Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Bachelorette Goes to Dollywood!!

I visited Dollywood years ago with my grandparents, so I’m excited to see them go to Dollywood and see if I remember anything about it. The one thing I remember is that I went on the river rapids ride and when I got off, out of everyone on the same boat as me (all of whom I didn’t know), I got the most soaked!!

So first up, Chris goes on an individual date with Emily. She made him work for his dinner…they climbed up a building to get to where they were going to eat. I would never be able to do that!!! But Emily did pretty well! She got scared a few times on the way, but she made it to the top! Emily then found out as they were eating that Chris is only 25. That kind of worried her at first because of him being so young. But he made it clear to her that he is ready to settle down and start a family. She didn’t let his age get in the way because she gave him a rose! Then they went to see Luke Bryan perform. Chris asked Emily if he could give her a kiss at the end of the song and she said “Well,why don’t you try and you’ll find out.” So he went for it and she kissed him back! That was so cute!! I think Chris is definitely my favorite guy so far! She seems to really like him!!

Next some of the guys went on a group date with the guys. They were at a park, tossing around a football. She walks away from them and goes over to some of her friends. She surprised them by telling them that they were going to interview the group of guys one-by-one. That was pretty interesting. They mostly wanted to know if the guys ever dated anyone with kids and if they are ready to have a family. After the interviews were over, Emily blew a whistle and then a bunch of kids came running into the park! This was a chance for the guys to show Emily how they do with kids and it looked like they were doing pretty good.

Tony is having some doubts about being there because he really misses his son. When he goes to talk to her, he tells her about how he misses his son and he starts crying. I’m not saying that he doesn’t miss his son, but I don’t think he had to cry like that and get so emotional in front of Emily. I kind of think he was doing it for some sympathy. Emily decided to send him home so he could go be with his son.

Arie and Emily went on their date to Dollywood in Nashville, Tennessee. After going on some rides together, they went to check out the place she sings there. They sat on the edge of the stage and found a piece of paper that said to write a love song. So they tried to write a love song and all of a sudden Arie tells her to turn around and there is, in Emily’s words “Dolly freakin’ Parton!” Emily was ecstatic!! Dolly sang a song that she wrote for Arie and Emily about finding love and taking it slow. Then Emily and Dolly got a chance to talk. After that Dolly sang them both another song.

I am really hoping that she gets rid of Kalon this week! I just don’t see a connection between the 2 of them and I don’t think she does either. Chris, Doug, and Arie are my top 3. I am predicting right now that it is going to be one of those 3 that she picks in the end! And I think Alexandro is going to be one of the guys to leave this week because he didn’t have that good of a conversation with Emily. He sees the fact that she has a daughter as a compromise where as Emily sees it as a bonus. He definitely isn’t right for her. She sent him packing before the rose ceremony.

The guy who left was Stevie. I’m kind of bummed that it wasn’t Kalon leaving, but I never saw a connection between Stevie and Emily, so she made the right decision in getting rid of him.

Another week is over and I’m ready for next weeks episode!!! Leave me your comments about this weeks show!!

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  1. Dollywood is not in Nashville! It is in Pigeon Forge, TN, about 3hours from Nashville.


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