Tuesday, January 18, 2011

American Idol…does anyone care anymore?

So, American Idol premiers tomorrow night (which sucks for me because I have a night class), and I’m just very curious to see how it’s going to do this year. I mean, this is the 10th year and there are only 2 original people on the show! I mean, let’s take a look of how the main cast of the show has changed, shall we?

We started with these four: Simon, Randy, Paula, and Ryan.
Then they decided to add a fourth judge: Kara.

Then Paula decided to leave and they brought on Ellen.

Well, then, after only being on for one season, Ellen decided to leave. Kara supposedly got fired and Simon decided to leave, which had us all wondering who they would put on to replace those three because we all know that Randy can’t do it by himself. So after finally coming to a decision, they came up with this:
Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez would be the two new judges.
It’s kinda funny looking at those four pictures because you realize that there are only two constants in all four: Randy and Ryan. And actually, there should be a 5th picture added before the first one of only Simon, Randy, Paula, and Ryan. And that should be a picture of those four plus Brian Dunkleman, because he was a second host on season 1. But I couldn’t find a picture with him in it, plus I almost forgot all about him.
But anyway, it should be interesting to see how the show does with pretty much all new people but two. I’ve been a huge fan of the show since season 2 and I’ll admit I would be sad to see the show go, but I’m not sure how many more years it will be around and get the ratings it needs to stay.
So what are your thoughts on Idol? Leave a comment and let me know :)


  1. well you know that i am a big idol fan and i am excited for it to start it will be interesting to see how the new judges are and to see what its gonna be like with the new changes they have also i wonder am i gonna find anyone on this season that im gonna like as much if not more than casey we will see

  2. So even though I am not a fan of American Idol, I will comment. The loss of old judges and the addition of new judges has me thinking that American Idol is going to die a slow painful death and it will be on the air much longer. I would watch it more if they had no age limit because we are to be looking for the next "American Idol.". Who are they to say the next idol is not a 50 year old man or woman. I want to be the one who decides who our next idol is going to be, but it may still be as popular as ever!

  3. I'm sure you'll find someone that you'll like more about Casey, lol. You said that about contestants from season's before him.

    And yeah, I kinda think Idol will die a slow, painful death as well.


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