Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Goodbye DVR

So almost a year ago I wrote a post saying I was contemplating whether or not B and I should get DVR (click here to read that post). Then the day after I posted that, I posted another one (click here) saying that we weren’t getting it. But then about 4 months later we decided to get it because our cable company was having a special on it (read that post here).

As much as I love my DVR, it is time to say goodbye. B and I have been looking at ways that we can save money and getting rid of the DVR and cable is one way to do that. Yes, I said we are also getting rid of our cable. I just looked through my DVR the other day at all the shows I watch and record and realized that I can watch all of them online. So I thought, “why are we paying for cable and the DVR when I can just watch all my shows online?”

So…we already have a subscription to Netflix so we will use that a lot more. We are also going to get a subscription to Hulu Plus. Oh, and B is building a computer to hook up to the TV in the living room so we can watch Hulu and Netflix out there. He also ordered a device for the TV in our room so we can do the same thing. Yes it was a bit expensive for everything he had to order for those 2 things. But it will pay for itself in about a year and make it worth it.

One thing I was wondering about was how I was going to keep track of what shows had new episodes that I need to watch. Well…of course there is an app for that! The one I found is called TV Tracker.

At first I downloaded the lite version of it for free but you can only add 2 shows with that. So for 99 cents I upgraded to the full version. As you can see below, once you add your shows, the number in green on the right shows you how many episodes of that show you have to watch. (Yes I know, I’m WAY behind on the Vampire Diaries and Dancing with the Stars. I’ll get caught up with Hulu!)


Then when you click on the show, it will show the icon saying “The End” with an open curtain on the shows you have seen and a closed curtain on shows you need to watch still. This app is going to be so useful for me and maybe one of the best 99 cents I’ve spent on an app!!


So…starting on Saturday, B and I will no longer have our DVR or cable! But we’ll be ok…Hulu and Netflix are all we need. Oh and each other of course Smile Have a great rest of your Wednesday everyone!!!

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  1. Ooo I'd actually like more updates on this decision! We are considering getting rid of cable too, since we already have Hulu+ and Netflix. It's just... scary. (Granted, I grew up with no cable and only 5 local channels, so I'm sure I could manage.)

    Following you back :)


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