Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Bachelorette in Prague

Here we go…another week of the Bachelorette. This week they are in Prague, Czech Republic. It’s getting down to the wire with only 6 guys left. And the 4 that make it through this week, get to take Emily back to their hometown to meet their family. There are 4 dates this week: 3 individual dates and one group date. And on the individual dates, there won’t be a rose like there has been in previous episodes, but there will be a rose on the group date.

Arie is the first lucky one to get an individual date. They walked around the town and did some sightseeing. So apparently Arie had a past romantic relationship with one of the producers of the Bachelor. Emily had no idea about this, but that producer told Emily about it as soon as it became apparent that Emily had serious interest in Arie. Emily find it strange that when the producer was mentioned, that Arie didn’t say anything about knowing her, so she is wondering what else he is hiding. She kind of beat around the bush by asking him if he would consider himself trustworthy and he said he would. He said, “it’s better to be upfront and honest, almost too honest.” Then he revealed that he had a tattoo of a girl’s name on him but he got it covered up. Then it turns out, that in an off-camera discussion that Arie and Emily had, Arie told her that he felt that the relationship was so brief and that it happened so long ago, that it didn’t matter. Emily agreed and realized that her feelings about Arie weren’t affected. Arie told Emily that he loves her!!! So cute!! I think she would have liked to say she loved him, but there are still other 5 guys that she could possibly have those feelings for.

The next individual date was with John and this is his first one-on-one date with her. There hasn’t really been any kind of connection between them before, so maybe on their date some sparks will fly. There is a gate that people put locks on that they write messages on, and when they were putting their lock on, they  had some difficulties. They took that as not being a good sign. At dinner, he opened up to Emily about getting cheated on with an ex-girlfriend a week after their 1 year anniversary. Emily said that helped her to understand why he has been holding back a little bit. They had their first kiss! I still don’t see anything happening between the two of them.

The group date card arrived and the names on the card were: Sean, Doug, and Chris. That means that Jef will be getting the last one-on-one date. After John came back from his date and told the guys that it went well, Sean ran off trying to look for Emily. He found her and immediately gave her a kiss!! He told her that he wasn’t thrilled to be on the group date card so he had to go find her! She loved the surprise and it was so cute!!! It was kind of like they got to have a little individual date because they got some alone time together.

Onto the group date, they took a horse-drawn carriage to a castle. Doug and Emily got the chance to have some alone time. He didn’t seem that interested in being close to Emily and his body language made it seem like he didn’t want to be there. Then she was rambling on to him and all of a sudden he surprises her with a kiss. Then she sent him home…wow! I was kind of expecting that at the beginning of her rambling but I wasn’t sure. Then Emily was on a two-on-one date with Sean and Chris. They both got a key and whichever one opened the door, that would be the one that would get to spend time with Emily first. Sean was the one with the winning key so he got to spend some time with her first. Chris expressed to Emily that he was upset that he didn’t get a one-on-one date with her, but they made the best of it. At the end of the date, Emily gave the rose to Sean! Out of those 2 guys, I’m glad that Sean got the rose.

Jef and Emily went into a shop that sold all kinds of marionettes. They each left with one and then Jef went back into the shop to get one for Ricki. Next on their date, they went into a beautiful library and they put on a puppet show about the first time they met to their first kiss. Then Jef confessed that he is in love with her!  They they laid on a blanket on the floor and discussed the future and kids. I can really see them ending up together!!

Normally before the rose ceremony, they have a cocktail party so Emily has a chance to talk to some of the guys. This week, they skipped that because Emily had her mind made up. The roses went to: Jef (not surprised at all), Arie (again, not surprised), and Chris. But right before Emily handed out the last rose, Chris interrupted Emily and told her that ne needed to talk to her. He apologized for the way he acted when he didn’t get the rose on the group date. He also told her that he is falling in love with her. So that means that John went home. I’m actually surprised that he lasted as long as he did because I just never thought he was the right guy for her. And she obviously felt the same way.

I just looked back at last weeks post I did about the Bachelorette and only 2 of the 3 that I predicted she would end up with are left: Jef and Arie. They have always been 2 of my favorites from the very beginning. I also looked back on my very first post about the season, and the guy that I said could be the one was Doug. Oh how I was wrong about that. But that was the first episode so it was kind of hard to predict which guy would be the one out of 25 guys. Next week Emily gets to meet the family members of Sean, Jef, Arie, and Chris!


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