Thursday, May 31, 2012

SYTYCD- LA Auditions

This week the auditions took place in Los Angeles. What I’ve decided to do for my So You Think You Can Dance posts is to just write about the dancers who stuck out to me rather than comment on every single audition. That will make my post a lot shorter since the audition shows are 2 hours long!!

The first one who caught my attention was Alexa Anderson. She auditioned last year and made it to Vegas but cut right before the top 20. I thought that she was really good! She made it to Vegas so maybe this year she will make it to the top 20!

I also liked Eliana Girard who is a pole dancer. She has great form and is just fantastic! The judges thought so, too, because she got a standing ovation!!

The Ninja Twins, also known as Nick and James Aragon, are hilarious!! But unfortunately, they are 32 and the age cutoff is 30 so they aren’t able to be on the show. They should get their own TV show! And their dancing was awesome!! If only they would have auditioned 2 years earlier!!

Sam Lenarz is another on that I think is really good! And what is incredible about her is that 6 months before she auditioned, she came home from dance and her mom had packed her room up and kicked her out! Luckily she had a friend whose family was willing to take her in and give her a place to live. I can’t imagine a mother just kicking her daughter out of her house! She was put through to choreography and she made it to Vegas!

Another contestant I found interesting was David Matz. He performed with some kind of ring kind of like a hula hoop but a lot bigger. He was put through to choreography because they would like to see him dance without the ring. He thought it was too difficult so he’s not going to Vegas this time around.

Jasmine Mason and her brother Marshea were the next 2 contestants to catch my attention. Marshea has tried out for SYTYCD for the past 3 years and since then, things have changed dramatically for him. Both Jasmine and Marshea were in a car accident and when they talked about it, their mother said that he was pronounced dead upon arrival. So I had thought that meant he had passed away. It turns out he was in a coma for 2 days and came out of the coma just 6 weeks before his audition! That is incredible!! They both made it through to Vegas!!

That wraps up this week of auditions. Next week they go to Atlanta! Leave me your comments on this weeks auditions!


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