Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Duggars Lose a Child…

I just got done watching what has been the saddest episode of 19 Kids and Counting. It was where they found out that Michelle had lost their 20th child at only about 17 weeks of her being pregnant. Tons of people criticize the Duggars for having the large family that they do and wonder why they still continue to have more after their 19th child was born 10 weeks early. I can’t imagine what losing their 20th child was like. I had tears through most of the episode. It just makes me appreciate life so much more I guess. I’ve read some blogs about people who have lost their children before they were born or 1 year old and I just can’t imagine having to go through that. It has to be one of the hardest things in life to go through. And to be honest, it kind of makes me scared for when me and my fiancé start having kids in a few years because you never know what’s going to happen in life. But that being said, you can’t dwell on the “what if’s” in life. What happens, happens, and I believe it happens for a reason. So what are your thoughts on this? Leave me a comment!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring is officially here!!

Even though we’ve had Spring-like weather here for a few weeks now, we can now say that it is officially Spring! Did anyone go to Rita’s on Tuesday for their free Italian ice?? My fiancé and I tried but we probably would have been in line for close to an hour so we said forget it! Our plan was to go to Rita’s and then go play some tennis at the park in our backyard, but we just skipped the first part of our plan. Note to self: always make sure there is a hair tie on my wrist! I didn’t have one while playing tennis and my hair was driving me crazy! So now I’m going to make sure I have hair ties in the bag that we take with us to the park to play tennis.

On another note, I can’t believe that I have 3 weeks of classes left this semester!!!! Then I go out into a classroom for the rest of the semester! Time sure is flying by!! I so can’t wait for this semester to be over because then I get to do a lot more planning for the wedding, including dress shopping!!!

Well, I better stop rambling on because I have to get to work on some school work. I’m busy pretty much all weekend starting tomorrow, so today may be my only chance to work on it. Have a great Friday and a great weekend everyone!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Recap

Well, the weekend (and Spring Break) are over. It’s time to start a new week of classes. I can’t believe that there are only 4 more weeks left of classes!! After that is a week of finals and then we head out into a classroom to observe and teach a few lessons. Then after that, the semester will be over and I can work, work, work! I sat down last night and looked at 3 things: how much me and my fiancé have saved for the wedding, what we estimate the whole wedding to cost, and how much we need to save. It turns out that we need approximately $6,000 more for our wedding! Now, it may be a little lower than that because we might have overestimated some things, but there were also things that I didn’t even know what to put down for an estimation. So, maybe we will need about $6,000 more. And we need to come up with that in a year! When you divide that out per month it’s about $500. I have no idea how we’re going to save that much but I guess somehow we’ll manage.

So, on to what we did over the weekend, on Saturday I worked a quick shift from 8:30-12:30, so when I came home we went out to the garden! It was another gorgeous day to be outside! And we got a lot accomplished with the garden! We got all of the major roots out and most of the rocks. Actually, we probably didn’t even get out half of the amount of rocks that are in the garden, but that would take forever to get out every single rock. So we did the best we could and got a lot of big ones out.

Here I am attempting to pull out a root. I eventually gave up and my fiancé had to take it out.


Here is the worst part of the garden. There used to be a tree there, I think I wrote about how my dad and fiancé cut it down a few weeks ago. Well, that tree produced a ton of roots that were difficult to get out. But, after a lot of work we got em out!



Moving the manure around…

100_4198  100_4200 And here is what the garden looks like now…

100_4201As we were gathering the tools and cleaning up, I grabbed his hat and put it on. I am definitely not a hat person!



So, that was pretty much it for my weekend. I thought that I worked from 5:30-10 last night, but it turns out my schedule was 10-6. So I got called into work and got there about an hour late. I didn’t get written up though, so that’s good. This is about the 3rd time that I thought I worked at night but really worked earlier in the day. I gotta make sure I double triple check my schedule! So here’s to another week…another week closer to the wedding! I got an email from The Knot saying that it is 14 months away!!! I can’t wait!!! Have a great week everyone!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Clearasil Perfectawash- Week 1 Update

Alright, so it’s been a week since I started using Clearasil’s Perfectawash. I wrote a few times during the week about what i thought about it.

After the first use- I love this stuff already! My face feels so soft and I can't stop touching it to feel its smoothness! I love how it is hands-free to dispense it in your hands. Then when you put it on your face, it foams up a little bit. I could feel the difference between this and Proactiv right away and I love the feeling of Perfectawash so much better! I have a good feeling that this is going to work! We'll just have to wait and see!!

After the second use the next morning- I still love this stuff and I can’t wait to use it again tonight!

Day 4- Ok, now it is starting to make my face dry, so I’m not sure what’s going on. A pimple that I had on my forehead is gone, but now I have developed a new one in the middle of my forehead. And I haven’t noticed much of a difference with the ones on my chin. I’m hoping it doesn’t continue to dry out my face.

Day 5- Face is still dry. I’m just thinking that my face is just getting used to the new wash so hopefully this is just a phase.

Day 7- I’m starting to think that this is making my face work. That pimple that was on my forehead that I said was gone, well it’s back. And I also have a few new pimples around my mouth.

The picture on the left is from before i started using it and on the right is after one week.

100_4116 100_4171

As you can see, the pimple on my forehead on the top right has gotten bigger. I think there are also a few others on my forehead that popped up. There’s one on my bottom lip on the right that you can see wasn’t there before. Other than that, I don’t really see that much of a difference. If anything, it made my face get worse. My face has been so dry recently that I’ve been putting Vaseline on my face right after I wash it. But it’s only been a week so I’m going to keep using it and give it a few more weeks. Maybe it just takes a little bit for my skin to get used to it.

Here are the pics of my chin. As you can see on the right, it definitely made the skin on my chin dry. It did take away some of the pimples on my chin though.

100_4121 100_4173

So, what do you think? Is this normal for my face to be getting worse at first when trying out a new skin product? Do you think it’s going to get any better?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I’m Loving Wednesday

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far, I know I am!!!

I’m LOVING the weather we’ve been having recently!!! It’s been in the 70s!!!! Yesterday I took advantage of it and I cleaned up the leaves from the carport and the flower bed in front of the house. I also cleaned out my car cause that has needed to get done for a while now!

I’m LOVING that my mom is spending the day with me today! She spent the night last night and now today we are going to hangout. Even though she only lives about an hour away from me, I don’t get to see her that much so it’s nice when I do get to see her!


I’m LOVING the cupcakes that my mom and I made. I haven’t tried any yet, but they look really good!!! I put 4 of them in a container for my mom to take with and then she ended up forgetting them! But she realized that she forgot them before she got to far away from my house so she came back for them.

Mixing the batter…100_4143


Before baking…100_4145

After baking…100_4146

I used a trick that Buddy from Cake Boss is always suggesting. I put the icing in a freezer size bag and cut one of the corners off. Then I squeezed the icing onto the cupcakes.100_4147

This is what they looked like after squeezing them on from the bag…100_4148

  My mom suggested we spread the icing out with a knife so we did. Then we put the sprinkles on top and they’re ready to go!100_4150

I’m LOVING that I got my engagement ring back last night!! About 2 weeks ago I looked down at my hand and this is what I saw…


I guess one of the prongs was trying to go over to the other one to say hi. I’m so glad that I noticed it before it got worse and I lost the diamond! So the night I discovered it we went out to Kay and they sent my ring to be fixed. They said they would send us an email when they got it in, so I was stalking my fiancé's email all day yesterday.  Well, when my fiancé got home he mentioned something about going out to the mall to get my ring and I asked how we could when they didn’t email us to say it was in. Here he called them on the way home from work and it was there.

Well, I’m off to make dinner. I’m going to make fajitas with an Old El Paso Fajita Dinner Kit! Then maybe after dinner, my fiancé and I will go down to the park and play some tennis. He got two rackets and some tennis balls last night. My mom and I went to the park earlier today to play a little bit and I can tell you, we definitely aren’t ready to go pro anytime soon. But oh well, we still had fun. Have a great night everyone!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Hunger Games

So I just realized that I  got into The Hunger Games pretty much the same way that I got into Twilight. I've been hearing people talk about it and have seen the previews for the movie so many times that I thought, "What the heck, I'll see what this is about". So, I downloaded a free sample of the book on my Kindle and just from reading the first chapter or so I loved it and had to read more!!! So then I bought all 3 books and my goal is to finish the first one around the end of March so that I can go see the movie in theaters. I'm not sure who I will go with though because 2 of my friends that are into it are already going at midnight and then once again after that with other people. So I'm not sure if either of them would want to go a third time, but you never know.

In my literacy class this past week we had to take a handwriting exam where we had to copy a short passage into print and cursive. I think I did alright on it and only messed up the cursive of a few letters. Well anyway, after I finished, I handed my paper to the professor and got my Kindle out to start reading The Hunger Games. My professor asks me "What are you reading?" So I tell her and she says that The Hunger Games terrified her! I've only read up to about chapter 8 or 9 I think and there isn't anything in it that terrified me yet. So what do you think, if you read The Hunger Games, did it terrify you? Leave me a comment! Have a great day!!

Weekend Recap

I’ve had a pretty busy weekend!! Friday night I worked a 4-hour shift and then I did the same thing on Saturday afternoon. I came home, made dinner, ate dinner, then worked on school work. Today, I didn’t work until 5:30 so I had all day to do whatever! Well, my fiancé and I decided to go to Lowes and here is what we bought…100_4122 Yup, we got some gardening things!! And when we got home, we decided that we couldn’t wait and wanted to start working in the garden right away. If you remember from this post, me, my fiancé, and my dad dug up the sod from the garden a few weeks ago. The next step was to get a rototiller to till the soil. We didn’t want to buy or rent one because it’s expensive. And if we would have gotten a rototiller anyway, we probably would have broken it! As we were digging through the soil, we found a bunch of rocks and roots! Yeah it will take us longer to do it without a rototiller, but it’s a lot cheaper!
Here is the semi-before picture (Note to self: take pictures before starting something, not right after)100_4123
We just focused on the one side of the garden. Before going to Lowes to get our supplies, my fiancé measured it and it is 16 ft by 10 ft!!100_4124
  Just so you could kinda see what the soil is like, I took a picture of me holding some soil and it falling out of my hand. It is so soft and workable! 100_4127
  As I mentioned before, there were a ton of rocks in the soil. I kept the bigger ones and put them in a box. I’m planning on doing something with them, but I’m not sure exactly what yet. I think I’ll check out Pinterest and see if I can find any ideas on there.100_4129
   One more picture…here is what the garden looks like now. You can definitely tell the difference between both sides of the garden. (If you can’t tell, the right side is the side we just worked on)100_4132
So now, since I’m on spring break this week and because the weather is supposed to be gorgeous this week, I’m going to try and get out to the garden a little bit so I can keep working at getting more of those dang rocks out of it.
That was my weekend…so what exciting things did you do this past weekend? Leave me a comment and let me know!!!  

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday’s Letters

I saw this on another blog so I thought I’d write a post like it of my own.

Dear lady at the gas pump,
When there isn’t a car at the pump in front of you, please pull forward so I can park behind you.

Dear person going 40 in a 55,
The speed limit is 55, so go 55!!

Dear Milo,
Stop attacking Mia when she isn’t in play mood.

Dear May 18, 2013,
Get here already! I wanna get married!!!

Sorry if those are lame, I’ve never done this kind of post so give me a break! Have a great rest of your Friday night, or what’s left of it!


Clearasil’s Perfectawash

*I was in no way compensated for this post, I decided to write it on my own.*

So I’ve been using Proactiv for about, I don’t know, 5 years now and I’ve finally decided that it costs way too much! And I haven’t always kept up with it and used it twice a day like you are supposed to do. When I did, I found that it really worked and my skin cleared up. But because I haven’t been using it twice a day, everyday, I kept getting more shipped to me even when I didn’t need more. I got the shipping interval set to the highest you could make it so I think I was getting a new shipment every 20 weeks. Well even that wasn’t long enough so I just said forget about it and cancelled my membership.

Just recently I have been seeing commercials for this…


It is called Perfectawash and is made by Clearasil. I find it interesting that I’m actually going to use this because I had used Clearasil products before and then they didn’t work so that is why I tried Proactiv. But, I’m willing to give this a try and see how well it works.

Here is what it looks like outside of the box


Here it is with the face wash in place and ready to go.


And here it is in my bathroom, I got rid of the remaining Proactiv I had so I could make room for Perfectawash!100_4094

  So here is the before picture. I’m not sure why it isn’t showing up that well, but there is a bunch of acne on my chin. I also have some on my cheeks and there’s a bigger one on my forehead at the moment.100_4115  

Here is a close-up of my chin so you see the acne I’m talking about.


Not pretty, I know! That’s exactly why I want to get rid of this acne!!!! I mean come on, I’m 22!!! I thought acne was a high school problem!!

So anyway, I’m going to start using the Perfectawash tonight before going to bed and will continue using it in the morning and at night everyday. Then I will take pictures weekly to track my progress. My goal is for this acne to be gone before my wedding, which is in 435 days!!! If it isn’t gone within even half that time, then I don’t know what else I can do for my skin!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So…like I said I would do in my last post, me, my fiancé, and my friend decided to walk down to the park since it was so nice out. And we also decided to go geocaching!! A few of my friends have gotten into it recently but I haven’t had the chance to go with them, so tonight was my first time geocaching. My fiancé has a Droid so we used a GPS app on there to find the geocaches. (Check out to learn about Geocaching and what it is if you’ve never heard of it). At first, we were just using the maps app on his phone and it wasn’t very accurate. We tried to go to the place it was telling us the first one was, but it wasn’t there. So then we used the clues that we got from the site and we found it!!!

Me with my first geocache find!!100_4073 

We saw that there was another one in the area so we decided to try and find that one. This time, my fiancé downloaded a GPS app. This app worked a lot better than just the maps app. It got us really close to the geocache which my fiancé actually ended up finding.

Here he is with his first geocache find!

He was trying to do the whole “flashlight under your chin” thing, but you can’t really tell because the flash lit it up.

So there ya go, our first geocaching adventure!!! When I got on the site to log our 2 finds, I found there there are 1 or 2 more in the area we were in tonight. So we will have to go back sometime to find the other two!! If you haven’t tried geocaching yet, you need to!! It is so much fun and addicting!!! I can’t wait to go on my next adventure!!

Another thing I’m loving….

So since I wrote my What I'm Loving Wednesday post this morning, I didn’t get to add another thing I love since I hadn’t gone outside yet.

I am LOVING how nice it is outside!!!! It definitely feels like Spring outside right now! One of my friends (and previous co-worker) is coming over soon to check out my new house and catch up for a bit. Then after that I’m going to make dinner and I think me and my fiancé are going to eat outside tonight!! After that, hopefully it’s still nice out, I would love to take a walk to the park which is pretty much in our backyard!!! I’ll be sure to take pictures if we end up doing that. If you live somewhere where the weather is really nice outside, then get outside and enjoy it!!

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's been a loooooong time since I've done a "What I'm Loving Wednesday" post, but starting today, I'm going to do one each week!! (Linking up here)

I'm LOVING that I only have 2 more classes and then it's time for Spring Break!! Yeah, I'm still excited even though I'm not going anywhere. I'm just going to be working and catching up on some school work. Oh well, at least it's a break from going to classes!

I'm LOVING my 2 kitties!!! They are my babies!! And I'm so glad that Milo is finally getting along with Mia! (Side note: Milo just attacked Mia. It seemed like it was definitely more than just playing. And, I got scratched pretty good on my foot as I was pulling him away from her)

I'm LOVING the new hand lotion from Layers by Scentsy!! The consultants were given a tube of it at Spring Sprint and I still have mine from February 2nd!! I use it all the time and need to get more!!!

I'm LOVING that there are 437 days until my wedding!!! Sure that seems like it's a loooooong time away, but it will be here before I know it!!

Here is the very first picture of us back in April of 2009!
So what are you loving this Wednesday?? Leave me a comment! Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bucket List

So I was browsing through my blog and I noticed that I only have 2 items on my bucket list. I gotta change that and I want your input about what I should add to it. So please leave me a comment with any suggestions you may have! Have a great day!

A garden at last!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always said that when I get a house I want to have a garden!!! Well, that dream is finally going to become reality!! A few weeks ago me, my fiancé, and my dad started on the garden by digging up the sod. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be! I tried taking the shovel to dig up a piece of sod, but I’m just not strong enough! So I left that to my fiancé and dad and I just carried the pieces of sod across the yard to put under a tree.

I forgot to take a picture of the area before we started digging, but I did take one when they were almost done.


100_3990It wasn’t the best day to do this because of the rain, but we had already planned to do it that day so we just went for it. It wasn’t even raining that hard, just sprinkling.

Here is a picture of the garden after they were done digging up the sod.

100_3994So now, the hard part of having a garden is done. Next we need to get a rototiller so we can till the soil. But until then, I need to decide what I want to plant. I’m debating if I’m going to start any plants indoors or not because I don’t have any places inside that get enough sunlight so I’m not sure where I would put them so that they get sunlight.

I just found this awesome chart that says when to start seeds indoors and when to start them in the ground. You put in your zip code and then it tells you approximated dates of when to plant vegetables.

image I also found this site on Pinterest, it’s called Sprout Robot. You plug in your zip code like the site above and it tells you what you can plant in your garden and when. You gotta love the internet! If you don’t know anything about gardening (like me) you can find all kinds of tools to help you out!!!

imageSo question for you, what tips do you have when growing a garden? What are some easy vegetables to grow? What are hard vegetables to grow? Leave me a comment, thanks!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I don’t know about you guys, but I love 31!! Not familiar with 31? It is a direct sales company that sells all sorts of bags like purses, totes, wallets, organizers, and much more! I bought this thermal tote a few months ago and I love it!

image Looking through a catalog and at the online site, there are so many different things I’d love to order if only I had the money!!!

Like this bag…


I could totally see myself using a bag like that in the future when I have kids as a diaper bag!!

Another bag I love…I think it would be perfect for the beach!


So…since I love 31 and their bags, I have decided to host a catalog party. If you would be interested in buying anything from 31, you can click on this link to place your order and it will be delivered straight to your door!!