Thursday, May 17, 2012

Get It Together Girl!

So yesterday I was browsing through my recommendations from Amazon and I came across a Kindle book called Get It Together Girl!: A 28-Day Guide to Practical NOT Perfect Home Organization by Karyn L. Beach. So I sent a free sample to my Kindle and after reading that, I decided to buy it. It was $1.99 and if you are interested you can buy it here.
What the book does is gives you small tasks that take just 15 minutes which the author calls the Focused 15. By doing one task a day for 5 days a week, you can have a more organized house in 28 days. It is broken up into 6 different areas: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom (and closets), office/desk, and living room. I thought I would give this a try so that my house can be a little more organized than it is. I want to get in the habit of keeping a clean house because I know that when I have kids in a few years, it is going to be a little harder to keep the house clean.
So what I’m going to do, is give you a little sample of the book. I don’t want to give it all away because then you wouldn’t have to buy the book! And I don’t want to deprive the author of the money she deserves for this book. So I’m going to take you through the first 5 days.
Day 1 is “Refrigerator Run-Through”. Pretty much you just go through your fridge and get rid of anything that is outdated. If you have to question what something is, toss it! Then move to the freezer and do the same thing. When I did this earlier this morning, it also allowed me to organize my fridge and freezer a bit.
So there ya go…that was simple, right? I don’t even think that first one took me a whole 15 minutes! I’m looking forward to seeing what is coming up on day 2, so stay tuned!!


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