Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A New Era of Idol

So it’s finally here! The 10th season of Idol! Wow, I never thought I was going to say that!! That was an awesome opening, they totally revamped it! As Randy said, “it’s a different table”, that is for sure! Even the logo on the screen isn’t the same, it’s like, not a real oval shape.
New Jersey is up first! First up is Rachel Zevita who auditioned for Idol season 6 and got cut the first day of Hollywood. Wow, that’s pretty cool that JLo remembered her. I like her and hope she makes it farther in Hollywood week this year. We’ll have to wait and see.
This next guy looks like a rocker. Caleb Hawley, eh, sounds more country after listening to him for a little bit. Wow, Steven Tyler is getting into it. I think he is the new Paula, cause that is how she probably would have acted.
Kenzie Palmer, a PA native, yay! It’s a Carrie Underwood song!!! She’s alright, but when it comes to the high notes she just doesn’t quite sound the best. Alright, now JLo is sounding like Paula, she’s defending her and you can tell she wants her to go through. Three yes’s, and she’s off to Hollywood!!!
American Idol Jersey Edition…reminds me of Jersey Shore, which is a stupid show!! Sorry for anyone reading this who likes the show. Thank you for the lesson on how to do your hair, Tiffany. I predict right now that she won’t be good. This is just something I like to do during auditions, is to look at the people before they start singing and say if I think they can sing or if they can’t. Well, she wasn’t horrible, but she wasn’t as bad as I thought she would be. I thought the second song was a little better. I don’t like her as much as the judges do, and I find that happens a lot with me and the show.
And here come the bad singers. The delusional people who really think they have talent. That still blows my mind. How can you be that  bad and think that you are the next American Idol? By now, people probably just audition for the show since it’s so popular and they just wanna say they auditioned for it. Haha, JLo doesn’t like to be the deciding vote. I wouldn’t want to either.
First sob story of the season… Robbie was in a wheelchair and thought he would never walk again. But that was not the case, he is now walking! And yay, he’s really good! I could see him in the top 20. “Should we vote?” “No, Hollywood. Bye!” Haha, that was sweet!!
Ashley wants everyone to “have to" hear her sing. Well, she got her wish. Wow, I hope she never gets her wish again. That was pretty bad. She should go do broadway, just like JLo said. But she definitely isn’t for American Idol. It’s a no for today Randy? It should be a no forever!!! What?!?!? Steven and JLo are crazy! She’s probably gonna be cut when they make the first cuts in Hollywood.
Victoria Huggins…another 16-year-old. It’s pretty cool that as the seasons go on, there are contestants that (kinda like me) grew up with the show. And she can sing! There was a small part of me that thought she wouldn’t be good at all, but she proved me wrong. I agree with JLo, she is adorable!! I think she can make it pretty far! Maybe not the next Idol, but she could make it to the top 10 possibly.
So one thing I wanna point out, we only have about 40 minutes left, and haven’t seen any bad people yet. I wonder why that is. I thought that the Fox producers always showed the bad people for ratings. I guess this year they just wanted to be different. Or, they could be holding out on us and show all the bad people at the end.
Day 2 in Jersey…and first up is a singing waitress in NYC. That is different. First we got Kellie Pickler, a skating waitress in NC, and now we get this girl. Devyn Rush…and she’s another girl from PA! (If you can’t tell, that’s my homestate, lol). And she is really good!!
Tell us about yourself….”Uh….” Wow! What a great answer. This guy was imitating Michael Jackson when he was in the womb? OMG! Now he’s gonna do “Party in the USA”. Yoji, you should never do that again, I’m sorry! They definitely saved the bad ones for last, lol. Ahhh….the montage of everyone butchering the same song, they do this every year!
You aren’t purposeless without singing…wow, I’ve never heard anyone say that. I’m sure there is something else in your life that you are good at, so go for that, geez!
Alright, last guy of the night, Travis Orlando, I think he’ll be good…they saved the best for last, maybe. He is pretty good!! I loved his version of “I’m Yours”, that is a great song! He’s goin’ to Hollywood!!!
Alright, so that’s a wrap for New Jersey. So it’s time for my final thoughts on tonight’s show…I thought it was a great season premiere. It had me laughing and they showed some good people so we’re off to a good start. I don’t think we saw our next American Idol tonight though. But no worries, we  have many more nights of auditions left. So, leave me comments and let me know what you thought :) And share my blog with a friend or two, thanks!!

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  1. Devyn Rush is my favorite. Blew me away! And I hope Rachel gets her confidence back because she so deserves a real shot! and I like Caleb A LOT! So thanks for sharing your blog. But really, the panel is boring. I respect Steven Tyler and even value Randy's opinion but JLO just tried too hard, eye candy purpose only and it was awkward with all 3 of them together. AI is over and it should be.


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