Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Simon is back!!!

The guy that we all love to hate (or maybe some people actually love him) is back on TV with the X-Factor!!! And I almost forgot that Paula Abdul is back as well!!! Having the X-Factor on in the fall is going to be really nice because it is on right before Idol starts back up again in January. It’s also going to be nice to have Simon and Paula working together again!! So here we go…it’s time for the premier of the X-Factor!!!

By watching the opening to the show, it looks like there is going to be tons of drama, just like on Idol. It sounds like they got some Australian guy to do the hosting. So anyone age 12 and up can compete and they can audition as individuals or groups. They showed one kid that looked like he was a lot younger than 12!! And they showed another guy that looked really old! But that’s the beauty of the show, it doesn’t matter how old you are. The next big star might be 50 years old, who knows. They can’t audition for American Idol, but now they have the X-Factor.

First up is a 13 year old girl. She has a cute personality!! I’m hoping she has a good voice!! That audition process has to be scary!! It’s completely different from Idol because you are singing in front of hundreds, maybe thousands, of people. Rachel is so cute!! And…she can sing!!! Side note, did they get LA Reid to judge because he looks like Randy? Cause that’s who he reminds me of. It’s almost like the original Idol judge panel up there. Cheryl looks kinda like Kara, so yeah…it’s almost like they tried to create the Idol judge panel. So, Rachel gets 4 yeses and is through to the next round! I’ll admit I just felt a tear in my eye. Even though she’s the first person we’ve seen, I think she can make it far in the competition!!.

Well, another thing this show has in common with Idol is that there are tons of bad people!! Tons of people who really think they can sing but never in a million years would they make it on any singing competition!!

Siomone is a Beyonce wannabe, for sure!! I agree with LA though, I don’t really like her singing voice that much. Ok…I take that back after she sang a second song. The second song sounded a lot better than the first one. I’m glad that the other 3 judges gave her a chance! They are going to prove LA wrong!!

I’m really rooting for Stacy, a 42-year old, single mom of 2. She’s been told since she was 30 that she’s too old, but I’d have to agree with that. She is really good!!! She’s been living in LA for 10 years and she hasn’t gotten noticed? Wow, the music industry must be harder to break into than I thought. She got a standing ovation from all 4 judges and is going on to the next round!!!

Wow!!! This show is nuts!!! I can’t believe when Geo pulled his pants down that they didn’t make him pull them back up!!! That is ridiculous!!! I agree with Simon when he said “What the bloody hell was that??” Paula went to the bathroom and got sick after seeing that and I don’t blame her. That was insane!!!!! Then the guy goes and acts like his pants just fell down by mistake. Yeah right!!!

Up next is…ok, so they introduce us to Marcus and then show us a clip of him 10 minutes later where is his laying on the stage. And then they go to a commercial break. This is his last chance at singing because his mom gave him 2 years and after that, he has to go to college and choose another career. He is really good!!! Now we know how he ended up on the floor, he was so overwhelmed about being on that stage. He was put through to the next round so we’ll be seeing more of him on the show!!!

Finally, the first band on the show!! They are singing “Rolling in the Deep”. I love this song so I hope they are good!!! They mixed it up at the end at it sounded really good!!! I forget what their name was, but they are through to the next round!!!!

Next is Chris, who hauls trash. He has a 2 year old son and just got out of rehab. Hopefully rehab helped him turn around his life and make good decisions. He sang an original song and was amazing!!!! I think he’ll definitely be around in the competition for a while!!!

Well, the first episode of The X-Factor is over. I thought it was really good!! You could kind of compare it to America’s Got Talent, because it’s open to a wider age range. But the part that is better than America’s Got Talent is that The X-Factor is only for singing. I don’t really care about seeing any other kind of talent. I’m all about the singing!!!!

So what did you think? Will the show have as much success as Idol?


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