Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pinteresting Wednesday

Alright, I’ve caved in and decided to see what Pinterest is all about. If you’ve never heard about it before, it’s a place where you can catalog pictures of things you like. You can get a lot of great ideas for things such as decorating, food, and projects. I’m definitely going to be using it to find ideas for my wedding!!! So I’m going to link up with Michelle for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesdays, and share some of my favorite pins!

I saw some wedding pictures taken before with the brides wedding dress hung up with a hanger like this. I think that would be really cool to do at my wedding!!

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

I love this flower girl dress!!!!

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

This was meant to be for the chairs at the reception, but I would love to use something like this for the chairs at the ceremony. Or maybe at the reception, either would work and look great!
Here’s one more…I saw this idea before and it’s great that I’ll always have it saved on Pinterest. It’s a closet that was turned into a little book nook!!! I would love to make something like that someday!!
So if you haven’t joined Pinterest, go check it out!! the site is new so they are working on invites right now, but it shouldn’t take that long to get yours. I requested an invite last night and got an email from them in less than half an hour. Also, click on the link above to check out what other people are pinning! Have a great Wednesday!!!


  1. Cute pins! I think Pinterest is perfect for wedding planning!

  2. Oh I LOVE these wedding pins! (I have an album for it and I am currently single :p) Your wedding is going to look AMAZING! You have such great taste! I'll have to find you because these pins are amazing!

  3. I love the hanger and closet! Glad you like pinning! :)

  4. that reading nook is adorable! great pins :)

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