Friday, June 29, 2012

The pool is up!!!

Well, the pool is finally up and is in the process of being filled! It is taking a lot longer than I thought it would though! I’m probably going to have to turn off the hose when I leave for work in about an hour. And then I won’t be able to continue to fill it until tomorrow night! Oh well, it will be filled and ready to go by Sunday when my aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins come over for some swimming and a cookout! Although now that I think about it, I think I may want to continue filling it tonight if I can because then that way the filter can run all day so that I can test it, add the right chemicals, and shock it tomorrow night. Then that way it will be completely ready to go for Sunday!

Here are 2 pictures that I took of it earlier this morning shortly after I started filling it.

 IMAG0260 IMAG0259

I had to get in it for a little bit because I wanted to make sure that it was level around the edges. That water is cold!!! I got used to it after a while though, so it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t that high yet when I got it, not even up to my knees. And I was only in for about 10 minutes, so it wasn’t that bad. I was worried about the side the closest to the house because the poles didn’t want to stand up straight. I texted my fiancé and told him that and he said it just needed more water in it. Well, he was right!!

Now that the pool is finally up and almost ready for swimming, I am super excited!!!! I’m going to be in it every single day that I can!!! The next 2 months are going to be the best 2 months of the summer!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


I just got back from getting the building permit!!!! So tonight, after we take Tigger to the vet, we are going to set up the pool!! I already called to schedule the inspection and that will be getting done at 8:30 tomorrow morning!!! I’m so excited!!!!! I’m going to start filling it as soon as the inspector leaves tomorrow and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to swim in it a little bit before going to work!!! Ahhh….you have no idea how happy I am right now!! I just wanted to share that with you all, so that’s all for now!!!

What’s on my mind…

Well, yet another day went by and I still haven’t heard anything from the borough about the building permit for the pool. I am really hoping to get a call from them today or tomorrow because I am getting angrier about it by the minute!!! I just have to keep reminding myself that when we finally get the permit and get the pool up, it will be totally worth it!!! And now, more than ever, I am definitely swimming in the pool every single day I can!! I’ve had to wait longer than I thought to get it put up, so you can bet I’m going to use it every single minute I can!!! I know I keep saying this, but just don’t understand why you need a freakin’ building permit to put up an above ground pool!! I could see if it was an in ground pool, but it isn’t!! And why does it take so long to get approved? When my fiancé called them on Monday to make sure that the building permit was what we needed (they told him on Friday that it was a pool permit) they said that the application went over to zoning and was being processed. That was Monday and today is Thursday…why does it take that long to get it approved???

Ugh…anyway, I’m done venting now. I just needed to get all of that off my chest. I just gotta stop thinking about it and when they call, they call. I should be focused on cleaning the house because on Sunday, two of my cousins (ages 12 and 8) are going to be coming over and then are spending the night Sunday night and Monday night. When they came over to our house for the New Year’s Eve party we had, they had asked us when they could spend the night. Well, I noticed with my schedule that I’ve been working towards the end of the week and I always work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so I knew they wouldn’t be able to come over on a weekend. So I checked with my aunt to see if during the week would work and it does! So they’re gonna come over around dinner time and we’ll have a little cookout and hopefully the pool will be up so we can swim! That’s about all I’ve got for now. Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Bachelorette in Prague

Here we go…another week of the Bachelorette. This week they are in Prague, Czech Republic. It’s getting down to the wire with only 6 guys left. And the 4 that make it through this week, get to take Emily back to their hometown to meet their family. There are 4 dates this week: 3 individual dates and one group date. And on the individual dates, there won’t be a rose like there has been in previous episodes, but there will be a rose on the group date.

Arie is the first lucky one to get an individual date. They walked around the town and did some sightseeing. So apparently Arie had a past romantic relationship with one of the producers of the Bachelor. Emily had no idea about this, but that producer told Emily about it as soon as it became apparent that Emily had serious interest in Arie. Emily find it strange that when the producer was mentioned, that Arie didn’t say anything about knowing her, so she is wondering what else he is hiding. She kind of beat around the bush by asking him if he would consider himself trustworthy and he said he would. He said, “it’s better to be upfront and honest, almost too honest.” Then he revealed that he had a tattoo of a girl’s name on him but he got it covered up. Then it turns out, that in an off-camera discussion that Arie and Emily had, Arie told her that he felt that the relationship was so brief and that it happened so long ago, that it didn’t matter. Emily agreed and realized that her feelings about Arie weren’t affected. Arie told Emily that he loves her!!! So cute!! I think she would have liked to say she loved him, but there are still other 5 guys that she could possibly have those feelings for.

The next individual date was with John and this is his first one-on-one date with her. There hasn’t really been any kind of connection between them before, so maybe on their date some sparks will fly. There is a gate that people put locks on that they write messages on, and when they were putting their lock on, they  had some difficulties. They took that as not being a good sign. At dinner, he opened up to Emily about getting cheated on with an ex-girlfriend a week after their 1 year anniversary. Emily said that helped her to understand why he has been holding back a little bit. They had their first kiss! I still don’t see anything happening between the two of them.

The group date card arrived and the names on the card were: Sean, Doug, and Chris. That means that Jef will be getting the last one-on-one date. After John came back from his date and told the guys that it went well, Sean ran off trying to look for Emily. He found her and immediately gave her a kiss!! He told her that he wasn’t thrilled to be on the group date card so he had to go find her! She loved the surprise and it was so cute!!! It was kind of like they got to have a little individual date because they got some alone time together.

Onto the group date, they took a horse-drawn carriage to a castle. Doug and Emily got the chance to have some alone time. He didn’t seem that interested in being close to Emily and his body language made it seem like he didn’t want to be there. Then she was rambling on to him and all of a sudden he surprises her with a kiss. Then she sent him home…wow! I was kind of expecting that at the beginning of her rambling but I wasn’t sure. Then Emily was on a two-on-one date with Sean and Chris. They both got a key and whichever one opened the door, that would be the one that would get to spend time with Emily first. Sean was the one with the winning key so he got to spend some time with her first. Chris expressed to Emily that he was upset that he didn’t get a one-on-one date with her, but they made the best of it. At the end of the date, Emily gave the rose to Sean! Out of those 2 guys, I’m glad that Sean got the rose.

Jef and Emily went into a shop that sold all kinds of marionettes. They each left with one and then Jef went back into the shop to get one for Ricki. Next on their date, they went into a beautiful library and they put on a puppet show about the first time they met to their first kiss. Then Jef confessed that he is in love with her!  They they laid on a blanket on the floor and discussed the future and kids. I can really see them ending up together!!

Normally before the rose ceremony, they have a cocktail party so Emily has a chance to talk to some of the guys. This week, they skipped that because Emily had her mind made up. The roses went to: Jef (not surprised at all), Arie (again, not surprised), and Chris. But right before Emily handed out the last rose, Chris interrupted Emily and told her that ne needed to talk to her. He apologized for the way he acted when he didn’t get the rose on the group date. He also told her that he is falling in love with her. So that means that John went home. I’m actually surprised that he lasted as long as he did because I just never thought he was the right guy for her. And she obviously felt the same way.

I just looked back at last weeks post I did about the Bachelorette and only 2 of the 3 that I predicted she would end up with are left: Jef and Arie. They have always been 2 of my favorites from the very beginning. I also looked back on my very first post about the season, and the guy that I said could be the one was Doug. Oh how I was wrong about that. But that was the first episode so it was kind of hard to predict which guy would be the one out of 25 guys. Next week Emily gets to meet the family members of Sean, Jef, Arie, and Chris!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

Hey everyone, I hope you had a great weekend!!! We finally got some information on the regulations for having an above ground pool and they are that if you have a 4 foot or higher pool, you don’t need a fence. So I went to the borough office this morning right when they opened to fill out a building permit application. Well, it turns out, it may take up to a week before we hear anything from them. That really stinks because we were planning on getting the pool set up tonight and having it filled by the end of the week. My fingers are crossed that I’ll hear something today or at least by tomorrow, but I’m not really holding my breath. All I wanna do is swim!!! Is that too much to ask for??? I still don’t understand why we even need a building permit for a freakin’ pool!!! Ugh!!!! It’s my property, so why can’t I do what I want? I could see if I was building onto my house, but that’s not what I wanna do. All I want to do is set up a pool!

Alright, I’m done venting now. My weekend just consisted of working, as always. I’m off today so I’m just catching up on some shows on my DVR and since it is nice outside, I think I’ll go sit on my deck and read! Leave me your comments! Have a great Monday!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

We might be getting a…

So, after doing some thinking, my fiancé and I decided that we might be buying an above ground pool!!!! I decided that I have enough money in my savings account to take some out for a pool. My fiancé buys a lot of the things we have, so since this is something that I mostly want, we decided that I would pay for it. The only thing holding us up from actually going out and buying a pool would be the borough. I called them this morning right when they opened and left a message. I didn’t hear back from them all day so I had my fiancé call them and again, he had to leave a message!! I just don’t understand why there is only one person in the building that knows what the regulations are. In a town close to us, their regulation is that you don’t need a fence if the pool is 4 ft or higher. That is what we are hoping it is where we live because we don’t want to have to build a fence.

Even though we aren’t 100% sure that we are getting a pool, I’ve been doing some research about how to maintain a pool. It doesn’t seem as bad as I thought it would be. Basically there is a 4 step pool care program that HTH has for you to follow: balance, stabilize, shock, and prevent algae. You test the water everyday and add either pH Plus or pH Minus, depending on which one you need. Then you sanitize by adding the chlorine tablets. The next step is to shock the pool once a week. And lastly, use a preventative algaecide once a week. I know that it is going to be a lot of work to keep the pool clean, but it will definitely be worth it!! I will definitely be in it every single day (unless the weather isn’t nice enough for it). Do you have your own pool? What tips do you have for a first time pool owner? Leave me your comments and have a great rest of your Thursday!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bachelorette Recap- Final 8 Guys

Hey there, ready for another Bachelorette recap? This week they were in Croatia. By the previews from last week and the intro, it looks like it is going to be a great episode! So here we go!

The first one-on-one date was with Travis. If you remember from the first episode, this is the guy with the ostrich egg that Emily eventually smashed (with Travis’ permission). They walked around the city and did some shopping. I just don’t see a connection between them. Yes he’s a good guy, but just don’t see any sparks flying between them. Travis says he feels a connection, but Emily doesn’t because she sent him home.

The group date was the rest of the guys minus Ryan, which means that Ryan went on the second one-on-one date. For the group date, they went to see Disney/Pixar’s new movie, Brave. After the movie, they competed in their very own Highland Games, which is something from the movie I guess. And the funny thing is, the guys all had to wear kilts! Seeing the guys compete against each other in the games was pretty funny. And even though Chris wasn’t the best at the events, Emily named him the “Bravest”. And at the end of the date, he ended up getting the rose. Then they shared a kiss, with the other guys watching nearby.

I never had a problem with Ryan until this episode. Wow, he’s just…I don’t really know how to describe him. He’s just so full of himself. I don’t remember when, but Emily said that he called her a trophy wife, which she doesn’t like. And again, he brought that up again. She isn’t really sure about him and neither am I. I think I liked Ryan in earlier episodes, but now I think that she deserves better than him. And she thought so too, because she sent him packing. And he didn’t take it that well because he questioned her on why she was sending him home. He doesn’t think that she is going to find someone, wow.

After she sent him home, Arie snuck out to go see Emily. Since she didn’t give the rose to Ryan, she gave it to Arie, which I thought was cute! She said he had to hide the rose from the rest of the guys. I think he is the one for Emily! They are just so cute together and there is definitely a connection there!!

Time for the rose ceremony! She’s down to 6 guys and each week the decision on who to send home is becoming harder and harder. The roses went to: Sean, Jef, Arie, and…after stepping outside to talk to the host, she realized that she couldn’t hand out the final rose. But then, she got handed an extra rose so she could give both John and Doug a rose. At first I thought that maybe she would send them both home! That would have been crazy! I think out of the 6 guys left, that Jef, Arie, and Doug are the best 3 for Emily. I’m predicting now that it is going to be one of those 3 that she ends up with in the end! But we’ll just have to wait and see!!!

Weekend Recap

I know, I’m a day late with the weekend recap, but it’s better late than never, right? So if you saw my last post, you saw that on Saturday my fiance and I went to the Humane League and we adopted a new kitten, Tigger. He’s doing good and is just so full of energy! I see a little bit of Milo in him with the way he is so playful!! And Mia is doing a little better with him. There are times that he’ll go up to her and she doesn’t hiss. All he wants to do is play with her!

On Sunday I went to the Dollar Tree to get Tigger a collar that would jingle. Well, it ended up not fitting him yet so we’re going to have to wait until he grows into it. Then my fiance and I just sat on the couch and played the Sims, I guess you can say we kind of have an obsession with the game, lol. We went to visit my dad and step-mom to give my dad his father’s day give. I got him this shirt (but in blue)…

He loves riding his bicycle, so when I saw this shirt, I knew it was perfect for him!!! I also got him a baked apple pie scent pak from Scentsy that he can put in his car to make it smell good.

Then we went to Walmart to get some things to make for dinner this week. We also got another expansion pack for the Sims 3, the Ambitions pack. It’s pretty cool because you can have the Sims have professions instead of jobs and they can work at other places than just the office. Then after we got home I had to go to work. So other than going to get Tigger on Saturday, nothing too eventful happened.

One of my bridesmaids is coming over tomorrow so we can hangout all day so I have to go and clean the house a little bit. I’ve kind of been slacking with keeping up with the housework. I definitely need to get better about that! Leave me comments! Have a great Tuesday everyone!!! I leave you with some instagram pictures I’ve taken recently.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Welcome to the family!

Today my fiance and I decided to go to the Humane League to check out the cats there. We thought we were going to just be looking, but we thought wrong. I’d like to introduce you all to Tigger!

100_4539  100_4541  We wanted to get another cat so that Mia has a friend and we didn’t want to wait too long to get another one. When we first got Mia, we were afraid that her and Milo wouldn’t get along. At first they didn’t and Milo would his at her every time he saw her. So I don’t care if people tell me that it was too soon for us to get another cat, we feel that it wasn’t. It isn’t like we are replacing Milo. No cat will ever be able to replace Milo, ever! After the way Mia is acting towards Tigger, we are so glad that we got him when we did because she has been hissing at him a bit. If we would have waited any longer to get another cat, things could have been a lot worse!!

We were going to leave Tigger in the box for a little bit and let Mia smell it. But Tigger kept meowing so we let him out. Here is a picture of their first look at each other! So cute! 100_4545 Tigger just wanted to explore his new home.

100_4546 100_4547100_4549 100_4550 And Mia doesn’t seem to want anything to do with him. It is just like when Mia was the new kitten! And Tigger, he doesn’t seem to care one bit. He has been too busy exploring.

100_4552100_4556 100_4557 100_4558100_4561 100_4562100_4569

And here is a picture of one of the first times Mia hissed at Tigger. She’s hissing at Tigger just like Milo hissed at her. Except she isn’t hissing at him as much as Milo hissed at her.

100_4574   100_4578100_4581    

Now Tigger is sleeping on the couch right beside me. I’m glad that’s where he is cause otherwise I’d have to be following him around like I was earlier to make sure he doesn’t go to the bathroom anywhere besides the litter box. I have to work later tonight and my fiance just left recently to go play airsoft, so I’m going to have to put Tigger in the bathroom with some food and water. We don’t want to leave them alone with each other until we are sure that they will get along.100_4587

It took a little while for Milo and Mia to get used to each other and they eventually did. They were best friends!! Here are some pictures I got of them last week.

100_4490 100_4493100_4495 

And here is the last picture that I took of Milo…100_4527

Mommy and daddy miss you Milo…and we always will!!! No cat can ever replace you!!! You were our first kitten together and you will never be forgotten!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

I’m doing a little better…

So as you may now if you read my post from yesterday morning, my 9 month old kitten, Milo, passed away yesterday. I’m doing a little better today than I was yesterday. My step-mom was with me the whole day until my fiance came home. I tried to give away my shift because I didn’t feel like working. But, no one would take it so I had to go to work from 6:30-11. On the way to work, I started tearing up. That was the first time that I cried since early in the morning when it first happened. I just had to get my mind off of it and think of something else. At work I was alright. I was talking to a co-worker about it and I felt some tears in the back of my eyes but I didn’t cry. Then on the way home, i completely lost it. My fiance was sleeping when I got home, so he doesn’t know that I was crying last night. Mia, our other kitten who is 10 months old, has become a lot more attached to me than she was before. Usually Milo would sleep right beside me and Mia was at the bottom of the bed by my fiance’s feet. Last night, Mia was right beside me the whole night. That made me kind of sad because that was always where Milo slept at night. I woke up around 3 AM and then I couldn’t go back to sleep because I got emotional again. But eventually I fell back asleep.

This morning, I went down to my aunt’s house with my dad and step-mom to help my step-mom’s dad level out the pool. Then I rode with my step-mom to Verizon to get my uncle’s phone fixed. I just need to be with friends and family right now. It stinks that I don’t have that many friends, but I am going to be hanging out with one of my bridesmaids later today around 4, so I definitely need that! We are going to get my veil and I’m going to try on my dress for her because she wasn’t able to go wedding dress shopping with me. I can’t wait to try it on again and for her to see it!! Then after that we’re gonna go to the mall for a little bit. Then later tonight, my fiance and I are going to go mini golfing! I’ll be sure to take tons of pics (which I haven’t been doing much) and then share them with you all!!! Have a great Friday everyone!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pets really are like family…

I hate that I’m having to write this, but we lost our kitty, Milo. I was just sitting out on the couch and all of a sudden I heard some crying noises. At first I thought it was coming from Mia. So I went back to the room and looked under the bed. I found Mia under there, but not Milo. When I came back up, I noticed him on the bed and he wasn’t moving. I started freaking out. I didn’t know what to do. He didn’t look like he was alive. I called my step-mom, my dad, my aunt, and my fiance. All of them were at work. My aunt called me back and I told her what happened. She said that she would talk to her boss about leaving work to come to me so she did. She went back and looked at him and confirmed what I was afraid of. This really goes to show that he was more than just a pet, he was family. I knew that I would be too much of a mess to call the vet so when my step-mom called back, my aunt wanted to talk to her and she told her I couldn’t call the vet. So now my step-mom is on her way over and is waiting for the vet to call back to tell us what we should do next.

He was only 9 months…actually 9 months tomorrow. He was too young to go. My aunt thinks maybe it was a seizure or a birth defect that went undetected. We have no idea how or why it happened. I just still can’t believe it…my little baby Milo is gone.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bachelorette Heads to London!

I’m only getting to watch the Bachelorette now because I was working most of the day yesterday. I’m going to have to watch half of it on my DVR and the other half online because for some reason I stopped taping it at 9:00. Oh well. It’s a good thing they put it online!

I can tell that this is going to be a great episode because they are in London! It is such a beautiful, romantic city and I’d love to visit there someday! Emily got to do some sight seeing with Ricki which was really cool. I love how she is taking her daughter wherever the show takes her.

Wow, only 10 guys left! Emily is getting closer to finding her future husband! The first lucky guy to get a one-on-one date with Sean and it is his very first one. They took a tour of London on a double decker bus. My favorite part of the date was when they got to Buckingham Palace and Emily pointed out that William and Kate had their first kiss on the balcony. Sean said that they should take a picture of them kissing with the balcony in the background. They did and it was adorable! Then later in the date they shared another kiss by the London Bridge!

During the group date, the guys performed a Shakespear play. This was difficult for some of the guys because they were just too nervous and couldn’t have fun with it. Kalon shooed Emily away at one point. I’m not sure what that was about. I really hope he leaves this week. I don’t know what Emily sees in him! So after they were done practicing, they got in their costumes and performed the play in front of an audience.

Well, I knew from the previews from this week that someone said that one of the guys called Ricki “baggage”, but didn’t know who it was. Of course, I should have guessed that it was Kalon. Yes, this will hopefully get him kicked out! He admitted to saying it and said that he wasn’t going to apologize for it, wow!! Doug was the one to break the news to Emily and she was so angry!

So Emily and Doug went out there so that Emily could confront Kalon. She told him to get out of there! (Except she didn’t say it so nicely) Go Emily!! She was disappointed that none of the guys said anything to her about that any sooner and decided not to give out a rose on that group date.

Next up was a one-on-one date with Jef. He is another one of my favorites and I see a real connection between him and Emily. They went to have some afternoon tea and had an etiquette lesson on having tea. Jef was a bit bugged by Jean talking the whole time and criticizing their every move! They both decided they had enough of that so they ran away! They went to a restaurant and ordered some beer and fish and chips. Jef brought up the Kalon thing and I think he made her feel a little better. They went to the London Eye and had desert. I had never heard of that before but know that I definitely have to visit London now just so I can see that! I just checked, and the most expensive ticket for the London Eye costs about $40, that’s not bad! Oh how I would just love to plan a trip to London or some other European city! Anyway, back to the show. Jef got the rose at the end of the date! And they finally had their first kiss! They are just so cute together!

Now it is time for the rose ceremony. The 8 guys remaining are: Jef, Sean, Doug, Ryan, Chris, John, Travis, and Arie. Which means that Alejandro went home. When it was down to him and Arie, I knew that Arie would be safe. I’m pleased with the remaining 8 guys. Out of the 8,there are 5 that I really like: Jef, Sean, Doug, Ryan, and Arie.

Well, that does it for this week on the Bachelorette. Next week looks really good! It looks like someone else made some sort of comment about Emily that wasn’t nice. I guess we’ll have to wait till next week to find out!

What I’m Loving Wednesday

I didn’t get to do a weekend recap, so this post is going to be both that and What I’m Loving Wednesday.

I’m LOVING that my fiancé and I finally got to go check out the new and improved pool on Friday night! It was a last minute decision to go to the pool because originally his friend and his friend’s girlfriend were going to come over for game night, but they couldn’t make it. So we hit up the pool around 5:00 when it was half-price to get in!


The water slide was awesome!!! When I went down it, I didn’t know when it was going to end! It lasted a lot longer than I expected! The rock climbing wall was really cool, too!      100_4504

This is the bigger pool down below. They made it a little smaller and added a little picnic area and some umbrellas.   100_4507 

I’m LOVING that it was nice outside this past weekend. On Saturday, my dad and step-mom came over for dinner and it was nice enough that we sat outside to eat. My fiancé made chili and cornbread muffins and it was amazing!! Then after dinner, we continued to sit outside for a little bit. I love sitting outside on the deck!

I’m LOVING that I’m working a total of 6 days this week!! And yesterday I got an extra hour in! The more hours I get each week, means more money I can put towards the wedding!

I’m LOVING the Sims 3 Pets game that my wonderful fiancé bought me last night! And I have decided that I am going to use it as an incentive for myself, otherwise I will be playing it 24/7 (well, when I’m not working). I’m going to tell myself that I can only play it after I do some housework. Like right now…I have to go unload and reload the dishwasher then fold some wash from Saturday, and then I will play some Sims!! I created a crazy cat lady last night! So far she has 4 cats, but I’m going to get her as many cats as the game allows. Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Congrats Miley and Liam!!

So last week, Miley Cyrus got engaged to her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. My local radio station asked it’s listeners on Facebook and Twitter are their thoughts on the engagement and if they think Miley is too young. I just had to post about this because like Miley, I was 19 when I got engaged. I was 19 and my fiancé was turning 19 in less than a month. So no, I don’t think Miley is too young to be engaged. I think when you are with the person you want to be with for the rest of your life, you just know. Every relationship moves at a different pace. To tell you the truth, my fiancé and I started talking about getting married about a month into the relationship. We both knew that we were meant for each other and that we wanted to spend our lives together. So then we waited until we were together for at least a year (it was about a year and 4 months to be exact) and now 3 years later, we are still together. And when we get married, we will have been together for about 4 years and 1 month.

I don’t think there should be a rule that says you have to be together for a certain amount of time or that you have to be a certain age before getting engaged. I’m not saying that 16 year olds should go out and get engaged. But if 19 year olds do, then I think that’s fine. Have a long engagement, stay with that person to make sure that you really want to be with them forever. That’s another debate, that marriage doesn’t necessarily mean ‘forever’, but I won’t go into that now. For me, marriage does mean forever. I grew up with parents who were never married and then both my parents were married at least twice. So for me, I’m getting married once and that’s it!

What are your thoughts on this? Leave me your comments!!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Weather: Thank you for finally being hotter outside!! Dear Pool: My fiancé and I hope to visit you tonight!! Dear bunny in my yard: Please leave my garden alone! I know it was you that ate my broccoli leaves!


Dear time: Slow down, please! When I’m at work and customers ask me what the date is, I get reminded of how fast time is going! Dear Milo: Stop stealing my hair ties! No wonder I don’t have that many in my drawer anymore!! Dear fiancé: 344 days to go!!!    Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New ‘About Me’ Page

I decided to redo my ‘About Me’ page so go check it out here. I’m also going to be revamping other parts of my blog including my header, so make sure you come back to check that out in the next few weeks!!

Pinterest and What I’m Loving

This week I’m linking up with both Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday and What I’m Loving Wednesday. I thought I would combine both of them into one post.


I’m LOVING that I found something for me and my fiancé to do this Friday night and next Friday night! I posted on Monday about how we had nothing to do on Saturday. So I did some looking online and found a miniature golf course that is about 20 minutes away that we’ve never been to. So that is what we are doing next Friday night because they are having a 21 and over event from 9-11 pm. Then this coming Friday, we are having one of his friends and his girlfriend over for game night with our Kinect (that never gets played anymore).

I’m LOVING that I got to hangout with a friend and bridesmaid Monday night that I haven’t seen since last October!!! For months now we have been trying to get together to hangout but something always came out! We definitely can’t go that long before hanging out again!!

I’m LOVING this idea from Pinterest!! And instead of using chocolate melted in a bowl, I’ll use my Velata warmer to coat the kiwi in chocolate! I’m definitely going to have to pick up some kiwi after work tomorrow night!!


I’m LOVING these Dr. Seuss quotes! Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss?


As always, I’m LOVING my wonderful fiancé…

Negley-88-1864240804-O And our two adorable babies…


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Bachelorette Heads to Bermuda!

This week on the Bachelorette, they headed to Bermuda!! There will be 3 dates: an individual date, group date, and 2 on 1 date. And on the group date, if they don’t get a rose, they are headed home immediately.

Doug is the one to get the individual date and they walked around town for a little and did some shopping. They are so cute together! Emily got a postcard to send to Doug’s son, Austin. I thought that was really thoughtful of her! At dinner, Emily tried to dig deeper and figure out more about Doug. She thinks that he is just giving him perfect answers and not honest answers. But then he asked her for her faults and she said that it was hard coming up with them on the spot so she realized how he felt when she was asking him what his faults were. In the end, she gave him a rose so he is safe this week! It seemed a little awkward at the end. Doug was saying in a side interview that he isn’t going to make the first move to kiss Emily and that if she wants a kiss, she will have to make the first move. The look on her face made it seem like she was a little disappointed that he didn’t make the first move and kiss her.

On to the group date…they did some sailing! The guys were split in half and took part in a Bermuda match race! The winners would get to spend more time with Emily while the losers were headed back to the hotel. One group almost tipped their boat over! I don’t think any of the guys had any experience with sailing. I’m glad that Arie and Jef were part of the winning team. Emily seems to have a connection with both of them.

Next was the date that the guys were dreading…the 2 on 1 date with John and Nate. And at the end of this date, someone will be going home! They went to an island called Diving Board Island where they jumped off a cliff into the water! It looked like so much fun!! I would love to be able to do that someday! After that, they went into a cave to have dinner. That looked amazing!! The whole date was really awkward! I bet Emily felt a little better when she got the chance to talk to Nate alone for a little bit. I don’t think Emily and Nate have gotten to spend as much time together as she has with some of the other guys. I’m just not seeing any connection between them. And Emily didn’t see that connection either because John got the rose, sending Nate packing.

Surprisingly, Alejandro got a rose. I haven’t seen any connection between them. Maybe she just wants to keep him so she can spend more time with him. The 2 guys going home were Michael and Charlie. I think that was a good choice because she never connected with either of them.

Next week they head to London, England. I can’t wait for next week! Things are getting really good!!! One thing that is going to happen next week is that one of the guys tells Emily that one of the guys referred to Ricki as baggage. I really hope she finds out who that guy is and gets rid of him! I guess we’ll have to wait until next Monday night to find out!

Babies, babies, babies

So…it seems like a lot of the bloggers I follow are having babies!! It’s so exciting because that means in a few weeks they’ll be posting baby pictures and I’ll get to “awwww!!” all over them!! I just love babies!! Congrats to all the bloggers who are expecting!!! I can’t wait to have one of my own! I would love to have one after the wedding next May, but I promised myself that I’m going to teach for 2 years before my fiancé and I start to have kids. So that would make it 2015 if I start teaching in the fall of 2013. That’s about 3 years from now…it seems so far away!! But I can wait, I know I can. It will all be worth it in the end!

For now, I have these two cuties that are my babies…

100_4461 100_4480

And just like babies, they grow up so fast!!! Mia and Milo are getting so big! And what is amazing, is that he weighs a little more than she does! Mia looks a little bigger, but I guess it’s just that she has more fur that Milo. I’m so glad that they are best friends now! They like to help each other clean themselves, it’s so cute! First it was just Milo licking Mia, but then she starting licking him occasionally.


And look at Milo, isn’t this just so darn cute? He was sitting like that on his own, I swear that I didn’t put his paws like that!!!


It’s going to be nice when we can start giving them adult food in September because the brand of kitten food we got, Wiskas Kitten, we can only find at Kmart! And they are tiny 3 lb bags which means we have to either buy them often or buy a few of them at the same time. The last time we needed some, Kmart was all out so we had to run all the way to Petsmart. I can’t wait until we can buy a huge bag that will last us a lot longer than a few weeks!! Well, I’m off to catch up on some TV shows on my DVR. Last night my DVR was constantly working because there were a ton of shows on: Hell’s Kitchen, Cake Boss, The Bachelorette, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Extreme Couponing!! How and why did I get hooked onto so many shows?!?! Have a great Tuesday everyone!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Recap

So, we didn’t end up going to the pool on Saturday. It wasn’t even in the 70s!! I was so bored on Saturday!! All I ever do is stay home during the week because I don’t have anywhere to go or anyone to hangout with. I was looking forward to doing something with my fiancé and actually leaving the house!! Now the next time we can go to the pool won’t be until 2 weeks from now!

Around 3:30 I headed down to my aunt’s house for her Scentsy and Velata party. It was my aunt, cousin, step-mom, and 2 of my aunt’s friends. I got one order from the party and at least 2 more are going to order by the time we close it out! So overall it was a pretty good party!

When I got home from that, I made dinner and after we ate, I was bored again! We were going to go out with one of his friends and his girlfriend, but then they ended up doing something else. I was looking forward to Saturday night because my fiancé had said something about us going out in the morning, and then we ended up not going. We decided to just watch TV together and snuggle, which is something we haven’t done much of recently. Then I wanted to go to Rita’s, so we did! I had a coupon and on it it showed that they have Red Velvet Cake flavored ice. I was hoping they would have that kind, but they didn’t. So instead I got a Swedish Fish gelati and he got a Swedish Fish misto.

Then on Sunday, I worked another double shift! But this time, I got a little break in-between the 2 shifts. I worked from 8-4 and then 5:30-10. I was so tired by the end of the night and my feet were killing me! But it was all worth it in the end because I worked a total of 24 hours last week!!! That is the most I ever got in one week so I can’t wait till  next payday! I wish that my total number of hours could be closer to 30 every week now that I can work as many hours as possible, but I guess there are a bunch of other college kids that they have to divide the hours among. I’m seriously thinking of getting a second job!! Maybe I should apply to Rita’s, haha!

Now it is Monday, which means it’s time to catch up on all the housework that didn’t get done over the weekend, starting with the pile of dishes in the sink and the clean ones in the dishwasher. I don’t know why, but I get lazy on the weekend and I don’t feel like doing any cleaning! At least it’s only 2 days out of the week that I don’t clean and not the other 5! Well, I’m off to do some cleaning! How was your weekend? Leave me your comments!! And have a great Monday!

Friday, June 1, 2012

So far it looks good…

So the weather recently has been kinda icky. It’s been storming here almost every night!! So far the weather for tomorrow looks like this…

Weather for tomorrowI am hoping that it stays that way for tomorrow because my fiancé and I are going to hit the pool for the first time this summer!!!! I’m so excited to see the newly remodeled pool!! There is a waterslide and some kind of climbing wall. I’ve never heard of a climbing wall being at a pool before, but my fiancé thinks that it is something that is over the pool and then if you fall off as you are climbing, you just fall into the pool. I think he may be right but I guess we will see tomorrow.

So last night I finished the 2nd book in the Hunger Games series and decided to give the series a break for now. I’m loving the books but I just figured I would read something different. So I read a Kindle single called Recalculating by Jennifer Weiner. It was really short but it was really good, I would definitely recommend it. Now I am reading a book called A Dog Named Slugger by Leigh Brill. It is a memoir in which the author writes about her journey with cerebral palsy and getting a service dog. So far I am 30% done with the book and that was just in one sitting! I think that is the most I have gotten to read a book in one sitting!! I am loving having no classes to deal with! I’m going to make a goal for myself right now: by the time I start student teaching in the fall, I will have read a total of 20 books. So far I have read The Hunger Games, Catching Fire,  and Recalculating, so my total is at 3. Along with A Dog Named Slugger, I am also reading Fifty Shades of Grey, so when I am done with those 2 books, I will be up to 5! I will be sure to post about every book I read so I can keep track of my progress.

Yikes, I just got a tweet from my local radio station saying there is a severe thunderstorm warning until 4:45 PM and a tornado watch until 9 PM!! Now I gotta go get ready for work, catch everyone later! Leave me your comments and stay safe if you live in an area with bad weather!!