Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It’s here!!!

My brand new laptop is finally here!!!


This is the second laptop that I have owned and I’m going to treat it like it’s my baby!!! And I am especially glad that I got my laptop when I did because the battery on my old one is completely dead. It won’t charge at all so as soon as you pull the plug, it turns off. I transferred some stuff over to the new laptop, but now I just have to wait till my fiancé gets off work so he can help me transfer my bookmarks from Firefox. Oh, and he said that I should have enough space on this laptop to put my iTunes music on, so he has to help me with that then. Last night when he looked in his email and saw the email saying my laptop, I felt like a little kid on Christmas Eve!! Now I feel like a little kid on Christmas day!! I just love how it looks and I love how it types!! Oh, and the webcam is nice! It’s got all these cool effects that I’ll have to play around with!

Look, now it looks like Christmas Day!! It’s raining presents!!! Snapshot_20110719_1

Look, I’m on a billboard!!!


Lol…alright, I’m done playing with that for now. I got some cleaning done earlier (except all of the dishes because I ran out of room to put the wet ones), so now I’m going to enjoy and explore my new laptop for a little bit!! Have a great rest of your day everyone!!

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