Thursday, January 10, 2013

Let’s save money!

I would like to thank Nicole from It’s All Random for this awesome idea! It’s a great way to save money all year long. And it’s only the second week of the year, so it isn’t too late to get started.

So what you do, is each week you put aside the amount of money that goes with the week number. So week 25, you would save $25, week 26 you save $26, etc. But Nicole had the great idea of choosing a random amount and then crossing that amount off so that you still end up with the same amount at the end of the year, but you can save more when you are able and less when you need to. At the end of the year, you end up with $1,378. And I decided what I’m going to do with the money! I’m going to use it for a down payment on a new (used) car. My car is a 2000 and I’ve had it since 2006, so I’m going to eventually need a new one. I know that $1,378 isn’t a lot for a down payment, so I’m going to try to save even more and double some of the amounts when possible.

So who’s with me on using this to save some extra money this year? You have to wait a whole year, 52 weeks (well, after this week, only 50 more) to actually use the money, but won’t that extra $1,378 (or more) be worth it in the end? I think so!! So let me know what you think of this and if you can think of any other ways to tweak it a bit.


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