Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I’m Loving Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again…this week is going by fast!!!

I’m LOVING that today I get my first real paycheck from subbing!!! The first one I got only had one half day on it because it was near the end of a pay period, so that paycheck doesn’t really count. This second paycheck has 5 full days worth of subbing on it (some were full days and some were half) and I checked my account online, and it is over $400!!!! And I’m getting paid from my other job tomorrow, so that is awesome!!!

I’m LOVING that my local radio station finally opened up the voting for the cutest couple!!! They do this every year and we have yet to win. It’s more like a popularity contest though. Whoever has the most friends and family wins. But oh well, I’m still gonna try. Click on the picture below. Then you will have to enter your email and sign up. You can tell it to not send you emails so that you don’t get any emails from the radio station. Then we are couple number #173. Thank you all in advance for doing this for me!! You can vote once a day, so if you remember, please vote once a day! And pass this along to anyone you know!!!


I’m LOVING that my wedding is about 3 months away!!! Another post about that will be coming in the next few days!!!

I’m LOVING these new pins I found in the past week or so.

I gotta remember to get some tortilla’s so I can make this!!! This looks so simple!!!
This is one of the cutest pregnancy announcement ideas I’ve seen!!! I can’t wait until the day that I actually get to use one of those ideas!!!


And as always, I’m LOVING my wonderful fiancé!!



  1. I love those mini pizzas! Great idea!

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  2. What a cute picture of you and the mr to be :) hope you win your radio contest


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