Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Recap

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written a weekend recap post, so I decided to write one this past weekend. I had a great time this weekend! After Friday at work, I knew I was going to need a fun and relaxing weekend. I only worked 4 hours on Friday, 12-4, and thought it would be a breeze. Well, I thought wrong. I was on drive-thru all day and it was nothing but non-stop all day long! When 4:00 came along, I couldn’t be happier!!

So then on Saturday I had off work!!! It was supposed to be a “surprise” birthday party for my step-mom, but her sister never sent out the invitations. So it just ended up being me, my fiance, my step-mom, her sister, her sister’s husband, and their 2 kids. It was a fun day at the pool!! The weather could have been a little nicer, but we still got to swim and at least the rain, thunder, and lightening decided to wait until around the time we were leaving. So then we all went home, got showers, ate dinner, and went down to my aunt’s house for game night.

Then yesterday I worked from 12-5 and then right from work went to a friend’s jewelry party. I’m still thinking about getting a bracelet, but I probably won’t end up getting it because I don’t wear that much different jewelry.

Then the rest of the night I spent relaxing. I watched Big Brother, which got delayed due to stupid golf! I signed up for the live feeds through CBS so I can see the houseguests 24/7. It is really cool even though it sucks sometimes because of the time difference. Like right now as I’m writing this, it is 9:00 am here, but only 6:00 am in California, so all they are doing is sleeping. But it’s still really cool to see what is going on whenever you want to watch.

So, now I’m going to wait patiently until my package from Scentsy gets here! And then I work at 4, yippy. I work night shift this whole week and I hate it! But oh well. Have a great Monday everyone!!!


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