Thursday, January 27, 2011

Idol Goes to Nashville

Haha, wow, is that first guy serious? Alright, here we go, in for another night of Idol. I’m glad it’s only 1 hour. I don’t think we would need 4 hours of auditions each week. Two on Wednesday and one on Thursday is perfectly fine.
This girls voice is annoying. Before she even starts singing, I think she shouldn’t quit her day job. Wow! What the heck is she doing?? She kind of reminds me of Jessica Simpson, haha. Just the way she looks and kinda talks, but not entirely. Yeah, she should definitely not quit her day job. I hope she’s better as a dental hygienist than she is at singing. Haha, and no, she can’t read minds either. Wow, and she hears “yes” when she was really told “no”.
Alright, two people that used to date, this is a first. Kinda odd. And their auditioning together? Why do they even let them sing in pairs? It bugs me so much when they do this. There can only be ONE American Idol. Isn’t there some other show they can audition for if they want to sing together? “Works at a restaurant” as his job…can’t they just say he is a cook or a waiter? That’s weird, they say that she is a waitress, so why does it just say “works at a restaurant” for him? I find that funny. They were both really good!! Haha, Jennifer, I don’t think they will get back together, she has a boyfriend! I wish they could though, they look so cute together!
A tattoo artist? Yeah, that’s definitely the next American Idol…not!
Addrienne Beasley sounds really good!!! She should go through and be in the top 10!!! “Whose gonna pay your way?” Haha, doesn’t Idol pay for them to get to Hollywood? They should.
Haha, Steven tells her to go home and practice and Randy tells her not to. And then Jennifer says, “Is it a no from you?” Lol…wow, like she needed to ask.
What is this? A guy in a completely blue suit?? Ok, that was one of the strangest auditions ever.
Another beauty pageant girl. Wow, she brought them a copy of a CD she made? Double wow…I thought she was like, 16 or 18!! She’s 26??? I don’t believe it!!!
Another sob story. And she’s  on 15, wow. She looks and acts like she’s older than that. I thought Lauren Alaina was amazing! Steven is right, she’s gonna have 40 million people crying, I could feel tears welling up in my eyes!! Aww, that was cool that her family got to go in there and that she sang her Mom and Dad’s song, which just happened to be an Aerosmith song. I can see her in the top 10!
Oh wow…Steven things they found the one. I wonder if he’s talking about Lauren. It could be. Well, that’s all for now. Leave me your comments :) :)


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