Thursday, February 3, 2011

LA Auditions

First off, what’s up with Randy’s shoes? Alright Victoria, you say you wanna knock the judges socks off, can you knock off Randy’s shoes? Wow, American Idol was sent to Los Angeles for you? Yeah right!

Tim Halperin was really good, reminds me of Tim Urban. I’m finding now that 10 years in, I’m comparing a lot of the new contestants to past contestants.

What is with all the swearing this season? First Steven and now Jennifer? Don’t they know this is a family show? And what is up with all the food going into the judges room? Haha.

It’s Adam Lambert!!!! Haha, not really, but it looks like him. Well Isaac, I think they know now that you dropped out of college. Ok, Daniel may look like Adam but he definitely doesn’t sound like him. Let’s see if Isaac is any better. And the answer would be…no way! They both!!!

That’s pretty cool how the Myspace auditions ended up working out, they picked the best and flew them to LA to audition. And Karen Rodriguez is the first Myspace auditioner to make it to Hollywood.

Hey, this girl is from Hoboken, NJ, that’s where Cake Boss is!!! Haha. Something tells me she isn’t good. I don’t get the microphone thing, that’s kinda weird. Alright, she’s not making a good name for Hoboken, she stinks! Haha, Randy runs away, and then she goes after him!!! And she’s singing “And I’m Telling You”, “You’re gonna love me”… haha…honey, he’s not going to love you, sorry!!

This guy looks like a freak. He shouldn’t quit his day job, whatever that is, I’m not quite sure. They called his friend his “Homie”? Wow! “Shall we vote?” Umm…it should just be a given “No!” I hope this is the last that we hear from him…he will never make it as a singer!

Haha, a guy singing “Pants on the ground”, that was funny!

Matt and Aaron are really good!!! I bet that during Hollywood week they’ll get split up though, that always happens to siblings.

Last guy of the night…and this guy is a joke. He reminds me of the “Pants on the ground” guy. Wow, he thinks he’s 59, he’s not sure? He's gonna be all over the internet and youtube, I’m telling you right now. It’s just a repeat of last year. Haha, he scared Ryan, that was funny when he jumped onto Randy.

Yay!!! We’ve almost reached the end of auditions and the beginning of Hollywood week!!! That’s all for now, leave me comments!!


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