Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring is officially here!!

Even though we’ve had Spring-like weather here for a few weeks now, we can now say that it is officially Spring! Did anyone go to Rita’s on Tuesday for their free Italian ice?? My fiancé and I tried but we probably would have been in line for close to an hour so we said forget it! Our plan was to go to Rita’s and then go play some tennis at the park in our backyard, but we just skipped the first part of our plan. Note to self: always make sure there is a hair tie on my wrist! I didn’t have one while playing tennis and my hair was driving me crazy! So now I’m going to make sure I have hair ties in the bag that we take with us to the park to play tennis.

On another note, I can’t believe that I have 3 weeks of classes left this semester!!!! Then I go out into a classroom for the rest of the semester! Time sure is flying by!! I so can’t wait for this semester to be over because then I get to do a lot more planning for the wedding, including dress shopping!!!

Well, I better stop rambling on because I have to get to work on some school work. I’m busy pretty much all weekend starting tomorrow, so today may be my only chance to work on it. Have a great Friday and a great weekend everyone!!!


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