Saturday, June 16, 2012

Welcome to the family!

Today my fiance and I decided to go to the Humane League to check out the cats there. We thought we were going to just be looking, but we thought wrong. I’d like to introduce you all to Tigger!

100_4539  100_4541  We wanted to get another cat so that Mia has a friend and we didn’t want to wait too long to get another one. When we first got Mia, we were afraid that her and Milo wouldn’t get along. At first they didn’t and Milo would his at her every time he saw her. So I don’t care if people tell me that it was too soon for us to get another cat, we feel that it wasn’t. It isn’t like we are replacing Milo. No cat will ever be able to replace Milo, ever! After the way Mia is acting towards Tigger, we are so glad that we got him when we did because she has been hissing at him a bit. If we would have waited any longer to get another cat, things could have been a lot worse!!

We were going to leave Tigger in the box for a little bit and let Mia smell it. But Tigger kept meowing so we let him out. Here is a picture of their first look at each other! So cute! 100_4545 Tigger just wanted to explore his new home.

100_4546 100_4547100_4549 100_4550 And Mia doesn’t seem to want anything to do with him. It is just like when Mia was the new kitten! And Tigger, he doesn’t seem to care one bit. He has been too busy exploring.

100_4552100_4556 100_4557 100_4558100_4561 100_4562100_4569

And here is a picture of one of the first times Mia hissed at Tigger. She’s hissing at Tigger just like Milo hissed at her. Except she isn’t hissing at him as much as Milo hissed at her.

100_4574   100_4578100_4581    

Now Tigger is sleeping on the couch right beside me. I’m glad that’s where he is cause otherwise I’d have to be following him around like I was earlier to make sure he doesn’t go to the bathroom anywhere besides the litter box. I have to work later tonight and my fiance just left recently to go play airsoft, so I’m going to have to put Tigger in the bathroom with some food and water. We don’t want to leave them alone with each other until we are sure that they will get along.100_4587

It took a little while for Milo and Mia to get used to each other and they eventually did. They were best friends!! Here are some pictures I got of them last week.

100_4490 100_4493100_4495 

And here is the last picture that I took of Milo…100_4527

Mommy and daddy miss you Milo…and we always will!!! No cat can ever replace you!!! You were our first kitten together and you will never be forgotten!!!


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