Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It’s Tuesday night…which means it’s time for Teen Mom

Farrah- Now she is putting modeling on hold and is going to focus on her culinary degree. I think that is a smart idea because at least she won’t be away from Sophia for long periods of time.

Catelynn- Tyler’s dad is in trouble yet again. He just got out of jail after 8 months and him and Catelynn’s mom have a no contact agreement, but she wants to go pick him up from jail. Tyler is worried that that could cause trouble and cause his dad to go back to jail again, so he says he’s going to pick up his dad.

Maci- Kyle moved in with Maci and she wants him to meet Ryan, but he doesn’t want to. Bently’s birthday is coming up so hopefully there won’t be any drama at his birthday party.

Amber- The police want to question Amber and Gary because of the fighting and everything that went on last season. And Amber thinks that she would be going to jail for no reason at all?? I don’t know what happened in her mind, but she definitely has a reason to go to jail.

Farrah- She is meeting Derek's dad and step-mom. It is nice that they still want to have contact with Farrah and Sophia. It was sad hearing them talk about Derek and knowing that Sophia will never know her dad.

Amber- I’m kind of confused because I thought that last week they said they were done with each other while they were on vacation. They can’t make their minds up what they want to do with their relationship.

Farrah- So the DNA proved that Sophia is Derek’s child, but Sophia was denied the right to Social Security. Apparently he never acknowledged Sophia as his daughter to his mother and I guess she doesn’t like Farrah because she’s not helping her out with this. Side note, I’m really glad Farrah and her mom are getting along now because Farrah needs the support from her mom right now.

Maci- Ryan wants to have a separate birthday party and says it would be easier. I don’t see how having 2 parties rather than 1 would be easier for anyone. The two guys just need to suck it up and meet each other already.

Farrah- Wow…so Derek’s mom wants to be able to see Sophia. I don’t see why she wants to see her but she won’t help Farrah get the Social Security benefits she deserves. She’s pretty much saying, “This little girl isn’t my granddaughter, but I want to be able to see her.” Makes no sense at all!!!

Amber- Well, Amber said she’s done with Gary…this is what, the millionth time she’s said that? I don’t believe it because she’s said it before and they always got back together.

Well, so it ends another episode of Teen Mom. I’m seriously done with Amber. Her and Gary just bug me so much!! What did you think of this week’s episode?


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