Friday, June 1, 2012

So far it looks good…

So the weather recently has been kinda icky. It’s been storming here almost every night!! So far the weather for tomorrow looks like this…

Weather for tomorrowI am hoping that it stays that way for tomorrow because my fiancé and I are going to hit the pool for the first time this summer!!!! I’m so excited to see the newly remodeled pool!! There is a waterslide and some kind of climbing wall. I’ve never heard of a climbing wall being at a pool before, but my fiancé thinks that it is something that is over the pool and then if you fall off as you are climbing, you just fall into the pool. I think he may be right but I guess we will see tomorrow.

So last night I finished the 2nd book in the Hunger Games series and decided to give the series a break for now. I’m loving the books but I just figured I would read something different. So I read a Kindle single called Recalculating by Jennifer Weiner. It was really short but it was really good, I would definitely recommend it. Now I am reading a book called A Dog Named Slugger by Leigh Brill. It is a memoir in which the author writes about her journey with cerebral palsy and getting a service dog. So far I am 30% done with the book and that was just in one sitting! I think that is the most I have gotten to read a book in one sitting!! I am loving having no classes to deal with! I’m going to make a goal for myself right now: by the time I start student teaching in the fall, I will have read a total of 20 books. So far I have read The Hunger Games, Catching Fire,  and Recalculating, so my total is at 3. Along with A Dog Named Slugger, I am also reading Fifty Shades of Grey, so when I am done with those 2 books, I will be up to 5! I will be sure to post about every book I read so I can keep track of my progress.

Yikes, I just got a tweet from my local radio station saying there is a severe thunderstorm warning until 4:45 PM and a tornado watch until 9 PM!! Now I gotta go get ready for work, catch everyone later! Leave me your comments and stay safe if you live in an area with bad weather!!

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