Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Recap

Well, the weekend (and Spring Break) are over. It’s time to start a new week of classes. I can’t believe that there are only 4 more weeks left of classes!! After that is a week of finals and then we head out into a classroom to observe and teach a few lessons. Then after that, the semester will be over and I can work, work, work! I sat down last night and looked at 3 things: how much me and my fiancé have saved for the wedding, what we estimate the whole wedding to cost, and how much we need to save. It turns out that we need approximately $6,000 more for our wedding! Now, it may be a little lower than that because we might have overestimated some things, but there were also things that I didn’t even know what to put down for an estimation. So, maybe we will need about $6,000 more. And we need to come up with that in a year! When you divide that out per month it’s about $500. I have no idea how we’re going to save that much but I guess somehow we’ll manage.

So, on to what we did over the weekend, on Saturday I worked a quick shift from 8:30-12:30, so when I came home we went out to the garden! It was another gorgeous day to be outside! And we got a lot accomplished with the garden! We got all of the major roots out and most of the rocks. Actually, we probably didn’t even get out half of the amount of rocks that are in the garden, but that would take forever to get out every single rock. So we did the best we could and got a lot of big ones out.

Here I am attempting to pull out a root. I eventually gave up and my fiancé had to take it out.


Here is the worst part of the garden. There used to be a tree there, I think I wrote about how my dad and fiancé cut it down a few weeks ago. Well, that tree produced a ton of roots that were difficult to get out. But, after a lot of work we got em out!



Moving the manure around…

100_4198  100_4200 And here is what the garden looks like now…

100_4201As we were gathering the tools and cleaning up, I grabbed his hat and put it on. I am definitely not a hat person!



So, that was pretty much it for my weekend. I thought that I worked from 5:30-10 last night, but it turns out my schedule was 10-6. So I got called into work and got there about an hour late. I didn’t get written up though, so that’s good. This is about the 3rd time that I thought I worked at night but really worked earlier in the day. I gotta make sure I double triple check my schedule! So here’s to another week…another week closer to the wedding! I got an email from The Knot saying that it is 14 months away!!! I can’t wait!!! Have a great week everyone!


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