Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Bachelorette Heads to Bermuda!

This week on the Bachelorette, they headed to Bermuda!! There will be 3 dates: an individual date, group date, and 2 on 1 date. And on the group date, if they don’t get a rose, they are headed home immediately.

Doug is the one to get the individual date and they walked around town for a little and did some shopping. They are so cute together! Emily got a postcard to send to Doug’s son, Austin. I thought that was really thoughtful of her! At dinner, Emily tried to dig deeper and figure out more about Doug. She thinks that he is just giving him perfect answers and not honest answers. But then he asked her for her faults and she said that it was hard coming up with them on the spot so she realized how he felt when she was asking him what his faults were. In the end, she gave him a rose so he is safe this week! It seemed a little awkward at the end. Doug was saying in a side interview that he isn’t going to make the first move to kiss Emily and that if she wants a kiss, she will have to make the first move. The look on her face made it seem like she was a little disappointed that he didn’t make the first move and kiss her.

On to the group date…they did some sailing! The guys were split in half and took part in a Bermuda match race! The winners would get to spend more time with Emily while the losers were headed back to the hotel. One group almost tipped their boat over! I don’t think any of the guys had any experience with sailing. I’m glad that Arie and Jef were part of the winning team. Emily seems to have a connection with both of them.

Next was the date that the guys were dreading…the 2 on 1 date with John and Nate. And at the end of this date, someone will be going home! They went to an island called Diving Board Island where they jumped off a cliff into the water! It looked like so much fun!! I would love to be able to do that someday! After that, they went into a cave to have dinner. That looked amazing!! The whole date was really awkward! I bet Emily felt a little better when she got the chance to talk to Nate alone for a little bit. I don’t think Emily and Nate have gotten to spend as much time together as she has with some of the other guys. I’m just not seeing any connection between them. And Emily didn’t see that connection either because John got the rose, sending Nate packing.

Surprisingly, Alejandro got a rose. I haven’t seen any connection between them. Maybe she just wants to keep him so she can spend more time with him. The 2 guys going home were Michael and Charlie. I think that was a good choice because she never connected with either of them.

Next week they head to London, England. I can’t wait for next week! Things are getting really good!!! One thing that is going to happen next week is that one of the guys tells Emily that one of the guys referred to Ricki as baggage. I really hope she finds out who that guy is and gets rid of him! I guess we’ll have to wait until next Monday night to find out!


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