Saturday, March 9, 2013

Where is the snow?

Well, the weathermen were wrong about the forecast yet again. They said we were going to get up to possibly 12 inches of snow on Wednesday but instead we got nothing!! And get this, most of the school districts in my area had a snow day!! A snow day but no snow! That must have been very disappointing for the kids who thought they would get to go sledding or make snowmen. It didn’t really make much of a difference for me because I didn’t have a subbing job that day. . All I had planned was my first dress fitting! And thanks to the snow not coming, I was still able to go!! It felt amazing putting that dress on again!

Speaking of my wedding dress, I  can’t believe that B and I’s wedding is exactly 10 weeks away!!!! 10 weeks away from this exact moment we will be married and dancing away at our reception!!! I should probably be freaking out a little more than I am because I know that a lot still needs to get done, but I guess it just hasn’t caught up to me yet of how soon it actually is! I’d say in about a week or 2 from now that I’ll be freaking out!! One thing we really need to get confirmed is who is marrying us. When we changed venues the time of our wedding also got changed by an hour, so now the person that was going to marry us can’t because he has other plans that day. We have one possible person lined up but have to call her on Monday to see if she is available. Fingers crossed that she still is!!

To any brides out there, what were the last 10 weeks before the wedding like to you? Do you have any tips for me to stay calm while still getting the last of the plans finalized? Leave me comments! Have a great Saturday night everyone and don’t forget to turn your clocks forward tonight!!


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