Friday, May 25, 2012

Engagement Pictures!!!

Yesterday I got an email from our photographer saying that our engagement pictures are finished and ready to view!!! I got that email at about 10:30 AM so I had to wait the rest of the day until my fiancĂ© got home from work to look at them!! He is supposed to get off at 3:30 but most of the time he stays later. Well, of course yesterday had to be a day that he stayed later. I was hoping he would get home before 5:00 because that is when I had to leave to go to work. He got home at 4:45! We started looking at the pictures as soon as he got through the door!! Our photographer did a great job!!! I can’t believe how awesome they turned out!! Our engagement pictures turned out so good that I can’t wait to see how good our wedding pictures turned out!! And it’s all thanks to Jeremy Bischoff. You can check out his site here. I’m not sure how many of my blog followers live near me, but if you are in the area, I highly recommend him!!

So, without any further ado, here are some of my favorite pictures!!

Negley-15-1864226424-O Negley-18-1864226846-O

So this was my attempt at a Twilight-inspired picture, but it turns out I got it wrong. In the meadow scene, they were facing the same way. I’ve seen this done before, I just don’t know where. Even though it isn’t like something in Twilight, I still really like this picture.

Not that many ring pics were taken, but this one makes up for it!



I think this is my favorite picture of them all!!!



Our first kiss happened in the parking garage where we took the pictures, so we had to go there and take some pictures! Where we are at in this picture is probably really close to where we were during our first kiss. I think the spot was probably a little to the left of where we are in the picture.

This is my second favorite picture!!


  1. Aww, they really turned out great. <3

    I think the one with you kissing him (that sly little grin, hehe) and the one right after in the parking garage are my favorites.

  2. They turned out so great! Love them all!


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