Thursday, September 22, 2011

Night 2 of The X-Factor Premier

Welcome to night two of The X-Factor premier. First up is Ashley who claims to be a “starving artist”, but said she isn’t really starving. Wow, she is one of those delusional people who think they can sing, but they can’t!! She’s also one of those people that can’t take no for an answer. You’re never gonna make it in the music business, just give up!!!

I thought that Caitlynne was kinda good. I agree with Nicole that she has room to grow though. I thought that was sweet of Paula to go up on the stage to comfort her. She’s only 16 though, so so definitely has time to improve and try again.

Next up is Nick, who is currently unemployed because he took 2 days off work to audition for The X-Factor. I think that’s horrible!! He’s a great singer!!! So Nick is the first one we see get through from Miami. Will the good singers keep on coming?

Jeremiah sounded amazing!!! It’s not too often that you hear a guy that can sing that high! The crowd seemed to love him and so did the judges!!!

Melanie was even more amazing!!! She definitely  has it!!! How come she hasn’t auditioned for Idol before??

Ken…I mean Jonny, was up next. When Simon asked him who he looks like, he goes “Justin Bieber” and Simon says “No, Barbie’s boyfriend”, haha!! I think with some work on his voice, he could probably be really good. He had a good personality, but not quite the right voice for the show.

I think it was hilarious how Nicole ketp sayiing “Y’all” to everyone and kept asking herself, “Did I just say “Y’all?” I guess being down south can have you talking like they do down there.

Dylan totally surprised me!!! This guy sold his truck so he could buy a plane ticked to get to the audition. I thought that because of that, he was going to be good but guess what….he sucked!!! About every 5 words out of his mouth was a swear word!!! I seriously can’t believe he sold his truck so he could do there and do that!! I guess some people really will do anything to get their 15 minutes of fame! (Or shame in his case!)

Caitlin, the rugby coach, was really good!!! She sang a different version of “Stop in the Name of Love”, a slowed down version of the song.

Side note, I love the commercial with Simon where he throws all of the phones and says “Rubbish” to all of them. Which phone is the one that he keeps and says is the best? Oh yeah, that would be Verizon!!! My fiance is getting his own cell plan soon and I kept trying to convince him to switch to Verizon, but he won’t. He is getting Sprint, which means when I get on his plan eventually, I’ll have to switch to Sprint. I mean, I guess it makes sense because they are the cheapest, but I’ve never had a problem with Verizon, so why would I switch? Oh well, as long as the services is ok.

Back to the show…this guy Xander, who Simon keeps calling Alexander (which is his real name but he doesn’t like it), is kind of annoying!! I didn’t like the first song he sang, but I kinda liked the second one. Wow…he didn’t make it through. I really thought that Paula was going to say yes!!

Week one of The X-Factor has come to an end. I wish we would have seen a lot more younger kids audition. The age limit starts at 13, so it would be pretty cool to see 13 year olds audition. Oh well, we still have more auditions to see, so maybe there will be more. So, what did you think? I heard today that last night’s episode got half the ratings that Idol did this past season!! Do you think it will pick up more viewers?

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