Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pinterest and What I’m Loving

This week I’m linking up with both Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday and What I’m Loving Wednesday. I thought I would combine both of them into one post.


I’m LOVING that I found something for me and my fiancé to do this Friday night and next Friday night! I posted on Monday about how we had nothing to do on Saturday. So I did some looking online and found a miniature golf course that is about 20 minutes away that we’ve never been to. So that is what we are doing next Friday night because they are having a 21 and over event from 9-11 pm. Then this coming Friday, we are having one of his friends and his girlfriend over for game night with our Kinect (that never gets played anymore).

I’m LOVING that I got to hangout with a friend and bridesmaid Monday night that I haven’t seen since last October!!! For months now we have been trying to get together to hangout but something always came out! We definitely can’t go that long before hanging out again!!

I’m LOVING this idea from Pinterest!! And instead of using chocolate melted in a bowl, I’ll use my Velata warmer to coat the kiwi in chocolate! I’m definitely going to have to pick up some kiwi after work tomorrow night!!


I’m LOVING these Dr. Seuss quotes! Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss?


As always, I’m LOVING my wonderful fiancé…

Negley-88-1864240804-O And our two adorable babies…


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