ve got to get a new one. I’m tired of faking a smile and acting like I like my job.

I’m LOVING that on Saturday I also have off from work so that I can attend a family get together. I’m looking forward to having a great time and hoping the weather is nice!!!

I’m LOVING that next week I get to see my college friends that I haven’t seen in a while!!! Classes start on Monday!!!!

Well, that’s about all for now. I’m going to go make my fiance some cupcakes!! Ever since I got my Cupcake warmer from Scentsy with the Happy Birthday scent, he has been asking me every time I use it, “Are you making cupcakes?” Now when he gets home from work and asks me that, I can finally say yes!! Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

At a loss for words…

Hey everyone! It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged. I’m just so busy that I’m finding it hard to have time for blogging. I know I said that in my last post (and maybe the post before) but I’m going to try blogging more, starting today!

So let’s see…it’s Friday!!! Not that the day of the week means anything to me because I work pretty much all week. This week I had off Wednesday and Thursday though. Wednesday was the American Idol concert!!! I go to it every year with my mom and fiancĂ©. It used to be just my mom, but since my fiancĂ© got into Idol for me, he tags along, too. Here are some pictures from the concert.

100_3248 100_3249 100_3260  100_3266 100_3286 100_3296 100_3327 100_3343 100_3347 100_3403 100_3421 100_3427 100_3437 100_3442 100_3450 100_3494 100_3513 100_3517 100_3523 100_3531 100_3537 100_3539 100_3541 100_3551

Sorry about the picture overload. I just couldn’t choose only a few of my favorites!!

So, that was the highlight of my week. Oh, I had another Scentsy party last night. I had 2 people show up to this one which is better than my launch party where no one showed up. And I have a total of 3 orders so far!! I should hopefully be getting 2 or 3 more before Tuesday!!!

Have a great Friday everyone!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Recap

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written a weekend recap post, so I decided to write one this past weekend. I had a great time this weekend! After Friday at work, I knew I was going to need a fun and relaxing weekend. I only worked 4 hours on Friday, 12-4, and thought it would be a breeze. Well, I thought wrong. I was on drive-thru all day and it was nothing but non-stop all day long! When 4:00 came along, I couldn’t be happier!!

So then on Saturday I had off work!!! It was supposed to be a “surprise” birthday party for my step-mom, but her sister never sent out the invitations. So it just ended up being me, my fiance, my step-mom, her sister, her sister’s husband, and their 2 kids. It was a fun day at the pool!! The weather could have been a little nicer, but we still got to swim and at least the rain, thunder, and lightening decided to wait until around the time we were leaving. So then we all went home, got showers, ate dinner, and went down to my aunt’s house for game night.

Then yesterday I worked from 12-5 and then right from work went to a friend’s jewelry party. I’m still thinking about getting a bracelet, but I probably won’t end up getting it because I don’t wear that much different jewelry.

Then the rest of the night I spent relaxing. I watched Big Brother, which got delayed due to stupid golf! I signed up for the live feeds through CBS so I can see the houseguests 24/7. It is really cool even though it sucks sometimes because of the time difference. Like right now as I’m writing this, it is 9:00 am here, but only 6:00 am in California, so all they are doing is sleeping. But it’s still really cool to see what is going on whenever you want to watch.

So, now I’m going to wait patiently until my package from Scentsy gets here! And then I work at 4, yippy. I work night shift this whole week and I hate it! But oh well. Have a great Monday everyone!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Scentsy Update

So, it’s been about 3 weeks now that I’ve been a Scentsy Independent Consultant. I just wanted to do a post with an update on how it is going. I had my launch party about a week after I got my starter kit which was a bit too soon because I didn’t give people enough notice about it. I had no one show up!! It was probably the worst launch party ever!! But, I still ended up getting some orders from some friends and made the $150 minimum that you need in order to close a party sale. Now my next party is next Thursday and at this point I think I have 2 people coming with 2 maybes. I’m starting to think that the whole party thing isn’t going to work out. It’s either that or it’s just the time of year that it is. It’s the end of summer and everyone is busy enjoying the last of it. So I’m really hoping that as the holidays get closer, more people will order from me.

Another reason that I may not be getting a lot of orders is because I don’t think that many people in my area are familiar with Scentsy. Which I kind of don’t understand why because my sponsor lives about 15 minutes near me, so there already was a consultant in the area before me. Maybe she already has most of the area as her customers. I don’t know. But I’m not going to get discouraged by the lack of sales. I just started so I just have to get my name out there and eventually I will have more success.

So I have a question for my readers now: Have you ever tried to sell any of the direct sales products out there? If you had, what is the biggest tip you can give me?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Charm Factory Review and Giveaway (Ends 8/24)

When it comes to me and jewelry, I usually find a piece I like and then wear it for a long time. But every now and then I change up my jewelry a bit and wear something new. Which is what I have been doing with the bracelet on my wrist for the last few weeks. I received the January garnet bracelet from Charm Factory.
I love how the bracelet looks and feels! And can you believe it, it sells for only $14.99!!! That is a great price! Made in the USA, Charm Factory makes unique, high quality, sterling silver charms, charm bracelets and much more. They are free of lead, nickel, and cadmium. You may be familiar with other charm bracelets out there which are way more expensive than Charm Factory, I happen to have one myself. But what is nice about Charm Factory is that they are affordable. So give them as gifts for your friends or family. They would be perfect gifts for your bridal party! With the huge selection of charms and bracelets to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect gift for anyone, even yourself.

So even though Christmas is 4 months away (crazy, right?), be sure to keep Charm Factory in mind when deciding what to get your loved ones this year. It’s not too early to start your Christmas shopping now!! You don’t even have to wait until a special occasion. Give them a gift just because! Or if you know someone who already has a charm bracelet, why not buy them a new charm from Charm Factory. You will definitely find the charm you are looking for!
Where to buy it:

Where to win it:
Right here!! One lucky winner will win a bracelet of their choice from the selection on this page. Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I’m really bad at this lately…

I’ve been really bad at blogging recently. I have over a thousand blog posts I have to read in Google reader and I haven’t been posting as much as I used to. I’ve just  been really busy with Scentsy that I haven’t had the time to read any blogs, but I’m going to start reading some today.

I said I would do my next giveaway when I’ve reached 300 followers. I’m still only at 275, but I’ve decided to do my next giveaway anyway, since I’m a bit behind on them. So make sure you look for that post later today. Have a great Monday everyone!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sorry for being MIA…

So, I’ve been MIA from the blogging world for the past few days. As you found out in this post, I became a Scentsy consultant so I’ve been busy with that. Also, on Saturday was the NKOTBSB concert. I ended up getting a bunch of free tickets from my fiance’s cousin’s family friend. And let me tell you, the seats were a lot better than the seats we had already bought months ago!! I gave some of the tickets to some friends but most of them I couldn’t give away. Who knew that it was going to be so hard to give away Backstreet Boys tickets. If it had been 10 years ago, they would have been gone in a heartbeat!!! Here are a few of my favorite pictures. I took a total of 664 pictures that I somehow narrowed down to 360 items by deleting the bad pictures.

















You would have never guessed it, but we weren’t actually as close as it seems we are in the pictures. Here is a view of the audience that I took that shows a little better how far we up. I absolutely love my camera because of the digital zoom it has!!!


Also, sorry for all of the pictures. I know I said a “few” of my favorites, but I’d post every picture if i could! It was really hard for me to just pick a few as my favorites!! It was the first time Is saw BSB, so I guess I thought I had to go picture crazy since I finally got to live my childhood dream!!

Then today my fiance and I went to Hersheypark. If you have a concert ticket from any Hershey event, you can get a discount at Hersheypark the day before, day of, or day after the concert. So we definitely took advantage of that!! We had a great day filled with water and rollercoasters!!!

(Insert picture)

So now I’m ready for another week to begin. And I can’t believe that it’s August already!!!! I’m going to try to keep up with blogging more. But bare with me as I’m going to be trying to kick start my Scentsy business. I’m having my launch party later this week so I hope that goes well. Oh, and now I am only 25 followers away from 300 and another giveaway!!! I hope you all had a great Monday and a good start to your week!!