Monday, March 11, 2013

Yum, yum, yummm!!!

So...the other day I found the most amazing thing on Pinterest. Did you know that a mason jar will fit on most blenders? I didn't until I saw this pin on Pinterest.

Isn't that awesome??? I was going to do this the night I saw the pin but then something came up and we didn't have time.

So here is my blender and the 2 mason jars I have. I got them at a wedding as a favor so they're the only 2 I have. I may just have to put some on my wedding registry though, because I love them!!

So basically all you do is fill the jar with whatever you'd like to make a smoothie with. I added some frozen fruit, yogurt, ice, and milk. What I love is that the possibilities are endless!!! Oh, and what I love the most is that you can make one serving at a time! And if I want a different smoothie than B, I can make the kind he wants and the kind I want. I think whoever discovered this is a genius!!!

Oh, another suggestion…you may want to shake up the jar after you put the ingredients in and the lid on before you put it on the blender. With the second one I made I did that and it helped it to mix a lot better. Can’t do that with a regular blender now can you? Now I just recently saw on Pinterest that you can punch a hole in mason jar lids and you instantly have a to-go mason jar! I’ll need to get lids to do that, but that would be awesome!

Have a great Monday night everyone!!!


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