Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It’s time for The X-Factor

It looks like it’s gonna be a good night of auditions tonight!! The first duo up are really good friends that have been singing together for 4 years. I love how  Brock said that he loves Makenna but she just doesn’t know it yet. Well, I think after her seeing this episode tonight, that she knows!! They look so cute together and I think they should be dating! I really liked their performance!! I’m not sure if I can see them going too far though, because I think both of their voices could use some work. But I’m glad to see them go through!!

So the guy that said he was there for the money, he was awful! I can’t remember his name, that’s how unmemorable he was, haha!! I don’t know what the judges see in him and why they said yes. Wow! Oh well, he won’t last that long!!

Paula has gone crazy, but she is awesome!!! I’m glad she is on TV again! And working yet again with Simon is going to be fun to watch! I forgot how much I enjoyed watching them together on Idol.

Josh really surprised me!! When he said he was singing “At Last”, I said “what the heck is a guy like him doing singing a girly love song?” But you know what, it was really good!!! He got 3,335 yeses, according to Simon. That is awesome!!! I think he can make it pretty far in the competition!!

Next up is The Good Girls, a mother-daughter duo. That was torturous to listen to!!! I agree with Simon, was that serious??

This girl’s name is Drew, that’s very interesting. I’ve never heard the name Drew for a girl. We find out in her clip before she sings that she is a huge Justin Bieber fan. And of course it’s fitting that she sang “Baby”. She slowed it down a little and I thought she was great!! Nicole and Simon both said they liked her version of the song more than Justin’s!!! LA loved it as well!! I really hope she makes it far and gets to meet Justin Bieber someday, she really deserves it!!

Peet seems interesting. His parents are dwarfs and he is the only normal sized person in his family. I also remember him saying that he wants to be a teen heartthrob. I don’t know how that will be possible because he’s 21. His voice definitely needs some work!!! Maybe with a few voice lessons he could become better.

I don’t think Elaine Gibbs, a wedding singer,  will be singing at weddings for much longer. Or if she does, people will be paying her a lot of money to do so! She is really good!!

Alright, that about wraps it up for this episode of The X-Factor. Have a great rest of your night everyone!!


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