Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More drama on Teen Mom 2

New episode of Teen Mom 2, this should be interesting. Chelsea is up first. I can’t remember why Chelsea and her boyfriend split up, so I’m not finding it wrong at all that he is back in the picture. I think it’s hilarious that she’s trying to get Aubree to say “Mama” and she keeps saying “Dada”, that cracks me up!
Ugh, Janelle…she bugs me. I’m glad she is looking for a job though, that shows that she wants to be more responsible. Ok, so she’s saying that her mom might better take care of Jace, that doesn’t mean she should just give up, so I’m hoping she doesn’t just give up and walk out on her child.
I can’t believe that Kailyn is still living with Jo and his parents. And the fact that she is dating. She doesn’t need to get back in the swing of dating yet. That is crazy that they are going to kick her out if she’s gonna continue the new relationship. I understand what they are saying though. She shouldn’t be dating someone else quite yet.
That just has to be strange for Janelle. I mean, the baby is her’s, but since her mom has temporary custody of him, she doesn’t really have any rights to Jace. Hopefully she can learn from her past and make her and Jace’s life better.
It’s nice that Chelsea wants a mom and dad for Aubree, but she needs to realize that if they can’t get together then it just won’t work. So they just need to see if they can get along as a couple and then go from there.
Yay! Leah and Corey are going to get back together. I really hope they can work it out. Like I said before, when they were in the car before and were both crying when they were saying that they were gonna break up. You could just tell that deep down inside both of them, they still cared about each other and wanted to be together.
Good for Kailyn, she’s giving up her new relationship so she can focus more on Isaac.  Wow, she broke up with him over the phone, that’s low. That sucks she still has to see him at work.
“Where ya going now?” haha…wow. And ok, if she can’t take Jace to see the fireworks by herself, then Janelle’s mom could go with her then.
OMG! When Corey said he had a surprise, I thought he was gonna propose!! That would have been very cute! But they just got back together, so they need some time to see if it’s going to work out.
Alright, that’s all for this episode. And as always, next week looks interesting. Leave me comments :)


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