Monday, October 29, 2012


It has been 2 whole months since the last time I blogged!!! I’ve just been so busy with student teaching that I haven’t gotten the chance to blog or read any of the blogs I follow!! Last week I started my second student teaching placement which is the one for special education. The week before that I finished my first placement which was 5th grade! I absolutely loved it!! It’s only been a little over a week since I left my co-op and the students, but I miss them!!

For my new placement I am in an emotional support classroom for students ages 12-20. It is definitely different than anything I’ve done before. The students are a lot older than the students I’ve worked with and their behaviors are more severe. But I’m going to get through it. I can’t believe that there are only weeks standing in the way of me graduating!!! It seems like not that long ago I was just starting college!! But I’ve finally made it to my final semester!!!

Well, as I write this, Sandy is making her way here so I have no school today or tomorrow. This is kind of nice to have a little unexpected break, but I’m hoping the storm doesn’t do that much damage. We’re kind of up on a hill so we should be safe from the flooding. So I’m just taking advantage of still having power while I can by watching some shows on my DVR and doing things online. Oh, and maybe I’ll play a game on XBox since I don’t get the change to play it that much. I still remember when we first got the Xbox, I said I was going to play it everyday, but that hasn’t happened! My fiancĂ© is still working and even took a sleeping bag and some food to work in case he gets stranded there, but really hope that doesn’t happen!!! I hope he gets out of work a little early so he can get home before the worst of the storm comes!!! It’s just sprinkling a little bit now but every now and then it gets really windy and rains harder.

That’s about all I have to share for now. I’ll leave you with some of the newest pictures of Mia and Tiger! They are so adorable and Tiger is still so full of energy!!! He is one crazy cat!! We also carved pumpkins last week. (I also painted 3 small ones) And I’ll throw in some pictures of our new fish tank!




He used power tools for his…



This is the front of his…

And here is the back of his…

And here is mine, I just did a design on the front…






On one pumpkin, I painted both sides so here is the design on the other side that you can’t see in the picture above…