Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Milwaukee Idol Auditions

Milwaukee…Danny Gokey’s hometown!!! Let’s see how the auditions go tonight.
Up first, Scotty McCreery He does have a deep voice, I can’t believe he’s only 16! He does not sound like he’s 16. If I would have heard him on the radio, I would think he’s in his 20’s. Some people would argue though that Idol doesn’t need anymore country singers, but I disagree with that. I’m currently arguing with my roommate and her boyfriend because they are saying that country singers don’t do good after the show. I told them that she had 10 #1 hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs. You know what they said “Who cares, that’s not the Billboard list.” Well I say, “whatever!” to them! If country singers want to audition for Idol, then let them. And if the judges put them through, ok. And then if America wants to vote for them, alright. It doesn’t matter about the genre, it’s the talent that counts!
Wow, Emma Henry was 5-years-old when Kelly won, that’s hard to believe. I think she’s okay. She could definitely improve from lessons. I can understand why she wants to go through because this could be the last season of the show. So they might tell her, “come again next year”, but she might not get that chance. I’m glad she went through though and I hope she can prove them wrong!
And here come some bad people and wow are they bad. That guy doesn’t sound like Frank Sinatra at all! I find it funny that people think they sound like famous singers and they sound nothing like them!!! Wow, did he really ask, “Can I get a sip of your Coke?”
Wow, all the 15-year-olds got through to Hollywood? That definitely wouldn’t have happened if Simon was there cause he couldn’t stand the 16-year-olds. But I think if they are good, then give em a chance. Now my roommate and her boyfriend are complaining yet again about Idol. They are saying that letting 15-year-olds on the show is child abuse. I disagree with that. Then they’re also saying that statistics show that young celebrities are more at risk for drug abuse. I do think that is right. I mean, look at Lindsay Lohan and Michael Jackson.
“Hippies believe in sex. He hasn’t gone anywhere with anyone since my mom.” Wow, Idol has found some strange people this season. His voice is way too high!!! I love how Randy is hiding his laughter with his Coke cup. Did Steven say that was outstanding? He’s crazy!
An Obama freak? Okay. Wow!!! Randy punched her in the mouth? That sucks!!! I can’t believe he could hit someone’s mouth and not realize it?? Ah ha…she’s an intern at the White House and went to Harvard, so she’s into law. That makes sense that she likes Obama so much. She probably wonders every day if she’ll get to see him, haha. I didn’t like how low she was in the beginning, but thought she sounded good once she got higher.
Woah, “Is it because I’m not as skinny as the others?” Wow, I can’t believe she said that and thinks that’s the reason she didn’t go through. Come on, look at Ruben Studdard and Jennifer Hudson. And no, she can’t sing better than the other ones.
Scott Dangerfield. Why does that name sound familiar?? Did he audition for Idol before and I missed him say that? I gotta do some research now. Alright, maybe I’m just imagining it. But I swear there was someone on Idol before that had that same last name.
Oh great, here comes the girl they are calling the most annoying girl ever. Wow!!! Is she serious right now?? It sounds like an opera version of the song! That sounds sooooo bad!!! I wonder what Justin Bieber will think of that.
Aww, this is a sad story. I hope he’s good!! Chris Medina should definitely be in the top 10! And I’m not saying that just because of his story, he’s really good! Aww, that was so sweet that they wanted to meet his fiancé.
So, ending on a sad night,  here’s what I wanna know from you, my readers, what do you think about Idol changing the age limit from 16 to 15? Do you think that it is wrong for kids that young to miss school to go on Idol? They do get tutored while they are on the show though, so it isn’t like they just stop learning completely. Thanks for reading and leave me comments :)


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