Thursday, July 19, 2012

The pool is finally up…again!

So, on Tuesday we got the pool liner delivered and that night we also got the sand delivered! We didn’t get quite enough though, so we had to go to Lowes to get more. Then we leveled the box out and it was ready for the pool! We got the pool up and started filling it around 8:30 pm. We let it run all night to save some time. I got up at 7:30 am yesterday (Wednesday) and it was almost filled!! Then, while I was at work, it started to storm and rain. Wait, let me rephrase that, it started to storm and pour!! It was pouring so hard at one point that you couldn’t see out the front windows. It was so windy!!! So that really bummed me out. I was looking forward to jumping in the pool when I got home. It really stank that we just got the pool up and now the weather was preventing us from enjoying it. And it is still preventing me from enjoying it cause it’s kinda cloudy outside right now. I just checked the temperature of the pool and it’s about 72 degrees. That is too cold!!! Oh, but last night, I did get in it for a minute or 2 and it was probably about the same temperature. It was just sprinkling a little bit and there was no lightning or thunder so I decided to get in for a little bit. I didn’t go under or anything, just walked around a little bit. I’m hoping that sometime soon I can actually go swim in it!

So anyway, here is the pool!!

 100_4728 You can definitely tell that it is a lot more level than it was before. My fiancé said that the one side is off by about 4 inches in one spot and other are off by an inch, but that is a lot better than being off by 7 inches!!

This picture was taken was taken when the pool was up the first time. It was taken from the opposite side than the picture posted above. But you can see how the pool is leaning to the one side


Here’s to hoping that I get to swim soon!!! Have a great Thursday everyone!!


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