Thursday, January 20, 2011

Idol Goes to New Orleans

Alright, night two of the auditions: New Orleans. I’m really liking the new opening for Idol. It’s about time they changed it. I mean, they’ve changed it a few times, but this is the biggest change they’ve made, and it’s nice.
Why did Jovany Barreto have to sing in Spanish?? This is American Idol, not Spanish Idol. Wow, now he’s gotta get all sappy? I thought he was alright, wish we woulda got to hear him sing in English though. Wait, what is he doing? Wow, that was very strange, never saw that before on Idol. I agree with Jennifer’s reaction, what the heck just happened there!
It’s a small world, turns out that Jacquelyn Dupree’s dad was Randy’s football couch in high school. Her voice sounded wonderful. And she’s off to Hollywood!
Brett seems like an interesting kid. And he shocked me…I didn’t think a voice that good was gonna come out of that body, but wow. I think he’ll melt the hearts of girls across America. I can see him getting far! You know, he kinda reminds me of a past contestant on Idol, but I just can’t put my name on which one.
On no, here are all the bad people! Wow, that is one loooooooong note! One long, horrible note! Oh yea, the guy saying “Did anyone hear what I just said?" is totally the next American Idol! I think he was trying to be the rapper version of Michael Jackson.
Idol Camp? Sweet…I had heard a little bit about it but I think it was too expensive and not near me so I couldn’t go. Wow, I don’t think Alex Attardo learned much at camp. And he didn’t realize he was that bad?
Jaceee Badueax is only 15?? Wow! Wait, how is he allowed to audition, I thought you have to be 16. Did I miss something? Maybe the limit is 15, I’ll have to double check that though. For being a big Idol fan, I can’t believe I’m questioning something about the show.
Alright, so during the commercial break I did some research and I found this:
“"Does an average 15-year-old even know who these people are?" Salzman asks. "She's somebody's mother, and he's somebody's grandfather. I don't think they have that prime-time fascination. Jennifer Lopez 10 years ago would have been like royalty. Right now? She's not royalty."
Now seems like a good time to mention 15-year-olds. That's the lowered age limit on the show (28 is the top end), another trick designed to get audiences to care again. If you're wondering why the age has been dropped, Estrin has two words for you: Justin Bieber, god to adolescent girls everywhere.”
Read more:
So I guess I did miss that change they made, haha. That makes sense that they would lower the age, and as I read that part in the article, I knew that the reason had to have been because of Justin Bieber.
Last contestant of the day and it’s a sob story, Paris Tassin. I almost thought for a second there that something happened and she didn’t have the baby, but it’s a miracle that she did. That was a really good song choice for her and I can see why she picked it. She sounded really good!!! She should definitely be in the top 10!!
The auditions come to a close and 37 people from New Orleans are on their way to Hollywood. I’d say tonight’s show had more talent that New Jersey. Could the next Idol be from New Orleans? We’ll have to wait and see!

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  1. "Why did Jovany Barreto have to sing in Spanish?? This is American Idol, not Spanish Idol."

    Really? Because last time I checked people in AMERICA can speak Spanish. It's not "English Idol", it's "American Idol". He's an American. America is not definied by one language. People here speak more than English.


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