Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Teen Mom 2- More Drama

Adam needs to pay rent, he shouldn’t just get to live rent free. And I think that Chelsea is smart for having him pay child support still. If things wouldn’t work out with him and he would move out, then that would probably be a big mess for her to try and get him back to paying child support.

I’m kinda on the fence with the whole Janelle thing. I think that Janelle’s mom should put her name on the papers for financial aid but then I think she shouldn’t. She should because she keeps saying that she wants Janelle to be more responsible, and by going to college that will show that she is trying to be responsible. But then she shouldn’t sign the papers because Janelle is still not helping out with Jace and is staying out all night.

Back to Chelsea and Adam, if Megan has to pay rent, then Adam should, too. Wait, he just moved in, did he really just say that Megan should move out? He doesn’t have any right to kick her out or even suggest that because she has lived there longer.

I was wondering why Kailyn couldn’t live with her mom, but then my roommate reminded me that it’s because her mom can’t afford it. That kind of sucks because if she could live there then she wouldn’t have to be worrying about where to stay.

Oh great, Janelle again. Wow, her mom actually signed the papers, I’m surprised. I still think it’s kind of weird seeing Janelle with Jace because she doesn’t have full custody. And that has to be really awkward for her to see him. That must be hard for her to know that she missed his first steps.

Family pictures, yay! They are such a cute family! The picture of them all in camo outfits was my favorite! It was just so adorable!!

Janelle’s mom doesn’t believe in buying birthday presents for young kids because they aren’t going to remember it when they are 10? Who cares, geez!

Corey wants to have another baby so soon and before they get married? Is he crazy? They should at least wait a few more years. And maybe get married before they have more kids.

I really want to see Kailyn and Jo work things out and get back together. I keep saying that if they work hard at it, I believe they could make it go. Maybe the could go to counseling.

I can’t believe that Adam texted Megan saying she has to pay rent or move out. That was uncalled for and he shouldn’t have a say in whether she lives there or not.

Jace’s birthday party should be interesting. I hope Janelle and her mom can at least get along till the end of the party. Well, it looks like she wasn’t even there for 5 minutes before they started fighting. It didn’t last that long though so at least they made it through the rest of the party without fighting.

Awww, Corey went ring shopping! I can’t wait to see how he proposes! I love hearing and reading about proposal stories, they are so cute!!

That is completely messed up that Megan had to move out. She is completely right, she was there for Chelsea when she was going through all that stuff with Adam. And she is Chelsea’s best friend, probably has been for a while. And Chelsea’s dad is right, this is Adam’s fault, he is the reason that Megan moved out. I just still can’t get over the fact that it really happened.

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